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Biden Supply Chain Crisis Leads to Tampon Shortages, Because A Baby Formula Shortage Wasn’t Bad Enough

Biden Supply Chain Crisis Leads to Tampon Shortages, Because A Baby Formula Shortage Wasn’t Bad Enough

The time has come to ask if Biden is waging a #WarOnWomen.

The supply chain crisis continues, and now women are finding it difficult to purchase tampons.

On Twitter, #tamponshortage is trending, with some users calling it the latest “nightmare” for women after the Food and Drug Administration acknowledged widespread shortages of baby formula. Individuals and not-for-profit groups that collect donated feminine care products are also complaining of empty shelves where the monthly essentials are usually stocked.

“I thought I was going crazy noticing empty shelves where tampons should be,” one Twitter user said.

Members of an online forum for Washington, D.C.-area parents also reported problems sourcing tampons. One member said she had visited three different CVS locations only to find them “99% bare of all tampons.”

The tampon manufacturers are not clear on the reasons for the shortage, though one cited increased demand.

A spokesperson for Procter & Gamble — which makes Tampax and Always and claims almost 50% of the menstrual care supply market, per Bloomberg — declined to elaborate on any tampon shortages and didn’t address whether its other feminine hygiene products are being affected. They did, however, acknowledge that the company is experiencing increased demand and said they’re aware many customers are struggling to find tampons in stores and online.

“We understand it is frustrating for consumers when they can’t find what they need. Our Tampax team is producing tampons 24/7 to meet the increased demand for our products,” an email statement to TODAY read. (P&G recently made headlines for a statement to Time magazine that said demand for its product has soared since launching its Tampax ad campaign with Amy Schumer in 2020.)

A U by Kotex (owned by Kimberly Clark) spokesperson said in an email that the brand has not actually experienced a product or supply shortage in the U.S. and stressed that the company “works diligently to keep its products readily available for our consumers.”

Some social media commenters hand helpful suggestions and observations:

The possibility of a Biden #WarOnWomen must be considered. It would be a good time to ask bout the status of Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, as he would be one of the key administration officials to help resolve the supply chain crisis.

It turns out he is dealing with a case of covid.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said on Monday that he had tested positive for the coronavirus, the latest member of President Biden’s cabinet to be infected.

Mr. Buttigieg added that he was experiencing mild symptoms.

“I plan to work remotely while isolating according to C.D.C. guidelines, and look forward to when I can safely return to the office and the road,” he wrote on Twitter, referring to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Meanwhile, women and those who identify with them can consider buying ‘period positive’ clothing.

Lucy & Yak, a Yorkshire-based company founded in 2017 by Lucy Greenwood and Chris Renwick, is best known for its range of dungarees, which often feature bold and colourful prints.

The trousers and dungarees are on sale now, and cost £36 and £62 respectively.

In 2020, it launched trousers and dungarees covered in a vulva print. Now it has expanded its vibrant portfolio with these new designs, which it describes as genderless.

Posting about the new launch on social media, the brand said it wants to want ‘do our bit to normalise conversation & remove stigma surrounding vulvas and periods’.

I would like to note the clothing is as attractive as you might imagine.

How long before Biden blames Putin for this shortage? What shortage will I be discussing next?

Stay tuned for another chilling episode of “Life in Biden’s America”.


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Morning Sunshine | June 12, 2022 at 10:08 am

HA! I have got this one beat! I suggest moving to a cup. Best move ever, plus it shortened my period by one day each month. Dunno how or why, but it did.

Also, for my girls, I was involved with Days For Girls and I made some pads based on their patterns. We have enough supplies to keep them in stock for years. They love their pads.

I guess I say, don’t feed the consumable beast if you can help it, and then you are not dependent on the whims of your masters.

A portent of more to come. One way to stop illegal immigration is the present rush to turn US into the worst third world nation . FJB

I hope it doesn’t affect the bicycle helmet forehead pad market. I use maxipads for that.

How much is a production shortfall and how much is our government buying billions of them and giving them to foreigners all at once?

nordic_prince | June 12, 2022 at 10:44 am

‘period positive’ clothing line

WTH… who would actually wear that stuff, let alone waste money on buying that crap? Hideous.

Moon Battery | June 12, 2022 at 10:46 am

For the left, tampon shortages aren’t a problem…..

With the policies they support, women can just get pregnant and not have a period for 9 months and then just abort the baby during delivery.

Chuckin Houston | June 12, 2022 at 11:16 am

Once again Buttigieg is missing in action. First it was his maternity leave and now it’s COVID. Up next is monkeypox?

Thank government programs to buy up existing stocks to put free in men’s bathrooms, and for co-opting manufacturers to make useless masks the past 2 years..

Once again, the Left learns that it was never the money the government prints that we needed, all along it was all the things we make and the services we perform when we go to work each day.

Oh, who am I kidding – they haven’t learned squat.

Dotard-marionette, Biden, is the only nominal President who is so glaringly incompetent, corrosive and destructive, he makes the apparatchiks of the Soviet Union look like paragons of efficiency and competence, by comparison.

All hail dotard Biden, the anti-Midas — everything that he touches predictably turns to excrement. And, to be clear, the end result would be the same for any Dumb-0-crat who was occupying the White House. They are all intrinsically incompetent narcissists.

A baby formula shortage forced by failing to prove a negative. As for tampons, identity first, women second…. babies by Choice.

Fatherducque | June 12, 2022 at 1:24 pm

Welcome to the age of stupidity! The much maligned Boomers have all retired, leaving the Enlightened Ones to run the production companies.
We Boomers were required to spend some time “on the line” before we were allowed to work in engineering, marketing, or production management. The new kids were allowed to skip learning practical skills, and went straight to the offices.
So now the tampon production plants are run by soft-handed “experts” who have no idea what is going on outside their workspace. It is no surprise that they were caught flat-footed. They are well educated but stupid.

On the other hand, they do have a firm grasp of their pronouns.

Somebody is lying. How can there be a spike in demand of any kind? It’s not as if the too young or too old can suddenly require tampons, and despite the idiocy of the trans movement men are not buying tampons in numbers that would be measurable.

My bet is they’re covering for the CCP, whose dumbass covid lockdowns interrupting the supply chain look like economic war on the US disguised as disease management.

Tampon shortage?

I feel sorry for all those “men” with vaginas.

Duh! The non pregnant men are buying it

And I thought “Idiocracy” was fiction.

Down here in Texas, this will hit “Beto” hard.

I never thought I would feel this way.. but thank goodness for Menopause.

Free State Paul | June 12, 2022 at 11:38 pm

The worse, the better

So what. In the 70s, Toxic Shock Syndrome caused a halt to the purchase of tampons (voluntarily, of course) but still – not a necessity.