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False Narratives About Race Week in Education

False Narratives About Race Week in Education

Your weekly report on education news.

The two stories below are worth comparing. In the first case, a student mob went nuts when Col. Allen West, who is black, was invited to speak on campus.

In this case, the police were targeted by student activists over the arrest of a black man, but bodycam footage cleared the police.

This obsession with race is unhealthy.

Of course, there are other big problems on campus, too.

It was a big week for legal cases.

Check this out.

What could go wrong?

This seems a bit extreme.

Free speech is still an issue for some reason.

Good for them.

That’s an impressive turn of events.

Is this even legal?


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How can you tell if narratives about race are false?

If it is put out by any one of the following:

1. The US Government
2. Any Democrat
3. Most outlets of News Media
4. Almost any school or university
6. BLM

My fingers are too tired to fill the rest in because the list goes up to 1,000,000.

    The white supremacy advocates in that photo above must have spent a lot of time in the sun.

    Joking aside: leftist schools are making insane Maoists out of young blacks and young white women. The white men? – They’ve been neutering them, and putting the rest in dresses.

    And they’re perverting the military as well. REALLY perverting the military. We won’t recognize it in 2 years.