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California Gov. Gavin Newsom: The GOP is “winning right now”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom: The GOP is “winning right now”

He’s not wrong.

Everything about California governor Gavin Newsom is pure cringe. He’s a hair-gelled and tanned to perfection elitist tyrant who wants to be president more than anything else in the world. The problem is that Newsom wants to be president of a progressive America that just doesn’t exist.

It’s really kind of pathetic and reminds me of thrice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with her “I was born to be president” and her crazy tweet from 2016 featuring a picture of her as a girl with “future president” on it.

On the one hand, it’s sad. But it also tells you everything you need to know about these people. Neither Hillary nor Gavin care about the American people, about our country, or about anything but their own dubious belief in their self-appointment as “future president.”

I’ve been hugely amused by desperate Gavin’s attempts to get caught up in Florida governor Ron DeSantis’s aura of popularity and success.  Gavin’s begging for a debate, paying for ads (on Cali taxpayers’ dime?) in Florida, and generally being that overly excited puppy who wants attention so badly that he piddles on the floor while dancing around pretending the piddle didn’t happen as his whittle beggy paws splash his pee all over the place.

This image of Gavin is amusing, but it’s not appealing. He’s destroyed a once-vibrant state economy, run millionaires (and their businesses) out of state, and continues to double-down on the crazed lie that there is a green energy source or combination of such sources that can replace fossil fuels.  There isn’t. Period.

Indeed, he infamously proved his short-sighted disregard for his own state’s citizens when he simultaneously outlawed gas cars, urged the buying of electric cars, and topped it off with the delightful admonition that Californians could not actually charge their electric cars because Gav’s green power grid, even with tainted fossil fuel imported meagerly from other states, couldn’t keep their lights on.

This is not progress.  Sitting in the dark, marveling over how fabulous you are to have an EV you can’t charge because there is literally no electricity is a century leap backward, not forward.

When I saw the CNN headline (archive link) that Gavin was ‘calling’ on “Democrats to go on the offensive,” I laughed out loud.

Seriously? This guy who has sapped his state of economic wealth while instilling homelessness, lawlessness, and despair wants to go on the offensive? He’s going to say that his plan for Cali is working perfectly, that Cali is a true progressive Utopia all states should emulate?

Well, no.  Of course he’s not going to do that because it’s a lie.  And even he knows it.

Instead, little Gav’s idea of going on the offensive it to . . . wait for it . . . blame Fox News. MAGA. Trump.

According to him, everyone would love streets filled with homeless encampments, human defecation, open drug use, dead bodies (from drug overdoses. Mostly), and rampant crime from shoplifting to murder . .   if only these rightwing outlets wouldn’t cover it.

No one would know about it if it weren’t for those “hate” outlets telling the truth. No one should believe their lying eyes.  That pile of human despair doesn’t exist if Fox News doesn’t cover it.  And stuff.

CNN reports (archive link):

California Gov. Gavin Newsom warned members of his party Saturday that the GOP is “winning right now” as that party controls the national conversation – arguing that Democrats’ failure to offer a “compelling alternative narrative” has put the “entire rights agenda” of the last half-century at risk.

Criticizing the GOP push for restrictive abortion laws, the assault on protections for the LGBTQ community, the attempts to ban certain books from schools and the busing of migrants to liberal cities and enclaves, Newsom charged that rivals like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are attempting to wipe out “the rights revolution of the last century” with their “zest for demonization (and) humiliating people every single day.”

“These guys are ruthless on the other side,” Newsom said, decrying the “propaganda machines” of Fox News’ primetime lineup, Newsmax and the “anger industry” that he said surrounds them. “They dominate the most important thing in American politics today and that’s the narrative – facts become secondary to narrative. They dominate with illusion. And we are getting crushed. We are on the defense over and over again.”

Because of course Gavin’s happy utopia of progressive enlightenment—no “anger industry” in cancel culture or in the racist “antiracist” lies—is just so fabulous that he can’t even begin to sing its praises. So why even bother, instead, just focus on those normal people who think that law and order is pretty good and that pooping in and shooting up in the street is pretty bad. They are the bad guys. Uh huh.

I will give him credit for getting that the left is getting crushed. He’s among the rare voices on the left who acknowledge that the pendulum has swung quite far from their crazy.  He loses, though, because doubling down on the crazy that is alienating his own base is a really stupid plan. One I sincerely hope all Democrats pursue with vigor and all their millions.


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Newsom is calling for a Democrat narrative? How about

“Well yeah, sure, we destroy everything we touch, prefer name calling to open debate and sic the FBI to rain and arrest anyone who doesn’t agree with us but…..Trump!!!

And if you need any more reasons to vote for Trump:

Let’s hope this idea catches on with the rest of the neocons and swamp rats.

Radical leftwing tyranny not working in America?

