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Defense Department Reportedly Doubling Down on Social Justice Curriculum for Children of Military Families

Defense Department Reportedly Doubling Down on Social Justice Curriculum for Children of Military Families

“This week, we launched our investigation into the Pentagon’s reorganization of their K-12 schools — which pushes radical ideologies.”

The government transparency group called ‘Open the Books’ is looking at the education curriculum for children of military families, headed by Kelisa Wing.

We have covered Kelisa Wing before. She has allegedly made disparaging remarks about white people.

According to their findings, Wing is doubling down on the progressive social justice element in the curriculum.

Adam Andrzejewski of Open the Books reports:

Military Stonewalling On Controversial Diversity Official Leading K-12 Schools

Kelisa Wing, the Pentagon K-12 school diversity chief, is doubling down on her commitment to “tear down” and “uproot” the curriculum taught to the children of our military families.

Despite public scrutiny, her controversial children’s books keep proliferating in school libraries and ethical questions about her outside consulting work remain.

All the while, the government has blown past its own deadline to review her employment, Wing has retained her job, and the Pentagon continues stonewalling in the face of questions from Congress.

(Kelisa Wing has not been accused of wrongdoing by the Pentagon and the DOD refuses to answer whether or not her activities were approved.)…

As Wing Doubles Down, So Do the Pentagon’s K-12 Schools 

Kelisa Wing has authored or contributed to 23 books, a fact she has discussed on multiple forums, including at the DoD. She gave a “shameless plug” for one of her books at a DoD conference, allegedly contravening agency rules forbiddingemployees from making sales solicitations to colleagues, and she has also gone into the classroom to read her books to children at her agency.

Most of Kelisa Wing’s books were published since 2021 as part of several social justice-oriented series geared towards children, with include titles like:

  • What is White Privilege?
  • What is Anti-Racism
  • What Does It Mean to Defund the Police?

In these and most of her other children’s books, an author’s name appears “with” Kelisa Wing. But in her Air Force Times interview, Wing denied authoring them: “I want to go on record that I’m not the author of those books,” describing her role as a “content adviser.”

In at least one other interview given before her scandal broke, she refers to the people named alongside her on the books’ covers as “co-author,” which seems to contradict her new denial.

In October 2022 auditors searched the book catalogues of all 160 DoD school libraries and discovered 11 schools collectively carried 45 copies of Wing’s children’s books.

But a new audit in January 2023 revealed an extraordinary increase in those numbers: 49 schools now carry 606 copies. It’s more than a 1,200% increase, despite the public controversy!

Watch the video below:

On a related note, the Secretary of the Army is on Twitter talking about the military’s commitment to fighting climate change:

Does everyone feel like the United States is now safer and more secure?

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nordic prince | March 6, 2023 at 7:45 am

A woke military is one of the primary reasons why I don’t encourage my other kid to enter the service.

Gina is listening and they are preparing for War

Our military can’t even be trusted anymore.

Suburban Farm Guy | March 6, 2023 at 10:00 am

Progressives are nearly always extreme reprobates. They lie, cheat and steal with impunity, the approval of themselves and fellow travelers because of their collective ‘virtue.’ Their cause is so just — and we are, frankly, idiots to countenance their racism and general awfulness.

If your cause is so righteous, why all the dishonesty and conniving? Why do you have to sneak it in behind everyone’s backs?

The services are 25% down on enlistments, that number will increase. Stupid meter pegged.

Sure, let’s make our soldiers kids hate each other. That seems like a great formula for a cohesive fighting force. SMH

E Howard Hunt | March 6, 2023 at 1:00 pm

They should be teaching true American history. As Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me a big screen TV.”

If merit is frowned on as a proof of privilege, does excelling in social justice class earn a failing grade?

Subotai Bahadur | March 6, 2023 at 3:28 pm

More reason not to enlist or re-enlist. If your own government views your ethnicity as the enemy, why fight to support it?

If you government is engaging in “the corruption of youth”, why put your life on the line to defend it?

The Oath is to the now abandoned Constitution, not those in power.

Subotai Bahadur

The future of woke education will reach a sad conclusion, years and decades from now.

Search on Olympia School District (OSD) budget woes. Seattle has a similar issue. Olympia was VERY belligerent in their wokeness.

OSD lost tons through both COVID and BLM. They were able to hide those losses to COVID and federal money let them absorb the hit. Rather than use the federal money to hire tutors- they hired BIPOC and LGBTQ gender dysphoria promoters. This district is 95% white and middle class.

