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Mark Levin Quoting Me: “Tearing down society is a dangerous game”

Mark Levin Quoting Me: “Tearing down society is a dangerous game”

“I think this paragraph sort of sums it up for me” as to where the country is heading.

A pleasant surprise tonight. Mark Levin led off his popular Life, Liberty & Levin with a shout out to me and Legal Insurrection, and reading a portion of my post from September 7:

There is a thin line in society, between food and anarchy, freedom and repression, liberty and tyranny, safety and street violence. It’s thinner than we want to admit, and it’s being pushed to its limits on purpose by ideologies that want to deconstruct our society. Tearing down society is a dangerous game.

That thin line is being obliterated in Europe, which put heavy reliance on Russian natural gas and “renewables,” leaving those countries vulnerable to a gas cut off, which Putin now is implementing as retaliation for Ukraine sanctions.

The segment of the show was ‘This is completely opposite of what this country was intended to be’:

I think we need to have a deeper, and more consistent discussion about where this country is headed, not this hit and run stuff, not to cherry pick, but a more fullsome understanding. William Jacobson is a great professor, and he’s got a great website called Legal Insurrection, and I think this paragraph sort of sums it up for me.

(video also at link if player doesn’t load)


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Fear and Violence are both contagious.
Dozens of governments are going to fall like Sri Lanka.

Congrats Professor!!!

Conservative_Detroiter | September 11, 2022 at 10:00 pm

It is all about controlling the people.

    You mean like Cuba doling out the monthly allotments of rice and flour to its citizens?

    Watch how fast computer controllable electric cars, ESG ratings and digital money will be used by the government to strongarm behavior. Behavior they designate as acceptable.

    China anyone? Good thing I like their food, although with the fertilizer shortages, I probably won’t be getting much.

      ESG is already on its deathbed. Corporations themselves are uniting to fight it. Electric cars on a large scale will never happen but any car using electronics can be usurped by the government. As to digital money, the bigger threat is the metaverse that would enable it. If we can no longer distinguish reality from (ten years away), all is lost. Metaverse is much more advanced than we are told. We will be living in a real-life “Matrix” if we allow that to happen.

Serious thinker respecting a fellow serious thinker, I’m glad he recognized you on the show.

I don’t know what to think about the future of America. If we didn’t have the Constitution we’d have been long gone long ago. Even with it we are teetering.

    Mark Levin is a narcissist

    He yells loudly A-LOT

    Nonetheless Professor, congratulations, you deserve any and all recognition

      Colonel Travis in reply to gonzotx. | September 12, 2022 at 2:47 am

      WHOTHEHELL DOES THIS PRESIDENT THINK HE IS? SCREWING UP THE COUNTRY LEFT AND RIGHT, HAS NO IDEA WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK IT IS. I’M GONNA TAKE YOUR AK 49S AND YOUR BULLETS THAT BLOW OUT THE LUNGS. Ladies and gentlemen, I want to talk for just a moment about mobile wireless cell phone plans from PureTalk.

    “I don’t know what to think about the future of America.”

    I don’t either. If the other countries in the world weren’t in such bad shape up we’d be screwed.

    “…we are teetering.”

    Yes and I already feel dizzy.

    We’re bugging out in a couple weeks from our rural WA home to our rural IL home for the winter – where we’ll be among a couple dozen family. While gone, friends will be staying in our WA home where they will be near their adult kids and grandkids. We’d thought about going for just 3 months but planning on 6 – as we’re not sure what the election and winter will bring. I’ve been watching, prepping and praying, and this feels like the right move – not a retreat – but gathering with family during uncertain times. Also feels right to do that for our friends, who previously lived in AZ and sold to move back to WA (where we met 40 years ago) – but finding a home has eluded them. Prices are coming down fast – so they hope to buy – and this affords them the opportunity – while keeping an eye on my home. Hoping a return to small local community – neighboring – will offer help, provision and protection.

      Colonel Travis in reply to MrE. | September 12, 2022 at 2:57 am

      You to go Illinois for the winter??!!
      Good luck in the short term, it’s unsettling isn’t it.

