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Utica University Eliminating 13 Majors Due to Lower Enrollment

Utica University Eliminating 13 Majors Due to Lower Enrollment

“At the end of the day made these decisions that I think will help the institution move forward.”

More of this is coming. Our system of higher ed is bloated and some of it won’t survive.

WKTV News reports:

Utica University moving forward with plan to eliminate 13 majors with low enrollment

Utica University’s Board of Trustees has decided the fate of several majors that were on the chopping block after a recent academic portfolio review.

In January, Utica University President Laura Casamento recommended sunsetting 15 majors due to low enrollment and limited employer demand. That means no more students would be able to major in those fields after the current students complete their programs.

Based on convincing reasoning in statements of appeal, Casamento withdrew her recommendation to eliminate the chemistry and physics programs, so they will remain available majors.

After a comprehensive review the other statements of appeal, the Board has accepted Casamento’s recommendations to sunset the other 13 majors.

“We looked at nine years of institutional data, looked at department of labor statistics – evaluated all of the comments and the case statements that were submitted by members of the faculty and people in the community and greater community of that data and that rationale; our board was so detailed in its review and took such great care in its decision making,” Casamento said. “At the end of the day made these decisions that I think will help the institution move forward.”


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Below are the ones they are eliminating. I am curious to know what they are keeping and the counts. What are students actually getting degrees in?

Below is the list of majors to be sunset and how many students are currently enrolled in those programs:

B.S. in Criminal Justice online: 21
B.S. in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation: 19
B.A. in Geoscience: 7
B.S. in Geoscience: 5
B.S. in Healthcare Management on campus:
B.S. in Healthcare Management online: 11
B.A. in International Studies: 6
B.S. in Nutrition: 6
B.A. in Philosophy: 2
B.B.A. in Public Relations and Marketing: 15
B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology: 3
B.A. in Spanish: 1
B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation: 6

If chemistry and physics were originally on the chopping block, you do have to wonder what they’re keeping and what the real-world demand for graduates with those degrees really is.

I guess Underwater Left-Handed Basketweaving is safe for now

Not interested in these programs from you, doesn’t mean not interested. Maybe you’re just not their type.

Do they need 13 “different” programs all “teaching” the same crap?

Asking for an infested institution — once they’re taken, all tissues manufacture the same invading virus.

Ok, I was curious. So I looked up their Commencement 2022 announcement and ran the numbers (I’m a data guy.) Sorry if this is long.
Only 15 programs were double digit. Vast majority had one or two graduates. (More may be in the program, these are just the grads)

Degree Count
Nursing 209
Health Studies 64
Construction Management 35
Criminal Justice 33
Psychology-Child Life 32
Cybersecurity Cybercrime and Fraud Investigation 31
Cybersecurity Cyber Operations 27
Psychology 27
Health Sciences 17
Criminal Intel Analysis 13
Biology 12
Liberal Studies 12
Cybersecurity Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation 11
Chemistry 10
English 10
Sports Management 9
Accounting 8
Business Management Marketing Management 8
Fraud & Financial Crime Investigation 8
Fraud & Financial Crime Investigation Fraud Prevention and Detection 8
Cybersecurity 7
Therapeutic Recreation 7
Animal Behavior 6
Business Management General Management 6
Cybersecurity Information Assurance 6
History 6
Wellness and Adventure Education / Health & Physical Education 6
Business Management 5
Dietetics and Nutrition 5
Biochemistry 4
Business Economics and Finance 4
Communication and Media Sports Comm and Public Relations 4
Computer Science Computer Security 4
Criminal Justice Homeland Security 4
Government and Politics 4
Communication and Media Communication Arts 3
Criminal Intelligence Analysis 3
Geoscience 3
Neuroscience 3
Nutrition 3
Public Relations and Marketing 3
Cybersecurity Network Forensics & Intrusion Investigation 3
Wellness & Adventure Education 3
Biochemistry Pre-Professional Med 2
Business Administration 2
Business and Justice 2
Certificate 2
Communication and Media 2
Communication and Media Communication and Social Justice 2
Communication and Media Creativity Studies 2
Communication and Media Journalism 2
Communication and Media Public Relations 2
Communication and Media Sports Journalism 2
Computer Science 2
Criminal Justice Cybercriminology and Policy 2
Financial Crimes Investigating Certificate 2
Financial Crimes Investigation Certificate 2
Health Care Management 2
History û Adolescence Education 2
Mathematics 2
Physics 2
Political Science 2
Psychology Child Life 2
Public Relations 2
Sociology/Anthropology 2
Wellness & Adventure Education/ Health & Physical Education 2
Adolescence Education-English 1
BBA Business Administration 1
Biology Joint Dentistry 1
Biology Pre-Professional 1
Biology Pre-Professional Med 1
Business Economics 1
Business Management Human Resource Management 1
Communication and Media Theatre 1
Computer Science Business 1
Construction Management Pre-law 1
Cybersecurity Information Assuance 1
Economics 1
Health Services 1
History-Dual with Adolescence Education 1
Journalism Broadcasting 1
Management General Management 1
Philosophy 1
Psychobiology 1
Sociology / Anthropology 1