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“Medical schools are actually worse than higher ed in general when it comes to CRT”

“Medical schools are actually worse than higher ed in general when it comes to CRT”

My interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow, where we talked about numerous topics covered at Legal Insurrection, including CRT in medicine, the Gibson’s Bakery case, the attacks on Supreme Court Justices, and what it’s like to be an outspoken conservative on a liberal campus.

On July 29, 2022, I appeared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. (Audio at bottom of this post.) The discussion covered numerous topics, and lasted for 22 minutes. I enjoy these longer radio appearances, so many of the ones I do are 3-6 minute quick hits where you only have time to talk in sound bites and can’t get into the level of detail I was able to do in the interview by Alex.

The write up at Breitbart website focused on the use of race in medicine, which we have documented extensively at our website, and my lawsuit against NY State:

William Jacobson, professor of law at Cornell University and founder of Legal Insurrection, noted on Friday how “non-white” patients have already been prioritized for medical care in some situations due to “woke” ideology, which includes “critical race theory” narratives and racially discriminatory “anti-racism” protocols.

“As shocking as it’s going to be, medical schools are actually worse than higher [education] in general when it comes to the CRT, quote-unquote ‘anti-racism’ stuff,” Jacobson stated on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “We have a website [and] we track this stuff. We have a database of over 500 colleges and universities.”

Jacobson observed how left-wing racial paradigms had been integrated into dozens of medical schools, affecting enrollment policies and standards of care.

He said, “We’ve covered so far the top 50 ranked medical schools. We’re going to hopefully expand that to all medical schools, and it is truly shocking how deeply embedded the worst things you see in college are in medical schools.”

Jacobson emphasized how racial prioritization in medical school admissions policies is bleeding into standards of care in government policies regulating distribution of medical treatment.

“It’s really working its way into medical care, not just medical teaching,” he said, “because when we had these COVID therapeutics come out … I think was four states [that] actually prioritized the therapeutics for ‘non-whites,’ and one of those states was New York State.”

New York’s state policy, supported by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY), frames “non-white” status as a risk factor for COVID-19 mortality, Jacobson stated. He noted that the Empire State does not provide clear definitional parameters defining “non-white” or “white.”

“They don’t define what ‘non-white’ is,” Jacobson noted. “They don’t define how much color you have to have in your skin to qualify for this medication, but if you’re you’re non-white, that was in and of itself considered a personal medical risk factor that qualified you [for treatment], whereas if you were white — however they define that — you have to show that you actually had some physical condition, whether it’s heart trouble, or diabetes, or whatever it might be.”

During the 22-minute segment, however, we touched on a lot of other topics we have covered at Legal Insurrection, including the topics listed below.

The excerpts of the transcription are auto-generated and may contain transcription errors.

The lawsuit by Missouri and Louisiana on big tech collusion with the government to censor political opponents

Marlow: Do you anticipate at all what you think could be there? Because we know that there’s a of thinking that is similar, if not identical, between the way the social media giants and the tech companies and the Biden administration personnel, the way they think of conservative media and the way we are dealt with on basically every major platform online. But do we think that there is gonna be literal collusion that’s perhaps uncovered? Do you think they could be that sloppy is my point?

WAJ: Well, I think that’s, what’s, they’re hoping to uncover, that somebody got a little sloppy. Somebody said the quiet part out loud in an email or a text message. That’s that’s what they’re, that’s what they’re hoping. I mean, it’s just a nod new ink, or if it’s just, well, we like the Democrats, so we’re gonna help them. That’s probably not gonna be enough. But what they’re hoping for is to find that smoking gun to find something, or at least little, a lot of little smoking guns that they could piece together.

The Gibson’s Bakery v. Oberlin College case

WAJ: But I think the reality is in the Gibson’s point of view is they’re just waiting them out. The two principals of Gibson’s bakery have died subsequent to the trial, but before they collect anything, the grandfather and his son who died of cancer in his sixties. So they’re just waiting them out. I mean, I think that’s what it is and gives, you know, Oberlin college is unapologetic. They view themselves as the victim here. They, don’t want this family to get paid anything. They’ve completely ignored the evidence and what was presented at the trial and their view is I think their view is, you know, … they’re still getting donations at the college. They’re still going along their merry way. They still despise this bakery. They still denigrate this bakery and they just don’t really care. I mean, it’s really, a prime example of the heartless woke entity, you know Oberlin College was woke before anybody use the term woke …

What’s it’s like to be an outspoken political conservative on a liberal campus

WAJ: Well, you know, from the day, almost from the day that I started the website, I’ve been under attack there mostly from off the campus, people sending letters, I should be fired. How dare they have somebody like me? There was a major effort after the George Floyd riots when I criticized them. And I criticized the black lives matter movement, to actually get me fired, alumni petitions, 21 of my colleagues signed a letter against me, student boycotts. None of it’s worked so far. <laugh>, I’m not gonna say they won’t try again, but none of ….

