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Temple U. Students Robbed at Gunpoint in Off-Campus Apartment

Temple U. Students Robbed at Gunpoint in Off-Campus Apartment

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, but when it does, it’s like a shock”

It’s important for Philadelphia authorities to capture the suspects so that they can be immediately released.

ABC News reports:

Temple University students robbed at gunpoint, held in basement at off-campus apartment

Philadelphia police are investigating an armed home robbery involving Temple University students that occurred Friday morning at an off-campus apartment, school officials said.

Some of the victims recounted the harrowing experience to ABC Philadelphia station WPVI, which they said started when one of the roommates responded to a knock at the door.

The roommate let the two young men in the apartment, believing they knew someone inside, the students told the station.

Several of the roommates were then woken up by an armed man, who took one of them to wake up the rest, the students said.

Eleven people were in the home at the time, including six female residents, three boyfriends and two female friends who had stayed over, WPVI reported. They were all locked in the apartment’s basement for over an hour, the students said.

While in the basement, some of the victims were able to get their laptops and messaged anyone they could think of to call 911 and report that they were being held up, they told WPVI.

The victims told WPVI they believe the suspects were at the wrong address because the two men repeatedly asked, “Where are the drugs?”…

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, but when it does, it’s like a shock,” one student told WPVI.

“I think the sad part is, we all talked in the room — we all realized that once they came in the room, everyone was kind of, ‘Oh, it’s our time now,'” another student told the station.


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“It’s important for Philadelphia authorities to capture the suspects so that they can be immediately released.”

“Best of times / worst of times,’ move down a chair, we have a new winner.

Hey made me think of Richard Speck. I am sure it did them when he put them in the basement.

Albert Leonard | November 13, 2022 at 2:51 am

Sincere question: With so many colleges competing for students, why would anyone choose Temple University for oneself, or for one’s child?

It’s located in one of the highest crime areas in one of the highest crime cities in the world.

It is an expensive, non-elite private institution.

Does anyone know?

– – – –

If I saw on your resume that you had made the choice to invest four years of your young adult life in North Philadelphia , at Temple, I would have grave doubts about your maturity, your judgment , your interest in living in the real world.

Don’t agree with me?
Ask Wawa.

    Jack Klompus in reply to Albert Leonard. | November 14, 2022 at 11:35 am

    Temple, compared to many colleges, is actually fairly reasonable in cost. It’s always been the go-to commuter school for working and middle class Philadelphians and still has excellent law and medical schools. Years ago they tried to attract more out-of-city students because their reputation was sagging as a joke school because they admitted any and all students from city schools who were woefully unprepared for college. It actually worked for a bit as they raised standards, got rid of remedial classes, and started building up and improving (somewhat) the public safety around the campus. As a result they received an influx of residential students many of whom were completely naive to the realities of living in a rough urban neighborhood. Since the Kenney-Krasner clown regime has been in power public safety across the entire city has deteriorated, so whatever few gains the area around Temple experienced have gone to sh*t. Once again, clueless white Temple students are now prey and easy pickings for the thug element of the neighborhood.

Looking at the school website I’d say the students are planning Peace Core. Save the Children, those sorts of occupations, or working for non profits of that ilk.

Temple is in one of the absolute worst neighborhoods of Philadelphia. During previous administrations the area was starting the gentrify and become a bit safer and students became a bit more complacent about where they lived around campus, especially west of Broad Street. Since the clown show admin of Kenney/Krasner, the crime rate has spiked right back to previous levels and North Philadelphia is a dangerous hellhole.

Always left out of course is that the scenario is almost always black criminals preying on white students. One recent murder victim, from the suburbs of course you know doing the “hip urban thing”, was described as an “avowed socialist” and “Bernie Sanders campaigner.” His friends claimed he wouldn’t want his death “politicized.” The level of self-flagellation is astonishing.