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The Unclassified Docs Biden’s Lawyers Were Searching May Be The Key To The Real Scandal

The Unclassified Docs Biden’s Lawyers Were Searching May Be The Key To The Real Scandal

The classified documents may be a distraction, stumbled upon inadvertently as part of a search to grab unclassified evidence of Biden scandals before Republican-led House committees issued subpoenas to the Biden Center.

We previously posted about Jim Jordan’s question, “What prompted them to look for Joe Biden’s classified documents?”

I wrote about that:

As you recall, lawyers for Biden searched boxes as Biden’s U.Penn. office and found classified documents. But why did they search there and open the boxes? Why lawyers, and why those boxes? They could have just moved the boxes.

And why did they then search Biden’s Delaware home, and find classified documents three times – in the garage, and twice in Biden’s personal office (we think).

There’s more here than meets the eye.

But not to the Twitter Legal Resistance. Lawyer Brad Moss said it’s simply voluntary self-reporting.

But that’s a dodge – why were they looking in boxes in the first place?

The answer to that question will reveal a lot.

Possible scenario: Maybe the classified documents are a distraction. Maybe the classified documents were not sought, but found inadvertently when looking for unclassified documents regarding Biden family foreign dealings and the funneling of foreign money to The Big Guy.

With it clear that Republican-led House committees were going to be issuing subpoenas, Team Biden needed to make sure the Biden Center at U. Penn (in D.C.) was not in a position to produce those boxes in response to a subpoena. What better way to solve the problem than to move the boxes. But knowing there was potentially damaging documents in there, you needed lawyers with a duty of loyalty to their client (Joe) to do the work. They needed not only to move things, but to know what damaging material might already have been seen by others.

Once the lawyers stumbled upon classified documents in those boxes, they knew they had a problem. So they contacted friendlies at the FBI/DOJ. They had to convince the friendlies that they were diligently searching, hence the search of the residence, where more classified docs were found. The classified documents may be the tail that’s now wagging the unclassified Biden family corruption dog.

Possible, but likely? Yes, unless there is some other reason lawyers were acting as movers.

House Republicans need to find out what unclassified materials were in those boxes. That may be the key to unraveling the real scandal.


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I’m just going to point out there absurdity of the DoJ allowing the personal Attorney of a person who has, in effect, entered a confession to a crime continue to search out further evidence of additional crimes and potentially curate the evidence before turning it over to DoJ. Every defense Attorney is gonna want that deal.

    maxmillion in reply to CommoChief. | January 18, 2023 at 10:06 pm

    Not every defense attorney’s client is a national hero for single-handedly getting rid of orange man bad. Show some respect here.

    I gave this theory a little bit of thought, Garland is tanking the investigation by tainting the evidence and making it easy for a judge to exclude it in any proceeding.
    He could have found a team with high level security clearances to serve a warrant and investigate all of the properties that are attached to Biden. He could have prepared a warrant and judge shopped to get a signature, preferably a Trump appointed judge to make it look good. He let personal attorneys search and therefore hide behind client privilege.
    Why did he not secure the Wilmington residence, instead he let the family visit, no one knows if they found any additional documents besides what has been disclosed.

    Do you think nothing about Biden and his family has ever been hidden before? These documents are small potatoes compared to other things about Biden and his family that have been hidden. Why weren’t these documents placed with the other hidden stuff?

    Because these lawyers don’t really work for Biden and they are doing what they were instructed to do.

      Paula in reply to Paula. | January 19, 2023 at 10:03 am

      Little known fact: Nobody works for Biden. He is just a useful tool whose usefulness has reached it’s expiration date.

      CommoChief in reply to Paula. | January 19, 2023 at 11:41 am

      It’s open knowledge that there are lots of hidden or suppressed stories re the Biden family. Were these attorneys acting at the behest of someone else? Maybe. Biden is a useful idiot who is out lasting his usefulness IMO. I don’t discount the possibility that the puppeteers who pull his strings agree and are looking for a replacement.

