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“Palestinian Doctor” Killed During IDF Raid Linked to Terrorist Group

“Palestinian Doctor” Killed During IDF Raid Linked to Terrorist Group

Israel’s Ynet News: “An official of the Fatah movement in Jenin said Dr. abu Tin had been a member of the organization and had “fought alongside its resistance fighters”.” 

Once again a Palestinian lie travels halfway around the world before the truth has the chance to put on its proverbial shoes.

On Friday, several international news outlets reported the “killing” of “two Palestinians” including a “doctor” by Israel security forces in the West Bank city of Jenin.

“Doctor among two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Jenin,” the Qatari state-run Al Jazeera TV network declared in its headline. The French state-owned TV channel France24 , echoed the Arab news outlet, reporting: “Two Palestinians including a doctor were killed Friday in an Israeli raid.”

These news outlets, however, failed to inform their readers that both Palestinians killed in the said Israeli raid were linked to terrorist organizations. “A Palestinian doctor identified as a leader of the armed wing of President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, as well as a Palestinian described by Hamas as a “fighter,” were killed on Friday in an Israel Defense Forces raid in the West Bank city of Jenin,” the news agency Jewish News Syndicate confirmed Friday.

To clear any lingering doubts, the PLO-Fatah proudly acknowledged the “doctor” as a member of their terrorist outfit in good standing. “An official of the Fatah movement in Jenin said Dr. abu Tin had been a member of the organization and had ‘fought alongside its resistance fighters’,” the Israeli broadcaster Ynet News reported Friday.

The “doctor’s” Facebook profile testified to his terrorist exploits. “The doctor[‘]s Facebook page included inciteful content, the IDF said and added that he was masked and holding a gun when he was killed.” the news outlet added.

The Jerusalem Post reported the details of the IDF raid:

A Palestinian doctor and an armed gunman were killed amid clashes with IDF soldiers operating in Jenin on Friday morning.

The doctor was identified by Palestinian media as 43-year-old Dr. Abdallah Abu al Teen. He was responsible for licensing at the Palestinian Health Ministry.

Palestinian reports initially reported that he was shot and killed by a sniper but later the Palestinian Health Ministry stated that he was in critical condition. He died in hospital from his wounds.

There were conflicting reports about who may have shot him and the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that they were investigating the circumstances of the shooting and if he was hit by Palestinian or Israel fire. The military is also looking into the possibility that he had participated in the shooting and therefore targeted by the force.

Here is the “Palestinian Doctor” in action:

Let’s have a closer look:

The counter-terrorist raid in Jenin comes as the IDF hunts for terrorists responsible for the killing of two Israeli soldiers, including 18-year old female Sargent Noa Lazar. The “searches were still ongoing after two assailants who carried out deadly shooting attacks in Jerusalem and on the West Bank last week, killing two IDF soldiers,” Ynet News reported Friday.

In recent years, the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Jenin has turned into a major terrorist cesspool. Many of the terrorists, who carried out a string of deadly attacks across Israel this year, came from Jenin. The IDF soldiers regularly face pitched gun battles when they enter the city to apprehend suspected terrorists and masterminds.


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Che Guevara was also a doctor. So were Mengele and Dr Crippen. And Bashir Assad.

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“ He died in hospital from his wounds.”

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