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German Mainstream Media Silent as Palestinian Mob Attacks Country’s Tourists Visiting Israel 

German Mainstream Media Silent as Palestinian Mob Attacks Country’s Tourists Visiting Israel 

“The two tourists managed to escape the crowd and were eventually escorted back to Israel by security forces, where they will be given medical treatment for their injuries.”

German mainstream media has remained largely silent over the attack on the country’s tourists by a Palestinian mob. On Saturday, two German nationals were beaten by a crowd of angry Palestinians as their vehicle passed through the West Bank town of Nablus. The tourists were rescued by the Israeli security forces and were provided medical assistance, Israeli media reports say.

German media, which has recently been obsessed with the protests against the proposed judicial reform by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, failed to pick up the story as of this writing.

What happened on Saturday is being faced by Israeli motorists and passersby on a daily basis. In late February, two Israeli brothers were murdered by a Palestinian gunman as they were driving on the highway near Nablus.

The Jerusalem Post reported Saturday’s incident:

German tourists visiting Israel were lightly injured on Saturday when they were attacked by Nablus residents for entering the Palestinian city with an Israeli vehicle registration plate.

Photos and videos taken at the scene show the tourists were driving in a Tel Aviv share car that featured an Israeli flag on its rear end.

The two tourists managed to escape the crowd and were eventually escorted back to Israel by security forces, where they will be given medical treatment for their injuries.

German Ambassador to Israel Steffan Seibert condemned the attack on the two German tourists, stating that “a mob attacking tourists because they don‘t like their license plate is disgusting and cowardly.”

Nablus, the town where the mob attack took place, is a major stronghold for Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist groups outside Gaza. A new terrorist outfit, the Lion’s Den, has also set up a base in the town. The Israeli military has carried out several counter-terrorism missions in the area, trying to eliminated terror cells and capture operatives.

Terrorists and jihadists enjoy support from the local Palestinian population, which serves as a recruiting ground and provides them a safe haven. Last month, Palestinian rioters set fire to the tomb of the biblical prophet Jacob located outside Nablus, a city controlled by the Palestinian Authority. “The Palestinians report late Sunday that Joseph’s Tomb was set on fire,” Ynet reported February 26. The sacred biblical site has been vandalized several times by Palestinians.

Besides carrying out armed terrorist attacks, Palestinians around Jerusalem and the West Bank have been throwing rocks and firebombs at Israeli vehicles passing by. These attacks often cause serious injuries and may turn fatal for the Israeli motorists.


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Just another day of Palestinians pursuing their “national” pasttime, peace and brotherhood with a dose of loving death more than life.

Of course, it’s not all Palestinians. Most live under the yoke, kept suffering by their own corrupt, repressive leaders, and no one else!

stevewhitemd | March 19, 2023 at 3:34 pm

First, to Vijeta: thank you for your reporting. Sure don’t see these news items at other American websites.

Had the German tourists died, the German government and media (BIRM) would, of course, have blamed the Israeli government.

The American fascist party (the democrat party) supports other fascists. Naturally.

More Democrats Than Ever Support The Palestinian Cause:

    The aptly named Dhimmi-crat Party, in total thrall to Islamic supremacism, Israel vilification, contrived/fallacious propaganda mythologies of alleged “Palestinian” victimhood, and, Jew-hate.

“disgusting and cowardly.”

So typical Arab behavior in Samaria and Judea.

BierceAmbrose | March 19, 2023 at 4:12 pm

“Lightly injured.” Is that like “mostly peaceful?”

Not exactly civilized behavior. But we’re not supposed to call them savages, are we?

ahad haamoratsim | March 20, 2023 at 9:23 am

And what did this fine pair of specimens of German brotherhood tell the mob? According to the interview, words to the effect of “We are not Jews; there’s no reason for you to hurt us.”

It’s almost as if they knew that the excuse that the mobs are “only” anti-Israeli or anti-Zionist, and not anti-Jewish, is a lot of nonsense.

BobInBridgeport | March 20, 2023 at 11:00 am

This is more than likely due to the fact that so many Western nations are anti-Semitic and will do all that they can to protect and hide Palestinian terrorism.

I’ve been to Germany many times and this doesn’t surprise me. No matter the denials from the German msm there is a lingering anti-Semitism there. Then when the Muslim invasion of Germany is thrown in, this is what you get. What really surprises me is the German women who are silent about this horrible development. I was exiting a German restaurant one night and as I passed a group of older German men standing on the street, I overheard them laugh and then click their heels together and give the Hitler salute. It could have been in jest but it didn’t sound that way to me. I think this is a good example of what you allow into your country is what you are going to have to deal with in the future. Right now we have no idea who is coming into our country but we will have to deal with it sooner or later. Biden and his scum will be long gone but their failure to control immigration will haunt us for decades to come.

Of course they’re silent. Having foolishly admitted a millions-strong foreign army (which was always the purpose of hijra) into the country they have to do what it says, which is never criticize Islam.

The entire story is very fishy.
The “tourists’ ” claim that they drove over for coffee is ridiculous. No one drives for over an hour just for coffee.
I suspect that they were terror groupies on their way to “identify with the oppressed” who made a wrong turn off the approved route on their way to fawn over a real revolutionary.
The fact that they didn’t agree to any interviews or answer a single question shows that they didn’t want to ruin the approved narrative with awkward truth.