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Jewish Profs Claim CUNY Targeting Them for Retaliation for Complaining About Anti-Semitism on Campus

Jewish Profs Claim CUNY Targeting Them for Retaliation for Complaining About Anti-Semitism on Campus

“They’re doing this because we’ve made accusations against them”

It is amazing how often there are allegations of anti-Semitism in higher education. It’s a very real problem.

The Jewish News Syndicate reports:

CUNY investigation retaliatory, Jewish professors say

Two Jewish professors at Kingsborough Community College say the New York City community college is targeting them with retaliatory investigations for their complaints about antisemitism on campus. They further allege that the college and its outside counsel acted in bad faith, failing to provide either with a copy of the complaint.

To complicate matters, the college insinuates that the two professors shared the complainant’s address with a news outlet, causing her to fear for her safety. JNS has viewed evidence that the school, which is part of the City University of New York, included the complainant’s address on a letter it sent to her, upon which it copied the accused professors. The letter did not provide the accused any indication of the nature of the complaint.

One of the accused, Michael Goldstein, a business professor at the college, told JNS that the investigation is “definitely retaliatory. There’s no doubt about it.”

“They’re doing this because we’ve made accusations against them,” he added. “This has been going on for years. This is their way of getting back at us.”

JNS has viewed documents confirming that active CUNY investigations are underway against Goldstein and Jeffrey Lax, chair of the school’s business department, for “discrimination” and “harassment.”

Kingsborough is part of CUNY, which has been under fire for years for failing to take action against rampant antisemitism throughout its system, including within faculty, union and administrative ranks.

In 2021, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a federal agency, found evidence of discrimination against Jewish CUNY faculty, following an investigation launched by one of Lax’s complaints.


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Have a kid in the CUNY system who still can’t finish his degree without taking a poison shot. They intentionally cut off online classes to make it as hard as possible for the unvaxed.

They’re nasty about this, I can only imagine how nasty they are to these faculty.

Remember this cardinal rule-Diversity, equity and inclusion are the antitheses to merit and woke based anti Semitism is deeply embedded in all three elements

CUNY has been this way since open admissions destroyed CUNY, the Harvard of the middle class in the early 1970s

And yet these same Jewish professors will continue to vote and support Democrats/liberals.

Don’t derail the gravy-train. Unless it’s in Deplorable-land Ohio.

Didn’t these guys get the memo?