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Palm Springs Approves Giving Trans Residents $1000/Month Cash Payments

Palm Springs Approves Giving Trans Residents $1000/Month Cash Payments

Pilot program to provide “Universal Basic Income” payments to 20 transgender and nonbinary residents, with no stipulations on how the money can be spent

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that Finland tried a “Universal Basic Income” program before scrapping it in 2018.

More recently, a Democratic state senator proposed giving $500 a month to poor college students as a test program of universal basic income.

As senseless and full of failing as these plans were, they are a masterpiece of statesmanship in contrast to projects being made by Palm Springs.

The Palm Springs City Council approved the proposal at a meeting on March 24, which will kickstart the program with $200,000 to fund initial research and planning.

The pilot program would eventually provide monthly payments to a number of transgender and nonbinary residents in Palm Springs, with no stipulations on how the money can be spent.

A Palm Springs city council report highlights transgender and nonbinary residents as “particularly vulnerable” due to unemployment, homelessness, assault and discrimination.

The program will also look to state funding from the $35 million allocated in 2021 toward guaranteed income programs across California.

The program will launch between October and February 2023. One thousand residents will be chosen to receive $1,000 a month for three years.

One council member explains her vote with both pride and excitement.

Christy Holstege, a Palm Springs City Council member who helped conceive the proposal, highlighted the Southern California city’s history in advancing LGBTQ rights.

“We are a beacon in the country and in the world, a place where LGBTQ people have fled for decades to seek sanctuary and safety and their own community,” she said. “And so I think it’s really important for Palm Springs to be on the front lines of supporting the trans community … especially when they’re under attack throughout the country.”

It is important to understand that Palm Springs has a transgender mayor who expresses worry about the ultimate price tag of this virtue-signaling scheme.

Palm Springs Mayor Lisa Middleton, the first openly transgender mayor in the state, expressed some reservations about the plan while stressing that the need for financial assistance is “absolutely real.” There are over 400,000 people living below the poverty line in Riverside County, she said.

“My serious concern is the ability of these guaranteed income programs to scale up to the magnitude of the issues that are before us,” Mayor Middleton said.

At least one California politician is willing to go on the record about how unfair this plan is.

Former San Diego City Councilman Carl DeMaio, a Republican who served as the first openly gay member of the city council, called the program “outrageous and discriminatory.”

“We’re completely opposed to guaranteed or universal basic income programs, because they ultimately cause inflation and raise the cost of living on everyone — they don’t work,” DeMaio said in a statement.

“But at least some of them have minimum income requirements to qualify, whereas this one is no-strings-attached ‘woke’ virtue signaling to the LGBT community in a way that is not only offensive but discriminatory,” he continued.

The current plan is for twenty transgender and nonbinary Palm Springs residents will receive the free money funded by the taxpayers for 18 months. It is doubtful any of those people will be better off after 18 checks for $900, especially as we are entering an era of significant inflation.

But spending other people’s money to make yourself feel good as a politician remains priceless.


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2smartforlibs | April 8, 2022 at 11:04 am

Seems they are bigots.

    Palm Springs became a gay getaway for Hollywood types.

    Now, they keep human pets.

    These liberals bringing in transvestites as literal welfare queens will soon rue the day: Palm Springs will soon become a magnet for the mentally ill and drug addicts.

    They’ll see.

Does this mean that Palm Springs residents can just claim to identify as non-binary to collect their payout? Is it fraud if you’re not “really” non-binary? Can we actually get a court of law in our lifetime that is made to determine whether or not you can identify as trans or nonbinary in bad faith? Or a test to determine good faith? This is going to get very weird.

drednicolson | April 8, 2022 at 11:32 am

Know how most lottery winners are broke again within a couple years? The people who would put a lottery prize to good use are the same people who wouldn’t play the lottery in the first place.

Same state of affairs with UBI programs. The people who would put the money to actual good use are the same people who don’t need it in the first place.

Why? Do they want thousands of trans in Palm Springs?
Why Trans
How stupid, unethical, discriminatory

Do I have to do anything other than declare that I am trans to get the money?
Can I also just declare that I am a resident of Palm Springs without actually living there?
I mean if we are talking about just saying stuff, I could use an extra $1,000 a month.

$1000 a month won’t even pay for gas in California.

When you subsidize something you get more of it.




The trans diagnosis for the mentally ill is just another in a long string of Fads perpetrated by mental health professionals and embraced by the woke

Many may remember the “surpressed memory syndrome” fad of the 1980’s.

Mentally ill patients were told by the psychatrists that the reason they were mentally ill was becasue they were sexually abused as children, but the abuse was so traumatic, they mentally ill respressed that memory. With the pyshcaratrists, those non existent sexual abuse events became vivid memories.

Transgender is just another variation of a long string of fads – unfortunately this does lasting damage

I would say fine do what you want that’s Federalism and an example of the laboratories of democracy in action. However, this program has a discriminatory intent and purpose. Why do big govt leftist d always seem to want to use the power of govt to exclude some while favoring others? IMO, the answer is because that’s who they are ideologically.

They don’t want to live and let live, instead they demand not tolerance for their follies but that we embrace them. If we dissent they are more than willing to use govt coercion and force to achieve their ends. It’s who they are and the sooner our leaders begin to frame their actions and agenda in recognition the better. See DeSantis and the Florida legislature for best example of how to win the fights ahead. Willingness to fight is important but winning the fight is much more important.

    Peabody in reply to CommoChief. | April 8, 2022 at 1:45 pm

    “Why do big govt leftist d always seem to want to use the power of govt to exclude some while favoring others?”

    That’s like asking, “Why is the devil evil?”

Massinsanity | April 8, 2022 at 1:17 pm

Had to look into city councilor Christy Holstege a bit just to try to understand what could make someone so crazy. From her website I learned that Palm Springs had the first “all LGBTQ city council in the country” of which she was a part. I found this surprising because she has a photo of herself with her husband and baby front and center on the website. She clarifies that however by declaring that she fits the B in the LGBT…. letter salad.

She also went to Stanford Law!

Nihilism lives in the Ca. desert.

I think most people would reconsider their sexual orientation for a grand a month.

Leftifornia loves to give away money.
Everyone needs to file as a Transgeder immediately, beat the rush.

chrisboltssr | April 8, 2022 at 2:29 pm

Slouching towards Gomorrah…then again we are already there.

    We have an established “ethical” religion that normalizes sacrifice (rites) of human life for social, redistributive, clinical, and fair weather causes. We have progressed past the threshold of salvation.

Trans/homos? Trans/bis? Trans/neos? The transgender spectrum?

healthguyfsu | April 8, 2022 at 2:42 pm

Seems unconstitutional on its face, just like discrimination based on race. This is on gender orientation.

    Ironclaw in reply to healthguyfsu. | April 8, 2022 at 3:52 pm

    Yeah, that was my take too.

    henrybowman in reply to healthguyfsu. | April 8, 2022 at 7:05 pm

    “We just write the stuff and let the courts worry about whether it’s constitutional.”

    I’d mark this /s, but it’s a paraphrase of an actual quote from an actual legislator:

    “There may be some question about the bill’s constitutionality. Fine, we’ll let the courts decide that.”
    –John McCain, 1996, re his Internet porn bill.

For some reason I thought it was transient people. I’m not woke enough yet.

All the talk about trannies and fluid reminded me that I had to be careful when changing the transmission fluid in my Dakota. It had to be type A because type F was intended for Fords and would damage a Torqueflite.

Messed up trannies then and now. Some things don’t change.

They’d be better off putting that money towards mental health facilities.

Paying for and celebrating aberrant behavior leads to more of it.