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Boston Dynamics Designs Atlas, a Parkouring, Thinking, Decision-Making Humanoid Robot

Boston Dynamics Designs Atlas, a Parkouring, Thinking, Decision-Making Humanoid Robot

Boston Dynamics: “It’s time for Atlas to pick up a new set of skills and get hands on.”

Watch this video and tell me you’re not terrified of this thing in the wrong hands—which is pretty much anyone except my own. Actually, not sure I would trust it controlled by my hands.  

Atlas, by Boston Dynamics, was designed to help you do work. They can program it to “think,” “choose” decisions and do backflips. Currently, Atlas is purely a research platform. However: 

“Stephens says that roboticists are still a “long way off” from creating humanoid robots that can routinely tackle dirty and dangerous jobs in the real world. “Manipulation is a broad category, and we still have a lot of work to do,” he says. “But this gives a sneak peek at where the field is going. This is the future of robotics.” 

I’m not sure I can trust something that works like a human but is not human—maybe if it didn’t have legs. 

At least some of the internet agrees with me. 

I love this reply: 

Or maybe this one

They need to teach it about those OSHA laws.

Do you remember when San Francisco wanted to use “Deadly Force” robots? Thankfully, they decided against that one.


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AI is a myth, and may remain one. These robots are NOT “thinking”. They are performing programmed tasks. Part of that programming are problem solving algorithms, but still a programmed response.

Look, the robot wars are coming, just accept it. It isn’t Skynet, but humans pitting automation against automation. We already have remote controlled drones (which is exactly what the so called killer “robots” San Fran wanted to use are), and semi-autonomous drones. Soon there will be remote foot soldiers, and there ain;t no stopping it.

On the bright side? If the government can make remote soldiers so can we.

Loved the OSHA video when I saw it.

Yeah, I want a robot to throw my toolbag at me.
It’s not like there’s anything fragile, expensive, heavy, or dangerous in there.

The true challenge would be Atlas pushing the baby carriages of Boston Dynamics board of directors’ children around downtown Boston in a rainstorm during rush hour.

But those guys would rather endanger workers on construction scaffolding.

Lets first test this stuff at Martha’s Vineyard and private Manhatttan kindergarten playgrounds

Needs a new set of skills ehhh, well, how about make a pot of coffee and bring me a cup without spilling any……….that last part I can do all by myself.

Intelligent (i.e. knowledge), not smart (i.e. degrees of freedom). A cache of correlations to simulate consciousness.

Too much haterade in here. This is pretty awesome!

nordic prince | January 24, 2023 at 7:38 pm

Rosie (from the Jetsons) couldn’t do flips, but she was infinitely more useful.

Do you want Terminator? Because this is how you get Terminator!