Marlow: Yeah, they will….

WAJ: Yeah, they will. They will. And none of it’s worked so far, but, you know, I’m the only outspoken conservative, really on the whole campus, as crazy as that sounds. I’m the only outspoken faculty conservative member on a 20,000 student, you know, 1700 faculty campus. And so I, you know, but I do have a level of prominence that I think insulates me somewhat to this and plus longevity. I mean, after years of trying, a lot of people just gave up.

Clarence Thomas being protested and deciding not to teach at George Washington law school

WAJ: Well, it’s a continuation of what’s been happening for years. But most particularly recently, I mean, whoever thought of Supreme court justices being targeted, their houses, that was almost unthinkable. That was almost really unthinkable who would’ve thought that prominent people would endorse that and support that whoever thought the Biden administration would say that’s okay. It arguably violated federal law, but even if it didn’t, you know, the whole point of the judiciary is, while we know politics intrudes on it, it shouldn’t be subject to mob rule. You shouldn’t have people with pitch forks outside a judge’s house if that judge doesn’t rule the way you. That’s not what we’re supposed to be about, but the media has completely memory-hole the stuff, memory-holed the fact that somebody with a gun and intent to kill showed up at Brett Kavanaugh’s home.


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What’s coming out of those schools is truly frightening
Do no harm-hardly

Affirmative Action Drs- God help their patients

Well, the med schools are trying hard to catch up to the law schools.

Another reason to not place our blind faith in doctors, scientists or other “experts”. Not only are their numbers being dumbed down by substituting DEI over merit for inclusion, but those who get through the CRT filter increasingly surrender their expertise to political mandates. “First, do no harm” is no longer the primary directive in medical practice. As with “follow the science”, now means “obey the political mandates”.

That is why throughout history, governments have killed more of their own citizens than have enemies. When a small handful of tyrants wrest control of everything, people die in masses. We are just in the way. To paraphrase Henry Kissinger: “When you control oil and food, people become very productive”. The fact that someone of such stature on “our” side would even say that is creepy. But not as creepy as those in our institutions who are at the beck and call of Furher Klaus Schwab’s WEF. Suddenly, life has become cheap again.

E Howard Hunt | July 31, 2022 at 8:39 am

It is undeniable that race and IQ play a defining role in both income and health. Doctors can play a vital role in establishing equity for all and leveling the playing field. All they need do is perform lobotomies on the privileged classes.

Demand that every institution that receives government funding embrace MLK’s dream that people are judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. If they violate this principle they will lose all government funding.

    Paul in reply to ConradCA. | July 31, 2022 at 11:56 am

    Absolutely, we didn’t expend all that effort to end white racism just so they could turn around and get “revenge”, which is what this is really starting to look like. While they’re at it, no public funds for any institution that allows policies which inhibit free speech.

The progressive fascists are teaching the public that minorities get their degrees and jobs because of their race. That they shouldn’t choose a minority doctor, lawyer, when a white is available.

    Dimsdale in reply to ConradCA. | July 31, 2022 at 3:17 pm

    That has long been the problem with the soft bigotry of low expectations; the blacks can’t do it without the help of the paternalistic white guilt leftist. The white leftist’s burden, if you will. There will always be a question mark over every minority’s head as a result.

    I would be pretty ticked off if I were black.

If CRT really becomes entrenched in medical schools, you’ll likely see a causal effect on the mortality rates of certain groups who are not “favored” in the future.

Covid is especially dangerous to the elderly. I can just see a day in the future when my biracial children “of color” (Jeez I hate that term) plead with doctors to give me, their white father, medicine/vaccine for some similarly dangerous-to-the-elderly disease. And I can just envision the smile on the young, woke doctor’s face as he tells my adult children, “We cannot give it to your father, but we can give it to you.”