        Kamala gave it way. When asked what she thought about the classified documents recently discovered, she just smiled. Think Cheshire Cat.

    Concise in reply to CommoChief. | January 19, 2023 at 12:34 pm

    Gee, what are the odds that anything incriminating has been destroyed. Shredded, then burned, then used as compost for the WH garden. That’s why it’s usually not a good idea to let the culpable party search for evidence of his own crime.

Interesting insight. Thanks.

And no FBI engagement

But orange man bad….

This is the fall of the Roman, oops, American story…

It would just prove what everybody knows already.

I have said this from the beginning. Note that since the first docs were found before the midterms, whomever is running the show (not Joe) prudently anticipated Republican House control and started looking sooner.

The question that I still have is what was going on during the long period from the initial discovery to announcement. My guess is that the initial classified document find was a surprise and that derailed the “Big Guy” coverup train for a while.

Colonel Travis | January 19, 2023 at 1:17 am

The real scandal is that none of this is happening because the left suddenly became judicious and honorable. They want this dead weight off their shoulders so they can get someone lucid who doesn’t embarrass them and can ram tyranny properly down our throats.

    This right here 👆👆👆

    These clowns didn’t have to say anything. As we know the media would have covered for them.

    I also think this has NOTHING to do with fear of an incoming change of house. As we know they have nothing to fear from a toothless Republican controlled house.

    They really do want to be shot of this empty husk of a man…and no, I’m not talking about Barry, peace be upon him! 😂😂

    So, not Kamala?

      GWB in reply to irv. | January 19, 2023 at 9:49 am

      can ram tyranny properly down our throats
      So, not Kamala?
      Is this the right moment to ask, “Phrasing?”

      henrybowman in reply to irv. | January 19, 2023 at 10:18 am

      Yeah, they screwed the pooch on that tactic.
      They’re gonna have to come up with a frame so nice they can do it twice.

      Ironclaw in reply to irv. | January 19, 2023 at 3:22 pm

      Oh come on man, Kamala has plenty of experience ramming things down throats.

Hunter was at the house 4 days before the lawyer came in. I am going to surmise that the FBI found evidence on the laptop that Hunter had classified information. Garland told Biden, Biden told Hunter to hide it in the garage of the Delaware house, and then sent his attorney to “find” it, thus washing it of Hunter’s prints.
Meanwhile Wray runs off to Switzerland for a bizarre WEF meeting of zero importance so that no reporters can ask questions that might hint at his magnitude of corruption.

There’s a different buzz developing: What if the raid on Mar-a-Lago was a misdirection play? Here’s why.

In June, 2022, Dana Remus, Joe Biden‘s White House counsel, left her role to join Covington and Burling.

Ariosto reports online detail recent filings with the National Archives name three partners at the D.C. law firm, Covington and Burling, as Biden’s representatives to the Archives for his vice presidential records:

Dana Remus, former Biden White House counsel, Biden campaign attorney, Robert Lenhard and James Garland, a former Obama-era Justice Department official.

Their roles in the documents matter is unclear. “Multiple calls and emails to Remus, Lenhard and Garland since Monday have gone unanswered.”

Remus is intimately familiar with recent legal events involving the president. As the top White House lawyer, she shepherded the Supreme Court nomination of Katanji Brown Jackson and the selection of dozens of Mr. Biden’s other federal judicial nominees. She previously served as top lawyer on the Biden-Harris presidential campaign.

What’s my point? Why did Remus abruptly leave the WH in June last year and isn’t it peculiar that Trump is raided on August 8th?

What compelled Dana Remus to go to the UPenn Center to look in the closet for documents in the first place? And, Garland is still letting her look for documents.

Maybe, the truth is the decision was made to take Biden out long before the 2022 midterm elections. What is important to learn and determine is once word got out that Biden had classified documents, it would be devastating for Democrats. The theory is Remus is the spearhead of the coverup and what better way to save the party than to accuse Trump of doing something that Biden had already done six years ago when leaving office as VP.

What’s the old adage in DC? The cover up is always worse the crime.

