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Climate Crazy Intensifies as Extinction Rebellion Vows to Send ‘Millions of People on to the Streets’

Climate Crazy Intensifies as Extinction Rebellion Vows to Send ‘Millions of People on to the Streets’

In response to the group’s NYC chapter disrupting its presses, the New York Post features a damning expose on Extinction Rebellion leaders and its supporters.

Given the recent crises related to food scarcity, abortion, and inflation, you might be forgiven if you thought panic over the “climate crisis” had ended.

However, in  drive for drama and attention, the climate cultists known as Extinction Rebellion (XR) has vowed to send ‘millions of people onto the streets’ in defiance of a British crackdown on disruptive ‘guerrilla protests

The climate change protest group said it is ‘foolish’ for ministers to think announcing new ‘curbs’ will stop people ‘taking to the streets to demand their Government act to ensure a safe future for people in the UK and around the world’, as it set out its intention for action from September 10.

It comes after the Public Order Bill was unveiled as part of the Queen’s Speech, with harsher sentences and new criminal offences for those involved in some types of protest.

The Bill seeks to outlaw tactics in England and Wales such as protesters ‘locking on’ to public transport infrastructure or gluing themselves to roads, which have been adopted by campaign groups such as Insulate Britain.

It will carry a maximum penalty of six months and an unlimited fine.

We have covered Extinction Rebellion’s disruptions before. It appears the British are finding the antics tiresome and costly.

Ahead of the Queen’s Speech – delivered by Prince Charles on behalf of his mother for the first ever time – Boris Johnson said he wanted to ‘get on with making our streets safer’ by ‘backing our police and giving them the tools they need to do the job’.

‘Through this Queen’s Speech we will give the police new powers to deal with highly disruptive protests,’ he said.

The Public Order Act will make it a criminal offence for people to ‘lock on’ or go to protests equipped to ‘lock on’ to buildings, objects or other protesters, using equipment such as padlocks, chains, glue and bamboo scaffolding structures. The offence will carry a six-month jail sentence or unlimited fine.

Meanwhile, a new offence of interfering with key national infrastructure – such as airports, railways and printing presses – will carry a maximum sentence of 12 months in prison.

It will also become illegal to obstruct major transport works, such as the HS2 high speed rail link.

HS2 estimated in October 2021 that sustained protester activity at some sites had cost the project up to £80 million.

Meanwhile, Extinction Rebellion NYC recently blockaded the New York Post’s printing press. Over a dozen people were arrested as the group admitted to intentionally trying to protest what they claimed was a lack of climate change coverage across major U.S. media outlets.

This lead to the New York Post publishing a material from an expose about the British group, “whose celebrity supporters were shamed into admitting their hypocrisy for enjoying “high carbon lives” and profiting from industries with ‘huge carbon footprints.'”

…[I]n a forerunner to Friday’s protest in Queens, UK Extinction demonstrators disrupted the printing and delivery of British newspapers in September 2020.

But a 2019 expose revealed that the group didn’t live up to its own high standards, with co-founder Gail Bradbrook found to have bragged on Facebook about jetting off on a high-carbon Costa Rica vacation in 2016, during which she reportedly dreamed up the idea for the activist movement while tripping on psychedelic plants.

“This is blind hypocrisy from a group that’s spent days blighting people’s travel plans,” Paul Scully, a Conservative Party member of Parliament, fumed at the time.

The outrage led more than 100 high-profile XR supporters — including “Doctor Strange” actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and U2 bassist Adam Clayton — to sign an open letter addressed to the “journalists who have called us hypocrites.”

“You’re right. We live high carbon lives and the industries that we are part of have huge carbon footprints,” they wrote.

The XR NRC group was founded by a “a green revolutionary anarcho-communist and anti-imperialist”

Records filed with the state Attorney General’s Office identify the group’s founding president as Rory Varrato, who was among those busted early Friday morning.

His personal website calls him “a green revolutionary anarcho-communist and anti-imperialist” who grew up in a “working class family” in rural Pennsylvania and won a National Merit Scholarship to study American history at Arizona State University, where he also earned a master’s degree in political theory.

Since 2016, Varrato has been pursuing a Ph.D. in philosophy and education from Columbia University’s Teachers College, according to the site, which is adorned with the motto, “Teaching is a subversive activity, and I stay active.”

The climate cultists are going to find that the fewer people will have patience with their histrionics, especially during a time was parents are struggling to find baby formula, workers are desperately trying to pay for gasoline, and subway riders pray they won’t get shot or stabbed on the way to their destination.


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Hopefully during rush hour traffic.

Donations must be way better than I thought. Who knew Extinction Rebellion could afford to pay that many fake protesters?

More loony leftists clogging up the public streets and public spaces, impeding and harassing ordinary citizens as they go about their daily life. That’s sure to win converts to their cause./S

The narcissism of the left is becoming intolerable and at some point their childish tantrums of ‘give me what I want or else’ will not be tolerated. One morning their current expectations of being largely free of consequences for their antics will be shattered.

