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Temple University Students Demand More Security Due to Rampant Crime Around Campus

Temple University Students Demand More Security Due to Rampant Crime Around Campus

“I feel a police presence is most important and would have students feel more secure”

What happened to defund the police? What happened to the liberal narrative that policing is bad? Has reality mugged Temple students?

The College Fix reports:

Temple University students want more than lights and cameras to fight crime – they want action

Temple University officials are concerned about the crime problem in the surrounding Philadelphia area, but some students say more should be done.

The student government and the university recently teamed up for a town hall meeting on safety.

“I understand that a lot of you are angry,” student government president Gianni Quattrocchi said to students in attendance. “I’m angry too. I think there is an obscene number of incidents taking place against students and whether it’s on campus or outside of the patrol zone, it shouldn’t happen.”

“But I think what ultimately needs to be done is that there needs to be extensive communication surrounding these safety services,” Quattrochi said.

Quattrochi declined to comment to The College Fix and university president Jason Wingard did not respond to requests for comment in the past week on the timeline for improvements and if that included adding cops. Both the Temple and Philadelphia police departments did not respond to requests for comment on the situation.

Campus officials highlighted efforts including “reviewing more than 1,000 cameras, improving lighting in certain areas and making changes to the TUalert system,” according to the Temple News.

But lights and cameras are not enough.

Ethan Torri, a current student, told The Fix via social media messaging that crime has gotten worse since he started his college career.

“My sister attended Temple over 10 years ago where I was able to first see the campus and hear about the safety issues at the time,” Torri said. “Comparing now to then, it is evident that there has been steps backwards and this has become a larger concern for students in recent times.”

“Better lighting and cameras is certainly a step in the right direction and might ease concerns for some students,” Torri said. “However I feel a police presence is most important and would have students feel more secure.”


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BierceAmbrose | February 7, 2023 at 3:13 pm

What’s their problem; it’s “mostly peaceful?!”

Maybe the secret to handing strident SJW demands by students is for college administrators to channel the old Jay Leno Doritos ad:
Demand all you like. We’ll defund more police.

Civics 101: “Elections have consequences”

Temple U area has always been a sh*thole. Maybe Temple students should be studying why.

Temple’s black president Wingard is stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t think Wharton trained him well for this one.

Had our chance in 1865 but we blew it.

Send work-study students from the School of Social Work into the community to work with those who are causing problems. Temple offers a BSW and an MSW.

One might have hoped to have heard a plea from these youngsters for crime to be addressed throughout North Philadelphia.

Or throughout All of Philadelphia.

One might have hoped to have heard calls for volunteers to serve regular Safety Patrol shifts. Perhaps in collaboration with good citizens of lical community, who also have an interest in reducing crime.

But no.

These Really Good Young People actually do not give a sh*t about any of the thousands of families who live year-round amidst North Broad Street blight.

Actions, as always, as ever, speak louder than words.

They are cowards on a personal level.

And they are hypocrites, and they cause harm. Because they (and many of their instructors, unfortunately) spout off about people and policies they don’t know about. And they get hired at places like AP or Buzzfeed etc without any sense of the harm they cause.

– – – –

Hey Temple students: Who forced you to enroll at an expensive private university in literally one of the most dangerous American cities? before you got there.

It’s like a person jumping into a swimming pool, and then getting angry because they got wet

    Lionel Elgin in reply to Lionel Elgin. | February 10, 2023 at 8:07 am

    Correction: Temple is an expensive public, not private, college in one of the worst neighborhoods of one of the most unsafe cities in America.

Have the students take a course and arm the students. If drafting and arming students their age was OK during the Viet Nam era there is no reason they cannot protect themselves. Self protection is a fundamental human right.

Cat In The Hat | February 9, 2023 at 7:27 am

So college students today are of the belief that they are entitled to better security than the other American citizens around whom they live? Whom they share a neighborhood with?

Am I understanding this correctly?

And then when they cannot repay their student loans, college students today expect that other Americans will repay those loans for them? Regardless of the personal financial circumstances of those other Americans?

Am I understanding this correctly?

And then these young adults expect anyone to take them seriously about anything?

Why would anyone listen to one word that they have to opine about anything?

They literally do not know how to organize the most fundamental aspects of a grown-up life.

And speaking of grown-ups, how can any parent permit their son or daughter to attend Temple? Just driving to or from the campus is to risk mugging, carjacking, rape, murder.

Does anyone believe there’s anything at Temple that’s worth risking one’s child’s life for?

Am I missing something? What am I not understanding here?

What fantasy do people think they’re going to live out by enrolling at an unsafe campus, in one of the least safe cities in the English-speaking world?

I feel so confused