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Campbell U. Campus Security Won’t Investigate Theft Against Pro-Life Group

Campbell U. Campus Security Won’t Investigate Theft Against Pro-Life Group

“when I asked them how they would help if I did report them, I was told they couldn’t do anything without evidence”

Several times a year, a campus pro-life group has some display stolen or destroyed. Pro-life students are forced to just put up with it.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Campus security declines to investigate theft against pro-life chapter

Campbell University (CU) pro-abortion students allegedly stole a sign from Students for Life’s (SFLA) campus display.

The pro-life chapter placed 1,000 pink flags in the campus’ academic circle to raise awareness about the 1,000 lives taken by abortion every 11 minutes, chapter president Lydia Taylor told Campus Reform.

The display was marked with a sign, explaining how it honored the unborn lives. It read “In remembrance of the 1,000 lives ended every 11 minutes by abortion.”

The sign was allegedly stolen, however.

Taylor explained that the sign was not recovered and that the university claimed it could not help without “evidence.”

Campus Reform obtained a video of Taylor’s exchange with an unidentified campus safety employee, who explained they could not launch an investigation because there were no cameras in the vicinity.

“They then told me [campus safety] can’t help our club with threats we receive unless I report every single one,” she said. “But when I asked them how they would help if I did report them, I was told they couldn’t do anything without evidence.”

Taylor said that the chapter was “under heavy attack while the display was out,” despite being university-approved. Campus Reform obtained video of an unidentified individual appearing to walk away with the flags in hand, which were recovered by Taylor.

An Instagram account shared a photo of the display with the word “gross” written across the screen.

“That’s why Campbell is full of rapists… y’all should be more concerned with that but anyways…” the post read.


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Time to go to the real police

Campbell is full of rapists?! If that were true, why would any women choose to study or work there?

So that’s THIS Campbell University:

“Campbell University is a private Baptist university in Buies Creek, North Carolina. It is affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (Southern Baptist Convention).

“Campbell’s main campus in Buies Creek is home to its College of Arts & Sciences, College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, Divinity School, School of Education, Lundy-Fetterman School of Business, and the School of Engineering.”

We actually looked at this school for my older daughter. This is very strange indeed.

Selective enforcement due to a protected characteristic is a civil rights violation. We don’t know enough to prove that’s what’s going on here, but as we’ve been taught by our moral and intellectual superiors, “The process is the punishment.”

Discovery their records around complaints, get the local Civil Rights Feebs involved, and FOIA admin communication around responding to you.

Some animals are more equal than others

“That’s why Campbell is full of rapists…”
What the heck is that supposed to mean? Was that a weird threat of some time because if so it makes no sense.

Why does this sound like it came from the faculty and not from students?

Students need to wear bodycams.
WiFi cameras are cheap. If you are putting up a banner or other display you should place cameras. They are cheaper than the printed items. (Be sure to place more than one some if someone destroys one camera you know who.

Be sure to turn off in bathroom.