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Ithaca College Creates Separate Dorm for Transgender and Nonbinary Students

Ithaca College Creates Separate Dorm for Transgender and Nonbinary Students

“The priority wasn’t money, it wasn’t filling beds; it was making sure the students were comfortable”

So the trans community at Ithaca College is choosing to segregate themselves? Is that what’s happening here?

Campus Reform reports:

College creates dorms for transgender and nonbinary students

Ithaca College now has a separate dorm for transgender and nonbinary students. The 20-bed residential community, “Open Pages,” operates “to provide an inclusive space for non-cis identifying students and to create a supportive community on campus,” according to its website.

In a recent interview with Inside Higher Ed, students behind the push for transgender housing said that their university was “initially reluctant” to transform some of the dorm rooms into single units.

“The priority wasn’t money, it wasn’t filling beds; it was making sure the students were comfortable,” Ithaca’s former director of residential life told Insider Higher Ed.

Open Pages attempts to create a sense of community “with peers, peer leaders, and faculty” through “opportunities for students to discuss identity, privilege, and oppression as it relates to gender.”

Inside Higher Ed reported that the trangender-specific housing is an update to Ithaca’s previous accommodations. In 2016, the college announced a policy allowing students to live with roommates of the opposite sex, according to The Ithacan, the student newspaper.

Campus Pride, a non-profit addressing the campus environment for LGBTQ students, lists 427 colleges with gender-inclusive housing options. The list shows that at least one college in all 50 states has gender-inclusive housing.

Ithaca’s Campus Pride rating is five out of five stars, based on policies, recruitment, resources, and other areas of assessment.

An “LGBTQ-Friendly Report Card” cites examples of these areas: the college has a “[p]rocedure for reporting LGBTQ related bias incidents and hate crimes,” “[r]egularly offers educational events surrounding intersectionality of identities for LGBTQ people,” and has “[p]aid staff with responsibilities for LGBTQ support services.”


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Morning Sunshine | January 20, 2023 at 12:49 pm

can women have their own living spaces at IC as well? True, biological women? Men? If not, then this is just pandering.

When I went to college men and women’s dorms were always separated. How much has that changed?

Ithaca has over 6,000 students, although that count is from 2019. So 20 transgenders is only 0.3%. That seems like a reasonable number of the truly transgender, rather than pandering to the victims of propaganda and toxic counseling.

RepublicanRJL | January 21, 2023 at 8:04 am

Is this the New Age of Reason? If so, I want a lobotomy.

If they want to be segregated, I doubt anyone would complain. Go! But the problem is they’re going to turn doubles into singles for them.

I just saw my student’s college dorm room. A few more square millimeters would be very welcome. Why don’t they cram 2 FTM’s together and 2 MTF’s together? Or is it because there are really 57 genders and each one deserves its privacy?

I mean, it might be the best way to house this extra special group of confused students. I certainly wouldn’t be willing to accept a roommate who was a man that thought he was a woman.