So, according to Hunter Brandon was getting paid $49,912 month rent on a property Hunter claimed to have owned. That amount is just under the $50,000 month Hunter was getting paid for a no show job in Ukraine and at the same time there were Classified Docs on Ukraine in the houses garage which Hunter had full access to.

That is way more than the 10% for the big guy, it actually sounds like money laundering to me especially since Brandon didn’t claim any of it on his taxes. Was Hunter making it up?

BTW, it looks like Hunter and Swalwell have something in common. A Chinese spy fetish.

How do we know there even were classified documents? What better way to rid yourself of incriminating evidence, without being accused of destroying it and risking an obstruction of justice charge, than to claim unspecified classified documents were found and hand over the entire box those documents were allegedly found in to the FBI for safekeeping. Should a subpoena be issued for their production the FBI can refuse, saying the box contents cannot be disclosed because they are classified.

    mailman in reply to randian. | January 19, 2023 at 9:13 am

    Those documents were soooooo secret any man and their dog were allowed to look at them before handing over to the DoJ.

    Um, no. Not in any universe would any sane human think that handing over incriminating documents to the FBI would somehow make them immune to being used against them. That’s what a shredder is for.
    “Hey, Bob. Find anything incriminating over there?”
    (horrible shredding noise)
    “Nope, not a thing. How about you?”
    (more horrible shredding noises)
    “Just some trash for recycling. What a sweet gig for $500 an hour.”

Oh, we know the lawyers were looking for anything that could clarify what we already know about the Biden Crime Family. Of course there’s more to this than meets the eye, there always is with Democrats. Biden can’t afford to have this hanging out there for another election cycle.

Nixon had “the Plumbers”, Biden has “the House Cleaners”.

Were these “lawyers” ( everyone was Hillbullys lawyer) able to view classified docs?

    These are the kinds of problems you run into when you have a puppet controlled by a hidden committee working behind the scenes. It is clearly apparent to the whole world that Biden doesn’t have all of his marbles but the of game of thrones (aka, the game of pretend) has gone too far to turn back now.

There’s an interesting comparison to be made here: Biden & his compromised family likely have done far greater damage to our nation through their “business dealings” with the CCP, Ukrainians, etc. than (almost certainly) occurred through leaking the classified documents they “found” at his office and home.

But if Biden is to be “got” (at least in a political sense) it will likely be on the basis of the documents.

To me, it would be kind of like nailing Al Capone on his bogus tax returns.

It would get the job done, but not the way I’d like to see it done.

There’s an interesting comparison to be made here: Biden & his compromised family likely have done far greater damage to our nation through their “business dealings” with the CCP, Ukrainians, etc. than (almost certainly) occurred through any compromise of the classified documents they “found” at his office and home.

But if Biden is to be “got” (at least in a political sense) it will likely be on the basis of the documents.

To me, it would be kind of like nailing Al Capone on his bogus tax returns.

It would get the job done, but not the way I’d like to see it done.

I wrote a day or two ago that the reason DOJ declined to send FBI agents to search for documents was that it didn’t want its people to see the documents with which the classified docs are comingled. This is apparently so messed up, even the DOJ wants to have plausible deniability concerning evidence of Biden family corruption. They want the fabled “ten-foot pole” distance between themselves and the evidence that Biden’s attorneys are now busy concealing.

    Also more practically, in *this* administration would you want to be the agent going through a box of Hunter Biden’s stuff and find something horribly incriminating and classified? There goes your twenty-year career in law enforcement, poof.

McCarthy says he will release all J6 video footage to the public. He should also release the entire Hunter Biden hard drive. All of it. I have leisure reading time on my hands.

Steven Brizel | January 20, 2023 at 6:15 am

Every document relating to Brandon and Hunter and their dealings must be released now

Steven Brizel | January 20, 2023 at 6:16 am

Biden’s statement was one of craven defiance coupled with stupidity

#FJB <-- Disco Stu_ | January 20, 2023 at 9:19 am

Senile, dumb, and medicated is no way to go through life, my man.

No joke.