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Maryland School District’s BLM Curriculum Talks About 13 Forms of Oppression, Including ‘Speciesism’

Maryland School District’s BLM Curriculum Talks About 13 Forms of Oppression, Including ‘Speciesism’

The school system has participated in BLM’s “Week of Action” since 2021.

Maryland’s Howard County Public School System’s [HCPSS] Black Lives Matter curriculum includes teaching kids about 13 forms of oppression, such as “speciesism.” Yes, oppression against plants.

Fox News obtained the documents from the group Parents Defending Education (PDE).

PDE Investigative Fellow Alex Nester said: “Instead of learning about great Black Americans like Frederick Douglass who brought our nation together, Howard County decided to use Black History Month to teach students about racial division and hatred. Black History Month should be about the black Americans who dedicated themselves to ensuring our country lived up to its founding principles. It’s shameful that schools like Howard County have allowed Black Lives Matter–an activist group that hates American and Western values–to co-opt Black History Month. A better understanding of black history belongs in our schools. Activism does not.”

Fox News did not include the worksheet. However, the article has a screenshot of the part listing the 13 types of oppression.

Speciesism target groups are animals, plants, and flora.

The lesson plan has BLACK LIVES MATTER banner at the top of the worksheet.

“The concept of privilege is difficult to understand and particularly difficult for those who have [the] privilege to acknowledge,” the lesson plan tells the teachers. “You may wish to do personal research and reflection so that you have identified the impact of privilege on your life before trying to work through the concept with students.”

The essential question is, “Why are these principles surrounding black families integral to the Black Lives Matter movement?” The two principles are diversity and globalism.

According to the lesson plan, globalism means “Seeing ourselves as part of the global Black community and understanding how we are impacted or privileged based on our position and placement in this global context.”

By the end of the lesson, the students should have learned these objectives:

  • I can understand the concepts of globalism and privilege, as well as their impact on myself and others.
  • I understand and can advocate for the principles of Black Lives Matter.

It’s all about privilege.

The school system has participated in BLM’s “Week of Action” since 2021.



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nordic prince | February 3, 2023 at 7:11 pm

I understand and can advocate for the principles of Black Lives Matter

Notice the biased assumptions. If it were truly neutral they would have “can argue the pros and cons of the principles of BLM” or some such wording.

How dumb do you have to be to not understanding BLM, through and through, is a hustle perpetuating racial hatred.

Booker T. Washington foresaw the hustle in 1911:

There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

Booker T. Washington (1911). “My Larger Education: Being Chapters from My Experience”

    Carver and Washington viewed the race issue from the point of needed internal empowerment while the NAACP wanted immediate relief through governmental action. The NAACP’s support of Woodrow Wilson is a prime example of the outcome of government (real white supremists) controlling the narrative. Instead of the greater black community being an economic power that was needed, instead they gave away that opportunity to become dependent on government.

      Yep. Most every disadvantaged group has pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, not through handouts. Civil rights created opportunity, not entitlement to resources. Blacks were advancing by themselves before subjected to dependency. Moynihan was right. Not to say there isn’t discrimination. But BLM and the race hustlers are not at all about that.

    I thought it was well understood by now that BLM means Buy Large Mansions.

How do you advance the BLM agenda? You start by brain-washing young children in school. They must be made advocates at an early age while they’re still impressionable.

It goes without saying that the long term goal is to create more Democrat voters

It was hell, says former kid. – Jean Shepherd

I remember when social studies was Peru, anchovies and tin.

“13 forms of oppression”
“13 Reasons Why.”
Yeah, let’s shove more phony guilt onto kids.
What could go wrong?

I am not a veteran so I guess that I only qualify for 12 here, which I guess is a step up as last week I was just a straight white christian conservative male. If I am going to oppress 7 more groups, I am going to need to get more sleep. Supremacy be hard.

Public Marxist Seminaries

“Speciesism” is not limited to plants and animals. Anyone who voices concerns about moving ahead with post-humanism where humans are modified with high-tech implants is already being labeled an anthropocentric bigot.

That is the great threat of AI, something Elon Musk, Jordan Peterson have been very vocal about for months or years already. Musk and Neil Oliver have opined that it may already be too late to stop it. Peterson said something very big will happen in March of this year.

So in the end, absent of the moral compass of learned wisdom that through the ages emerged from philosophical inquiry, our modern “intelligence” has allowed science to lead us to our own destruction in pursuit of a superior race. For the benefit of mankind, of course.

Rid of the limitations placed by philosophical inconveniences like logic and reason, science has become a religion in and of itself. “Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should” has become heresy. The prime imperative today is “follow the science”.

At this point, Frankenstein’s monster should become the mascot for science.

“Speciesism” is a corollary of vegetarians and vegans, who are not content with their own diets, but instead insist we obey theirs.
Last December, coming back from Christmas with relatives in Italy, United required us to have a vegetarian dish, in Premium Plus. Complaint sent to United afterward was responded with “we’ll let our chefs know”.

Meanwhile, Chinese students are studying physics and calculus (and balloon building).

These BLM woke hustlers are going to tie themselves in a Gordian Knot of irrelevant ignorance at this rate.

Maybe a better answer is treat everyone with civility and apply consistent societal standards, though that solution seems to be viewed as an antiquated relic of the patriarchy despite the simplicity and proven efficacy in the brief period we used it.