No worries. Merrick ‘Beria’ Garland is ready to use Biden’s Gestapo to take it up a notch or two. Like, as history shows, radical leftwing tyrants always do.

See what happened to Mark Houck, for example. 30+ of Garland’s heavily armed storm troopers went to his house to arrest him at gun point, in front of his wife and seven kids, for the crime of protesting in front of abortion clinics. Off to Garland’s Gulag he goes. Possibly into the J6 political prisoner camp.

Regardless of whether or not the GOP takes the House, and maybe the Senate too, Brandon and ‘Beria’ Garland will still control the DOJ/FBI for two more years. And Brandon and his gang of radical leftist fascists are busy appointing as many Freislers to the judiciary as they can. While purging the military of ‘rightwing extremists’ and heavily indoctrinating whoever is left.

This is the ‘fundamentally transformed’ America Obama/Biden and their crytpo-Commie followers are creating. We can dispense with the ‘progressive’ smoke screen. There is nothing ‘progressive’ about transforming the country into a real-life Orwellian nightmare.

Newsome would love to take charge of Brandon’s thoroughly leftwing fascist executive in 2025. He’d become the most powerful leftist tyrant on the planet. Or so he would like to think.

At least half the country is not on board with the program. Time will tell if the GOPe wing of the Republican Party continues to side with leftwing tyranny while lying to their base to get elected. Time will tell if they can continue to do this and still get elected. The GOPe dinosaurs are getting almost as old as the Dem 1960’s leftwing radical dinosaurs. And GOP voters are catching on to them.

However, how long we will continue to have free and fair and aboveboard elections in most of the country is also an open issue.

    Progress is an [unqualified] monotonic process. Some people choose life, others choose a wicked solution. Some people choose capital (i.e. retained earnings/savings), others choose redistribution schemes. Some people favor individual moderation, others choose authoritarian models. All manner of progress. #PrinciplesMatter

On a tv show they pretty much said that it doesn’t matter how badly he destroyed CA,,, he looks presidential… SMH

BTW I think Newsom’s hair looks oily.

What’s truly frightening about these times, it doesn’t matter what he’s done, nor the state of the state he’s governed. The dems and media will craft an image to sell him to the people, and they’ll ignore/suppress anything to the contrary.

With the left crawling in any door or window demanding more and more (and more) government, it sure doesn’t feel like winning.

If our Constitution, a document of limitation, were followed as written, fedgov would be one-tenth its present size.

As large as it is fedgov isn’t large enough yell lefties/Ds. So they give us 87,000 new IRS to harass us.

The problem summed up = Too Much Government

This post is dripping with contempt.

I love it.

    henrybowman in reply to LB1901. | September 25, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    “generally being that overly excited puppy who wants attention so badly that he piddles on the floor while dancing around pretending the piddle didn’t happen as his whittle beggy paws splash his pee all over the place.”

    It was worth getting up this morning for that alone.

    “The GOP is “winning right now”

    And you know, it’s not because they set a high bar… it’s because you’re cratering, dude.

      I was disappointed. I have a dog. I have had puppies, and they do get excited, and they do spread their joy, but they never try to pretend it didn’t happen. Not until they’re much, much older.

It would be so nice to have a governor of California with a business background. Imagine having someone who knows what an audit is, and what accountants are good for, and who would only pick people for their job skills, instead of the boxes they can check for irrelevant qualities.

Imagine a governor that understands the importance of infrastructure, and maintenance, and public cleanliness.

Add to that a commitment to law and order extending to all our neighborhoods.

Be still, my beating heart, none of that is Newsome.

is a century leap backward, not forward

Not if you’re a WEF disciple like Newsom. Eliminating population mobility is an actual goal of theirs.

If you like Kamala Harris, you like Gavin Newsom: both come out of the clone factory of California-stupid, where no one in government could find their ass with both hands in the dark – except for payola envelopes.

Newsom is a friggin’ idiot, an IQ point above Kamala Harris. But he is a legend in his own mind.

This comment is directed to Fuzzy:

Everything you’ve pointed out is true and done with the contempt that the Governor and elected deserve. The cause of all the misery that the residents have to endure for the privilege of paying taxes for a zero return.

What I perceive about Cali. it is much like residing in New York State. Government runs for the benefit of the rich and only in certain parts of the state. On the east coast it is all of Metro/New York City and Albany. On the west coast, California is presented as every area south of San Francisco. Another common point the states both have a large section of real estate with a rural makeup, natural resources and voters who get little or no representation in state government. Very similar as those in ‘Fly Over’ country for federal recognition. The northern part of Cal. have major projects which have gone unfunded for years while they spend billions on the ‘Train to No Where’ in the south. N.Y. put billions into NYC while our highways built in the ’50’s are put in the budget as ‘out 5 years’ to be amended as are many of upstate bridges.

I bring this to the table as I would like to see the states called out for those who have been on the short end for years and still having to pay for what makes the news.