        I think the cold slows down the now bail free criminals…

        Col., no doubt you’ve heard the term “snow birds”? We’re “snow penguins”.

        I’m native WA, but lived in central for 15 years after getting remarried. With hobbies like songwriting and recording, winters aren’t all that hard to take. Lots of family stuff going on for the wife, I skip a lot of it to create. Not much sign of homelessness / vagrancy in sub-freezing – or out in the county among the wind-swept corn and soy fields.

        Truth be told, I only go there for Monical’s pizza.

    Levin throws out kudos to the Professor on his radio show too from time to time. As Hugh Hewitt pointed out when blogging first began, it’s not how many people read your blogs that matter but WHO reads them.

    His show is the best hour on TV, and the only one I never miss.

Good on you Professor. I just about fell off my lazy boy.

Now if you two can just convince a portion of the destructive blockheads out there about what is worth saving in this country to curb the madness they insist on propelling into dangerous positions of power.

Well earned recognition. Congratulations – Professor Jacobson!

OH NOOooo!!

Does this newfound sudden explosive recognition and overnight success portend a future multi-part episode of BEHIND THE MUSIC for you-all?!

Tales of never-ending jealousies and disputes over fancy cars, and groupies, and drugs&alcohol.


– – –

Oh well it was nice whilst it lasted.

“There is a thin line in society, between food and anarchy, freedom and repression, liberty and tyranny, safety and street violence.”

Thin is right. Civilization itself is a thin veneer. Paper thin. Layered. When the thin veneer layers are peeled back, it’s not a pretty sight to behold.

Mark missed one of the most important points, the electorate keeps voting these same people back into office and power. They know that once in office it is nearly impossible to get voted out.
Keep raising money for the party, pay your dues and the party won’t let you be challenged from within. Just don’t get yourself involved in some scandal and the party will back you.
Far too many seats are safe, too many people vote for a candidate just because there is a D or R attached to their name worse yet some media outlet endorses them.
Many of these people have been in power 30-40 years and have done little to advance this country, resolve todays issues, what makes you think they are qualified to address the issues of the future.

    Coolpapa in reply to buck61. | September 12, 2022 at 11:17 am

    “… the electorate keeps voting these same people back into office and power”

    By now, if there’s one thing the 2020 election revealed it’s that “the electorate” have less voting power when weighed against the “fortifying” of elections by both Democrats and Republicans, and it’s been that way for quite some time.

      DaveGinOly in reply to Coolpapa. | September 12, 2022 at 11:48 am

      It’s funny that for decades we’ve been told to eschew violence and avoid talk of “civil war” and other such unpleasantness. We were also told to “vote for candidates that support your points of view.” Now they’re trying to prevent us from doing the latter, a sure sign the opposition doesn’t want the system to work. If they manage to break it, what does that leave us?

Suburban Farm Guy | September 12, 2022 at 12:55 am

Critical Theory and Marxism. Tear down everything. Impose the present on the past. Out of the fires of Destruction will rise the Glorious New Utopia with the new Socialist Man and his newly-reformed human nature.

“Communism is the [real] opiate of the masses…” They are way worse than religious fundamentalists. And that’s what we’re really up against. True Believers in an hideous, failed, impossible, unAmerican agenda.

    Socialism/communism always rises from the ashes of real civilizations.

    At least the Democrat Communists are revealing their intentions and even employing them through the puppet regime of Biden. Too bad people don’t see what is happening around them, or see the lessons of history.

    TDS has had a huge cleansing/clarifying effect.

Did Levin mention us trolls?

Spent the weekend re-inventorying and shoring up my survival supplies. Added a few more things. Mostly food. Discovered supplies I forgot I had.

Stability comes from design margin.

“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.”
George Orwell

The Great One!! I have been sharing several Legal Insurrection posts on TruthSocial and other social media (always in the comments or comments-on-comments on other sites, for censorship avoidance). Hope he, and many others, freqyen visit this site and its brain trust. You’re doing yeoman’s work here and is thinks be more viral, to inform and/ or course correct as needed.