Then in May/June 2022, they went nuts on gay pride and promoted “no genders” all the way down to kindergarten. There was no opting out of these activities- you had to pull your kid. Teachers that refused to teach it were replaced for that activity and someone else came in and taught it. Many parents didn’t take kindly to this and pulled out over the summer.

This year they are facing a $17 M budget shortfall- since last year. Only about a 1/4 of that is the loss of federal COVID funding. It’s all due to more students pulling. They are having to close at least one of the elementary schools and lay off tons of staff.

Private schools in the area are waitlisted.
Home school networks are also waitlisted, but responding fast.

We know several parents w/in our bubble and one level removed from our bubble that haven’t pulled yet, but will next year.

Then there is the decline in birth rate. Wa has become very family unfriendly and families are moving away and people staying are products of an education system that has denigrated the nuclear family for decades. A large portion of parents are older. These will be only child or maybe two children. Gone are the 5 children families bringing a sports team with of kids to attend these schools.

Drill into that demographic of older parents: Those older parents can afford private school and are more apt to give the finger to public school.

Ok- drill into the demographic that is having kids: Guess which political demographic is getting married and having kids young? Conservatives. We see tons of them in our homeschool network. No way in hell are they sending their kids into this woke gender bender dystopia… they will choose home school- because they can. Sort of like online dating in the early 2000s, the stigma and value in the homeschool path is battle tested and any attentive parent not on drugs can manage it.

Take my last 3 paragraphs and project that into k-5, and 5 years from now public school enrollment plummets even further.

Take a look at the knock on effect. States like Virgina have declared war on homeschool and make it very hard to comply. That’s a losing battle because now you have home school lobbies and SIGs showing up at state Sen/Rep offices and lobbying for homeschool whereas before you just had teachers unions pulling the strings.

Go further- school levies which in many areas passed with ease will start having difficulties because as my kid, my grandkid, my niece/nephew, neighbor opted to NOT use public school- why should I vote yes?

So this woke stuff will hit them hard fast. It won’t die easily though because in our experience the community that elected these officials by 50.1% of the vote can drive out 60% of the students and their key voting demographic will still vote the same. They are committed to this purge and will make no public or private acknowledgment that its the woke stuff driving students away. Go read the article I referenced on OSD budget woes- most of that budget hit was in direct correlation to parents pulling after Pride month last year. To these officials – correlation is NOT causation and in fact they will go to great lengths to note that the two things are not at all correlated. To do so would be an admission that they have become the exact evil they sought to defeat and are embracing the exact injustice they claim to be against.

In contrast to OSD, we are moving to Johnson city TN (leaving on Thursday). My kid will start there after spring break. The school we are wanting to enroll our kid in is overflowing and it was built in 2018. The migration has flooded them. They have more students than they can handle and it’s only getting bigger.

Until there is a major course correction away from the progressive woke agenda then the DoD is going to face recruiting and retention shortfalls. I can still see, barely, the utility of a single enlistment for an unmarried 18 year old young man.

Do four years, keep your head down, save money, gain some skills, qualify for the GI Bill and the VA home loan program. Then exit and put those things to work building a future. I can’t imagine anyone recommending a 20+ year career to a young person today. The pitfalls are too numerous and the woke ideology is too pervasive.

    Subotai Bahadur in reply to CommoChief. | March 6, 2023 at 5:34 pm

    If a single 18 year old does enlist for one term, yeah he may get all those things, and the skills may come in handy as our civilization declines; but there is the additional risk that the current regime may refuse to let them out if numbers run short. If you are an 18 year old do you want to take that risk? I would not want that level of risk for my grandchildren when they are old enough, although things might have been settled by then,

    Subotai Bahadur

      CommoChief in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | March 6, 2023 at 6:49 pm

      As someone impacted by the stop loss/stop move policies early in the GWOT I can certainly see a potential risk though every contract is of an 8 year duration usually in a 4 AD/4RC split. The CT may grant deference to DoD for a real emergency to hold members up to those full eight years but recruiting shortfalls isn’t gonna cut it to go beyond that IMO. So there is risk but it is mitigated.

Until the military understands none of their projects get funding while they behave like this it will continue.

David Walker | March 7, 2023 at 1:08 pm

Meanwhile, at the other side of the Pacific Ocean…