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‘Viewer Discretion is Advised:’ Podcast Movement Organizers Mocked After Apologizing for Ben Shapiro’s ‘Presence’ at Expo

‘Viewer Discretion is Advised:’ Podcast Movement Organizers Mocked After Apologizing for Ben Shapiro’s ‘Presence’ at Expo

“…we owe you an apology before sessions kick off for the day. Yesterday afternoon, Ben Shapiro briefly visited the PM22 expo area near The Daily Wire booth. Though he was not registered or expected, we take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence.”

It’s not uncommon for popular conservative commentator Ben Shapiro to trigger woketivists before his appearances on college campuses. It’s happened so often that keeping track of the instances where the eruptions take place is nearly impossible.

In most situations where this has happened, what sent leftists into fits of outrage was getting the advance notice that he would be there. Occasionally, his appearances were canceled on “safety” (and safe spaces) grounds. But for the most part, he has been allowed to speak when scheduled, although oftentimes with the usual trigger warnings thrown out there in advance by snowflake administrators who are trying in vain to keep the peace.

But in a somewhat unusual twist this week, it was an unannounced appearance by Shapiro during a podcast convention in Dallas that apparently sent some folks over the edge.

According to “Podcast Movement” convention organizers, they didn’t anticipate that Shapiro, the founder of The Daily Wire, would appear at their event even though TDW was granted booth space because of the popularity of their podcasts. “His presence” from a “brief visit,” as it turned out, caused “harm” to some attendees. As a result, they issued this apology:

They went on to acknowledge the alleged “pain” Shapiro’s brief appearance purportedly caused and how “it will always stick with us,” and noted that they would “more carefully consider” who they allowed in as sponsors at future conventions:

And for those for who the apology and implied promises to exclude WrongThinkers from future events weren’t enough, Podcast Movement assured them that no one from The Daily Wire is scheduled to participate in any of the various panels and that Shapiro remained at a safe distance from most convention goers while he was in the “common space:”

For some reason, they deleted the following tweet from their thread:

“Many in our community are appalled not just by this incident, but by our choice to take money from TDW in the first place. As @amahnke said, ‘this was signed off on by a human.’ Yes. During event planning, the dangerous nature of the company’s messaging was overlooked.”

Naturally, The Daily Wire responded accordingly by posting video snippets of just how supposedly upsetting Shapiro’s appearance was:

Shapiro, of course, weighed in as well:

Libs of TikTok also got in on the action:

As did The Blaze:

Some even mockingly took to marking themselves “safe” from Ben Shapiro:

As dangerous as the exclusionary mindsets of leftists are, you have to laugh at how this absolutely backfired on them. Well done, Daily Wire. Well done.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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Ben Shapiro’s presence is like a Crucifix to a vampire for these people. It causes them physical pain.

I wonder if they can tell what direction he is from them by the where the pain is on their body?

“They went on to acknowledge the alleged “pain” Shapiro’s brief appearance purportedly caused and how “it will always stick with us,”

Well, I guess there’s no hope for it. DW is now going to have to into the band-aid business in addition to their razor business.

johnny dollar | August 26, 2022 at 11:39 am

Show me on the doll where the bad man touched you.

These poor people in such pain. I feel for them. Thankfully, Ben’s wife is a doctor (the real kind) and might be able to treat their agony.

Wait a minute. The Left can stake out, threaten and intimidate SCOTUS justices in their homes, and that’s okay, but Ben Shapiro walks into the same room they’re in and some grave despoliation has occurred?!?! Such imaginary injuries just point out the intellectual frailty and daintiness of the Left.

And these dainty folks control our culture?

Ben Shapiro triggers The Left not because he is violent or full of hate – but because THEY are violent and full of hate.

He make cogent logical take-downs of Lefty Lunacy and rather than respond with a cogent logical counter – they make threats. They make threats to him and make up imaginary threats to themselves.

They plan violence at a forum that requests his presence – then (like the kid who kills his parents but then pleads for leniency as an orphan) complain there’s a history of violence at forums he attends. And act like the only way to go prevent violence is to prevent the victim being there.

He’s not a monster Lefty guys and gals (and others, genders without end, amen) you are.

Ben Shapiro is no radical the people who are radicals are the anti-Semites who complain he exists.

    rutvet83 in reply to Danny. | August 26, 2022 at 2:00 pm

    Don’t they think all of us “Wrongthinkers” shouldn’t exist? Name any conservative high profile thinker that the media or YouTwitFace hasn’t stated they would rather see dead. I think of poor Rush who the YouTwitFace universe excoriated after his death, “Rest in Piss” was probably one of the better ones.

Shapiro is correct in his point about his mere existence. For those on the right, the wokista left already refuses to allow a digital presence, they demand cancellation, scrubbing all traces of disagreement. Tech companies generally leap to respond to those demands: see Andrew Tate. Like him or hate him, his online voice was silenced.

For IRL interactions no day would be complete to the wokista without the ability to exile dissident voices or have these dissidents subjected to mandatory indoctrination. The managerial and administrative class, as with Tech in digital life, leaps to respond by suspending, firing or otherwise subjecting dissident voices to sanctions followed by mandatory apologies.

We, all of us who hold heterodox views, are viewed as unworthy of even existing as autonomous beings. If that’s were not so the Wokista Brigade wouldn’t object to our right of free speech and association. They not only don’t choose to hear our views but also seek to prevent others from hearing our views; cancelled speaking engagements and banned or hard to access digital content.

It’s time we start forcing the logical conclusions of these actions by the wokista. They don’t believe we hold or should be allowed the same rights as they do, from which we can infer that they view us as somehow less than they. Ultimately this means we are viewed as subhuman to some degree and historically that ‘othering’ leads to bad places and bar outcomes.

To be fair, if they get to close facts and logic may destroy their world view, which is the only thing they have left to hold their frail egos together.

Alex deWynter | August 26, 2022 at 9:07 pm

The pea is staying put, princess. Deal with it.

The problem is this didn’t backfire on them, this is another major corporation tightening our exclusion from society.

We need to stop being cheap dates for corporate America. Why are we defending their tax cuts while they are trying to cancel us as part of their religion?

I guess we will shortly see ‘This is a Ben Shapiro Free Zone’ signs appearing beside the ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs all across the US!

Imagine, having one of the largest podcasts in the world at a podcast convention. You would think the organizers would be thrilled as now people like myself who had no idea what this thing was or that it even existed now do. Of course, now I or millions of others will never pay attention to the snowflake melting contest again so opportunity squandered. Good job

You have to feel a bit sorry for them. Imagine the pain they will feel after the 2022 and 2024 elections.