Every demonstration moves us closer to that day; BLM, antifa, hand maidens all move public opinion against their tactics. Some places are already there, which is why these groups don’t venture outside the cluster of blue enclaves who haven’t yet reached the end of their tolerance.

LukeHandCool | May 13, 2022 at 5:52 pm

Oh, I hope they’re successful in sending millions of people into the streets.

Then they’ll piss off tens of millions of commuters.

And commuters vote!

What’s the best way to describe an XR demonstration? “A target-rich environment.”

The next decade will see a war between Climate Crazies and true Nature lovers.

True Nature lovers wonder if child miners in Africa should be bullied into scratching Cobalt out of the ground so it can be combined with South American heavy metal lithium brines dried by huge natural gas ovens to make EV batteries that only last 10 years before going to Toxic waste dumps?

Should the Amazon Rainforest be clear-cut for Balsa Wood for turbine blade scaffolding?

Should the Asian Rainforest be clear-cut so the land can be strip mined for Nickle for 800 foot eagle slaughtering Windmills?

Meanwhile, back in reality, Tony Heller posted a new video on YT demonstrating a climate study tool – in particular a way of displaying a hundred years of temperature data, from any one of a thousand weather stations in the US and presenting the data graphically. Pretty hard to argue “global warming” when all the data he presented effectively showed the early 1900’s to be hotter than the present.


    It’s all b.s.
    Either the followers are mentally ill, or in on the scam. Or both. See: John Kerry; Al Gore; Nancy Pelosi.

      The climate “crisis” is a lie. It’s true objective is control and power and the erasing of the middle class. The virus lost traction so, it’s back to climate crisis.

AF_Chief_Master_Sgt | May 13, 2022 at 7:31 pm

Can’t these people just make themselves extinct? The world would be a better place if these people would practice late term post partum abortions on themselves. .

It already is a better place because these idiots abort their children at high numbers.

Now for the next step.

They better hope they don’t try to harass me. I have bull bars on the front of my truck as well as a v-8 engine and enough ground clearance that I really don’t care if they want me to stop. They won’t damage my vehicle as I go over them and I won’t feel bad about running down a subhuman.

They do love to play dress up.

henrybowman | May 13, 2022 at 8:07 pm

“Sending millions of people onto the streets?”
Your terms are acceptable.

Want to impress us? Voluntarily return your body to the carbon cycle…. now.

And these idiots mock Catholic nuns?

healthguyfsu | May 13, 2022 at 9:23 pm

Still waiting for the bills that clean up the streets in all of these countries including our own.

I don’t want to mow anyone down but I’d like to see some codification of criminal activity for blocking thoroughfares with a “peaceful protest” of people in the street just to piss others off. The Canadian trucker groups did it right by just moving and slowing down traffic instead of blocking it (they were rebuffed for a blockade that was unlawful). Not being able to stop them altogether made the progs angry and sent them into martial law territory.

We don’t need to swing from pendulum to pendulum but we can restore civility without trying to piss each other off while protesting.

    Dimsdale in reply to healthguyfsu. | May 14, 2022 at 10:43 pm

    Leftists and civility? Perish the thought. They are children in adult bodies, throwing tantrums.

    Anyone that thinks socialism/communism works has to be ignorant to the point of childish. Infantile, actually.

How do they expect all those low IQ loony tunes to get there. I mean they’re so committed they always walk to and from these stupid protests of theirs don’t they?

While we’re at it, don’t forget, plants take in CO2 and turn it into oxygen for us to breathe. Which means vegans, vegetarians or whatever the anti meat lunatics call themselves are destroying the planet by eating our best source for getting rid of CO2. They should put bounties on those planet killing lunatics.

    InEssence in reply to 4fun. | May 14, 2022 at 12:12 am

    Plants capture CO2, but they pull carbon from the soil as well. When the plants die, they emit more CO2 than they captured during their life. That is why 97% of the CO2 is from plants.

    In the winter we have more CO2 than in the summer.

    The heat transfer equations say that man-made CO2 blocks the sun and cools the Earth by less than 1/1000th of a degree F. The effect last about 3 years. Oddly enough, the heat transfer equations agree with atmospheric data both locally and globally. Whereas the climate models from the hoaxers are chronically wrong and never agree with climate data.

    They may not be low IQ, but they certainly are low in emotional intelligence, and high in neurosis.

      Recall that recent study or poll that showed mental illness to be skewed to the leftists?

      I wonder if their insistence in proving it is part of their mental issues?

Extinction rebellion? Anti-abortion? Deplorable.

Perhaps they need a little extinction action whipped on them?

I don’t object to these self-identified communists gluing themselves to streets or to anything else.

I object strongly to the enablers in government prying them off.

Gluing themselves down is based on one certainty: they won’t be left there to freeze, dry out, starve, or rot. Call their bluff: leave them to right there.

Jack Klompus | May 14, 2022 at 3:54 pm

U2 haven’t had a decent album since Achtung Baby.