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GOP Senate Candidates Get Loud and Fight Back Before the Election

GOP Senate Candidates Get Loud and Fight Back Before the Election

Tiffany Smiley, WA US Senate candidate: “But because you won’t hold Patty Murray accountable, I will.”

As we get closer to the November election, the GOP Senate candidates are stepping up.

Let’s start with the US Senate candidate for Nevada, Adam Laxalt, who replied to a horrible Tweet from Senator Cortez Masto. She said, “Crisis pregnancy centers consistently mislead vulnerable women about the health care services they provide. I joined my colleagues in cosponsoring the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act to crack down on false advertising about abortion services by these fake clinics.”

Laxalt said he stood with the women at these centers “who give vulnerable and poor mothers support and the ability to choose life while Cortez Masto spends “her time spreading lies and demonizing these charities.”

In Washington, US Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley also hit back at the media for carrying the water for Senator Patty Murray. In a Zoom interview, she accused the media of caving to Murray’s demands for a separate Zoom interview.

Senator Patty Murray seems a little nervous about her chances in the next election. The day after Smiley accused Murray of being scared of being held accountable, Murray posted about how the Senate is one seat away from an abortion ban.

On the East side of the country, Dr. Mehmet Oz, PA US Senate candidate, also hit back at the media for spreading the Fetterman promise he will debate Oz in October. Oz questioned the media, “when is the debate? Where is it being held? Who is the moderator?” In an interview with Fox News, he accused Fetterman of a “head fake” debate promise.


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taurus the judge | September 12, 2022 at 3:31 pm

GOP? Stepping up?

Good to see for a change, it makes me sick how they usually let the communists walk all over them.

They wouldn’t have to if the GOP would stop playing defense and go on offense.

    One of the problems is that a large number of Republican politicians are actually Progressives. They’re just of a slower, more efficient, lower taxes bent of Progressive. But they believe all the same things. Until we get to fixing that, voting harder isn’t going to get us back our Republic.

Showing that fighting back works is the greatest thing Trump did. It’s awesome to see more and more candidates realizing this isn’t highschool debate, they’re fighting people who fight dirty, and being “more noble” doesn’t work when the majority of the media is biased.

Murray wont debate for a couple of reasons. She doesnt want to get tied to Biden in any way and for the same reason Dems wont let Tulsi near them. As for Fetterman, if he cant debate because of his stroke then how the hell is he going to represent PA in DC?

I’ll vote for the any candidate that’s not a D and see how that works out. If you don’t vote, the operatives may find out and vote for you. Live a long life and never vote for a D.

Republicans aren’t even working on a nationwide abortion ban and if they managed to get 51 seats Biden would just veto it anyways.

STOP calling killing unborn babies “health care”. Point out that in each successful abortion,a child dies.

I just recently watched two interviews this Faulkner Gal has had, and she is as sharp as a tack.
I really like her.

It seems that some of the D candidates this time around have learned how to play the game of victimology quite effectively. That’s the game in which one player successfully portrays himself as the more genuine victim and then wins the context by appearing the more oppressed. The most adroit players of this game learn how to convey their “victim” status and that of their “oppressor” without ever uttering the words out loud. The ultimate object of the victimology game is to force the opponent into an embarrassing, groveling apology about how errant his ways are.. This has become a successful strategy with many political contestants who are able to win by appearing helpless and inept.

With his shaved head and hoodie, Fetterman looks like a bouncer at a low-rent bar.