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Morgan State’s Dorms Now Have Metal Detectors

Morgan State’s Dorms Now Have Metal Detectors

“Students said they are torn on the topic.”

The problem of rising crime is red-pilling colleges across the country.

WBAL News reports:

Morgan State adds metal detectors to on-campus housing

Students at Morgan State University returned from their holiday break to find new metal detectors at the dorms they had to pass through to enter.

The metal detectors have been placed in all on-campus dorms at Morgan. Students said they are torn on the topic.

“I have mixed feelings on it, because I understand it’s for security reasons, because this is an open campus, and anybody came can come on,” freshman Khalin Marshall said. “So, I do understand that part, but they are in the dorms, and I feel like it’s our home that we paid for.”

The school has seen shootings both around and on campus, including an on-campus shooting during homecoming weekend in October 2021, an off-campus shooting at the Marble Hall Gardens housing complex in September 2022, and a third shooting off-campus at a gas station in Northwood Commons in December 2022.

Freshman Sanai Wilson has other concerns about the screening process.

“I think that it’s a good investment, but I feel like some of them don’t thoroughly do their jobs,” Wilson said.

She said sometimes she walks straight through, and sometimes she will get her bag checked.

“They will just look in it, they won’t really move stuff around (to see) if there’s a weapon or anything,” Wilson said.

In a statement, Morgan officials told 11 News, “maintaining the safety of Morgan’s campus and our students is paramount, which is why we took the proactive measure to put in place safety screening devices in our student residential facilities at the beginning of this Spring term. The safety screening devices are a component of the University’s overall comprehensive security plan. In all, 17 screening devices were installed leading up to the beginning of the Spring semester which began on January 18.”


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“So, I do understand that part, but they are in the dorms, and I feel like it’s our home that we paid for.”

“But mUh fReEdoMs!
Demanding your ‘rights’ is not only selfish, it’s stupid!
Besides, you didn’t build that!
And walls are immoralities!”

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I’m so old, I remember when college kids were mostly worried about getting busted for bong parts in their pockets vs. knives, bombs, n guns.

I heard.

It’s an hbcu in Baltimore. Do you really expect safety when you go there?

It’s in Baltimore is sufficient, just sayin.

David Codrea points out a flaw in their brave new security plan: windows.