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Democrats Defend John Fetterman’s Biden-Style No-Show Campaign for Senate in PA

Democrats Defend John Fetterman’s Biden-Style No-Show Campaign for Senate in PA

“When speaking, Fetterman has shown difficulty articulating his thoughts or maintaining long sentences.”

In the race for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman is leading Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz despite not being very visible on the campaign trail. The Real Clear Politics average of polls has John Fetterman up by 6.5 points.

Fetterman is embracing the Biden strategy of remaining invisible, and so far, it’s working for him.

Democrats are defending the strategy.

FOX News reported:

Dems defend Pennsylvania Senate candidate Fetterman’s lack of public appearances, debates

Democrats are waving off concerns about Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman’s health after his recent stroke.

The Democratic nominee has shunned the press and avoided lengthy speeches since returning to the campaign trail. When speaking, Fetterman has shown difficulty articulating his thoughts or maintaining long sentences.

Fetterman now says he will debate Republican candidate Mehmet Oz, though no final details have been agreed upon.

“Listen, Fetterman doesn’t need to debate him right now,” Sen. Jeanne Shaheen told told Politico on Thursday. “Because he’s ahead. It’s still early. I think, ultimately, he will [debate].”

She added, “And why should he help Oz’s campaign? Why does he need to do it now?”

Fetterman, currently lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, suffered a stroke in mid-May, and his campaign announced he had gone into surgery on May 17 — the day voters selected him as the Democratic nominee for Senate in Pennsylvania. His camp maintains that he is perfectly capable of continuing the campaign.

It’s easy to understand why Fetterman’s campaign doesn’t want him to speak publicly. It’s painful to listen to him.

In case, you had any doubt about how far left Fetterman is, he is holding a pro-abortion event today (9/11) with a ‘defund the police’ activist. Democrats clearly think abortion is a winning issue for them.

Chuck Ross reports at the Washington Free Beacon:

Fetterman To Hold Pro-Abortion Rally on 9/11 With Anti-Cop Activist

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman is holding a campaign event on Sunday, September 11, though not to commemorate the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Instead, the Senate hopeful is holding a pro-abortion rally alongside an activist who supports the movement to defund police.

The “Women for Fetterman” event is aimed at showcasing the candidate’s support for “reproductive freedom” in the wake of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Fetterman, who has said he does not support any limits on abortion, will appear with female lawmakers and Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson. The pro-abortion group has said it “supports efforts to defund and divest from the police” because of their “continued militarization and brutal treatment of Black people.” McGill Johnson said in September 2020 that “we must keep demanding change, including the call to defund the police.”…

Fetterman’s coordination with an organization that supports the defund movement comes as he faces intense scrutiny over his progressive criminal justice reform policies. Republican candidate Mehmet Oz has hammered Fetterman over his call to release up to one-third of inmates from Pennsylvania jails. As head of Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons, Fetterman has voted to free killers convicted of first-degree murder, often over the wishes of victims’ families.

Fetterman has agreed to one debate with Oz, but the agreement includes no details, and Fetterman wants the debate to happen in October, long after early voting begins.

In case you haven’t seen it, I will leave you with this monologue Tucker Carlson did about Fetterman earlier this week. It’s a stunning examination of Fetterman’s history and record as a public servant. Watch the whole thing. It’s positively jaw-dropping.


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Why would they admit Sundowner’s hiding strategy isn’t a winning one? Got a inadequate candidate past the goal line.
Sure I stated here I wouldn’t vote for Oz but Fetterman has to be stopped at any cost.

    vinnymeyer in reply to Skip. | September 11, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Unfortunately, “stopped at any cost” is going to mean voting for Oz. Simply not voting will be all they need to win. You might have the small comfort of saying “well I didn’t vote for him”, but it’s going to be one of the other, and the consequences with either choice will be far reaching.

    The Gentle Grizzly in reply to Skip. | September 11, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    It could make the difference of a senate majority.

Difficulty articulating his thoughts or maintaining long sentences? Hell, what’s he doing messing around with a Senate seat? He should be running for President.

“Democrats Defend Fetterman”

Why do they defend him?

Because he’s not a person, he’s a vote.

Has anyone ever seen Fetterman and Uncle Fester in the same room?

Liberals learned a long ago when you can’t articulate a position no one can argue against it.

Even if a debate happened, don’t have faith it won’t be between Dr Oz and the moderator with Fetterman watching from the sideline

We used to see politicians losing it at the end of their term. The Dems decided to start them off with cognitive impairment just to show you how meaningless these sock puppets are as humans. If Biden can win then why not Fetterman.

Too bad the Republicans don’t have a candidate in this race. It looks like it would be an easy pickup.

If a candidate is a vegetable, it’s important to know whether they’re a GMO, who is fertilizing them and with what.

    MrPeabody in reply to MrE. | September 11, 2022 at 7:12 pm

    Bio-engineered products such as Fettermans should be required to have mandatory GMO labeling, but unforunately powerful lobbyists want to keep us in the dark.

The Screaming-D’s, running candidates so good, the best way to elect them is to hide them.

Well at least they learned from Hillary(!), which puts them ahead of The Feckless-R’s who don’t learn.

The last meaningful poll in this race was by Susquehanna on Aug 31 which had Fetterman down by 5 points.

I think that the next Emerson or Trafalgar polls will show the spread at 2 points or less.

Fetterman came in propped up by Corporate media as the hard working man of the people and had never faced any real scrutiny. At the same time Oz faced a tough primary with groups like Club for Growth spending millions to support an almost unknown woman challenger with the message that Oz was not really Maga.

Now Fetterman is facing scrutiny on national media from Tucker showing him to be a lazy, incompetent loser and the ad exposing him chasing down a black jogger with a shotgun shows he is either an idiot or racist or both.

Fetterman may win and I had never really followed Oz till he was nominated. Whether he will make a good politician or Senator I don’t know. But I do know that he is smart, accomplished in his profession and as a media personality.. The few times I have heard him speak he is both articulate and on point.

Any sane person in Pennsylvania should vote for him.

Don’t upset the Democrat cart. After all, campaigning from the basement will get you the most votes in Presidential history.

What’s going on with that guy’s neck?

I think they have just figured 0ut that they do best with the “Generic Democrat” so they have decided to never let their candidates speak in public again.

“And why should he help Oz’s campaign? Why does he need to do it now?”

Tacit admission that a debate would help Oz is not very reassuring for Fetterman, who is probably as brain dead as Biden. Not doing it shows weakness, or, more likely, inability.