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“Saving the Military Service Academies from Wokeness” (Online Event, December 11, 7 PM ET)

“Saving the Military Service Academies from Wokeness” (Online Event, December 11, 7 PM ET)

Do we really want our future military officers to view themselves and the troops they will command through an obsessive racial lens?

It’s time for our last online event of the year! Register here.

Join Legal Insurrection Foundation (LIF) President, Professor William A. Jacobson, and Matt Lohmeier, public speaker and author of bestselling book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military, as they discuss the ever-encroaching march of Wokeness in the U.S. Military and how best to combat it.

The virtual event will be held on Sunday, December 11th at 7 PM ET and hosted by LIF’s Operations and Editorial Director, and Managing Editor of Kemberlee Kaye.

Lohmeier’s story meeting Wokeness head-on started after his book Irresistible Revolution was published in May 2021, at which time he was a respected active-duty commander in the newly formed U.S. Space Force. Merely for publishing and speaking publicly about his book, then-Lieutenant Colonel Lohmeier was relieved of his command and subjected to an Inspector General investigation within the Pentagon.

Following this unfortunate turn of events, Lohmeier joined veteran-led nonprofit group STARRS (Stand Together Against Racism and Radicalism in the Services) and actively works to educate Americans about the dangers of racist and radical ideologies infiltrating our military.

This past July, LIF released a database on cataloguing Critical Race training in military service academies. Our research confirms that all five federal service academies have some form of critical race, anti-racism, or related objectives –  which often fall under the umbrella term Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Professor Jacobson noted following the LIF release of military critical race research, “do we really want our future military officers to view themselves and the troops they will command through an obsessive racial lens? Is military cohesion and effectiveness improved by putting people into racial and ethnic boxes? These are questions the military leadership will need to consider as it evaluates whether and how far it takes the teaching of CRT and related ideologies as part of a military service academy education. Because the education of military officers is so important to our nation, public and political scrutiny is justified.”

LIF will present our findings in greater detail and then field any questions you might have.

Pre-registration is required. The event is free, though donations are greatly appreciated. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and go to the Legal Insurrection Foundation, the host of this event.

To register, click here.


Donations tax deductible
to the full extent allowed by law.


I don’t think it’s possible. I was at the Naval Academy all the way back in the mid 2000’s, and even then wokeness was starting to take hold.

I distinctly remember that one year they decided that they didn’t have enough women midshipmen company commanders, AFTER the positions had already been announced, which literally meant that the company officers had to go back and tell the men chosen, ‘sorry guys you WERE the best person for the job but I have to give it to somebody with tits instead’.

That was just the most public and obvious thing. It’s gotten SIGNIFICANTLY worse since I left, I’ve heard some true horror stories the last few years.

Suburban Farm Guy | November 29, 2022 at 10:44 pm

Weakening the military is a deliberate strategy. The Marxists determined long ago that all institutions must be bent to their will; the military is — was — about the last holdout. It suits them well for our country to be utterly defenseless and have our attention consumed with irrelevant nonsense.

I read the book last Spring. Extremely impressive. Though, at several points along, I wondered how he could be ‘saying that’ — he was in effect predicting his own upcoming dismissal from the Space Force. Sure enough, a couple months later, there it was…

It’s not just the service academies, but the social/political indoctrination and propaganda is rampant throughout all the armed forces.

Policy comes from the top, and to do anything about this problem requires a different administration that actually wants to remove the political, cultural rot. It would take a purge from Pentagon to platoon — with present policies, regulations and curricula reversed, and the people who’ve been put in place to institute this program removed.

This is a very worthy cause but I hope it doesn’t take away from the med school agenda because while we could just get our officers from ROTC (the source of a very large majority of officers) we can’t get our doctors without med school.

Cashier most of the flag officers. There’s a start

Missed. This. Is there a transcipt available ?