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Hamilton College Students Mock Jesus Right Before Easter

Hamilton College Students Mock Jesus Right Before Easter

“has upset some observers who argue anti-Christian sentiments fester at the small, New York-based private liberal arts institution”

What an awful thing to do. It’s easy to take shots at people’s faith, the hard thing to do is show some respect.

The College Fix reports:

Ahead of Easter, students mock Jesus, joke his semen provides ‘everlasting life’

A series of jokes and banners published and hung at Hamilton College recently has upset some observers who argue anti-Christian sentiments fester at the small, New York-based private liberal arts institution.

Most recently, a student satire publication called the Duel Observer published a mock article on campus newsstands during Holy Week that replaced Jesus Christ’s blood with his ejaculate then joked “it will still give us everlasting life.”

The satire piece ends with a description of an explosion that destroys the “Rosary Club,” the name of a real student group on campus.

On Tuesday, student athletes also hung a banner (pictured) in the dining hall advertising an upcoming tennis match that used for inspiration the Last Supper mural by Leonardo da Vinci.

The banner asks the campus if it likes eating “cock” for supper, possibly a reference to the rival team’s mascot, and appears to overlay images of student athletes and the coach in the place of the apostles and Jesus.

The Hamilton College student who provided the images to The College Fix is Devin Mendelson, 22, a senior at the school who founded the Rosary Club last November.

Mendelson said his club has upset some of his peers and campus leaders because of its strong defense of the unborn and traditional marriage. Administrators suspended his club’s email account for nearly three weeks in March, he said.

Reached by telephone Thursday, the college’s Senior Director of Media Relations Vige Barrie declined to comment to The College Fix. The Duel Observer also did not respond to an emailed request for comment.


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I wonder how many heads would roll (certainly figuratively, maybe literally) if they mocked Mohammad like they mocked Jesus.

OK, now, Mohammed: same topic.

What you’re seeing is conformist “non conformists” posing as “rebels.” When in fact they are just safely promoting the dominant campus culture.

Mocking Christianity and Christians on most American college campuses takes no courage at all; it is essentially a “me, me, me, me too!” statement.

Whereas proclaiming one’s Christian faith on these campuses requires quite a bit of courage (as the majority “rebels” will surely mock you).

The tune they’re singing is, “I’m a conformist ‘rebel’ just like all the other ‘rebels.’ This has been a popular tune for some time; I doubt it’s going out of style anytime soon. If only the adults on campus were capable of pointing out its essential phoniness …

    henrybowman in reply to Albigensian. | April 17, 2022 at 9:55 pm

    I’m sure this syndrome has been running since man came down from the trees, but I first became aware of it personally in the late ’60s, when collegians wore bluejeans to show they were “rebels.” The campus was one solid sea of bluejean conformity. Meanwhile, I, who didn’t own a piece of blue denim* until age 30 or so, and fresh out of a high school where we were expected to wear ties and sportcoats, got a lot of unwelcome commentary for wearing non-jeans pants and button-up shirts (ties occasionally, but only if I felt like it).

    *I always had a pair of brown industrial pants, technically denim, on hand for rough work use.

“students mock Jesus, joke his semen provides ‘everlasting life’”

“Why so can I, or so can any man.” — Hotspur (Shakespeare’s “Henry IV”)