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Democrats Plan To Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People To Nag Their Friends About Politics

Democrats Plan To Close Enthusiasm Gap By Paying People To Nag Their Friends About Politics

What can go wrong?

While it’s best not to get cocky, Democrats do seem to be heading for a disappointing midterm election in November.

Not only are they facing the usual swing that Americans historically prefer in keeping the Legislative and Executive branches in different parties, but Joe “I’m the Democratic Party” Biden is still sinking in poll after poll, and who knows how low he can go?  Unlike his two predecessors in the White House, he doesn’t have a base, so there really is no floor for him.

On top of an historically unpopular president, there is rampant inflation that doesn’t seem likely to abate in the foreseeable future, chaos at our Biden-opened border, the world on the brink of another world war, and the long list of culture war crazy the radical left is pushing in government, schools, and corporations.

From attempting to nationalize our elections to defunding the police to pushing racist ‘antiracism’ training to trying to legalize abortion until the moment of delivery to teaching sex and sexuality to K-3rd graders, the Democrats have completely lost the plot . . . and the support of the vast majority of American voters (including those they sent taxpayer money to).

But fear not!  They have plans to address the “real” problem, as they see it.  The “real” problem is messaging and getting out the vote.  Oh, never mind all that stuff about how they are losing support across all races, genders, and age groups (and whatever other bazillion identity boxes into which they try to define and confine us).  That’s only happening because the term “progressive” is the problem, not the policies themselves, those are fabulous.

Another area Democrats are concerned about is that not enough people love Democrats and want to champion their fabulous (but not ‘progressive’) policies to their friends and neighbors.

Well, Democrats have a solution for that problem, and it’s the same solution they have for all problems: throw money at it.  That’s right, they are going to pay people to talk to their friends, family, and neighbors about how great Biden and the Democrats are.

No, this is not the Bee.

Politico reports (archive link):

A group of Democratic strategists is trying to spread a novel organizing tactic in this year’s election. Technically, it’s called “paid relational organizing,” but it boils down to this: paying people to talk to their friends about politics.

Democrats think it helped them win the Senate in 2020 — and are hoping the get-out-the-vote strategy will help limit the pain of a brutal 2022 election environment.

. . . . In particular, the Ossoff team hired 2,800 Georgians, specifically targeting those with little or no voting history themselves to do this outreach to their own networks. The campaign was making a bet that many of the friends and family of their highly political volunteers were already engaged in the runoff election, but that this group could expand the electorate with relational outreach into their networks — which were likely to include more irregular voters or non-voters like them. The campaign folded this data into their vast field program, tracking conversations and whether those contacted had voted. They could even notify organizers, based on their own network, which voters were tagged as “only reachable by you.”

A post-election analysis found their efforts boosted turnout by an estimated 3.8 percent among the 160,000 voters targeted through their relational program. Ossoff and now-Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) won by 1.2 points and 2.1 points respectively, flipping the state and the Senate to Democrats.

Paying people to talk about Democrats is apparently all the rage on the left; there are groups of them organizing this desperation campaign all across the nation.

Politico continues:

The Progressive Turnout Project, another canvassing group, is putting $1 million behind a paid relational program in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada — top battleground states this fall. Red Wine and Blue, a group focused on organizing suburban moms, is also working with them on a volunteer relational program.

The Texas Democratic Party is rolling out a statewide volunteer relational program, called Connect Texas, giving every county party in the state access to those tools. They’re also piloting a small paid relational program. And in partnership with PDI, a progressive technology company, they’re also launching an app that allows campaigns and committees to use relational organizing for voter registration — a tool that lets volunteers or paid organizers check whether their family and friends are registered to vote, then help them sign up for it. It’s also customized for states that require voters to physically mail in their absentee ballot requests, like Texas.

This whole thing is just sad. This “relational organizing” is just astroturf, of course, but on a whole new level that involves political campaigns.

Relational organizing itself is not new, with a long history in community organizing movements. But incorporating it as a central feature of a political campaign is new. And reaching voters, especially less-likely voters, through trusted communicators is an especially important goal for Democrats this year, with the party facing a stiff midterm climate and a serious enthusiasm gap.

Nothing will close that enthusiasm gap like paying people to be enthusiastic. And stuff.

Remember the utter humiliation of Michael Bloomberg when it came out that his paid social media army were also (and more forcefully) supporting Bernie? That’s what happens when you have to pay for support, though; it’s as deep, authentic, infectious, and lasting as paid support can be.


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I will refer my obnoxious, willfully ignorant friends to Will Smith for a slapping.

He’s finally become useful.

The only relatives the Dems got out to vote in Georgia were the dead ones.

    I thought that, in fact, Trump suppressed Republican turnout in the Georgia Senate races. If true, he deserves a lot of the “credit” for Brandon’s policies being enacted. IMO the Republicans should offer a “next generation” choice like DeSantis, now age 43, in 2024 and, if things continue as they now are, Trump might be the only one then who could lose. His policies and what he delivered were very good, but his personality is what people voted on in 2020 and what will stick in their heads.

The Dems are down to basically one voter group: transexuals and they amount to less than 0.2% of voters. Even the LG of that alphabet group has been turned off by the Dem obsession with trannies. Same with NOW constituents (I would expect) are seeing their hard-won gains of equality with men being undermined by men posing as women.

Having lost so much ground with all of the major demographics, there just isn’t much left. They are even beginning to lose Hollywood.

Now we have to make sure that the GOP enablers are given their marching orders too. Trump is out there campaigning hard and giving big endorsements.

#meantweets2024! MAGA baby!!!!

That’s liberalism, nag nag nag.

While NO ONE is looking, dems are doubling down on their cheating techniques right now. This is the GOP’s usual routine- totally ignore the pre election cheating in vulnerable districts.

Washington State will be classic. The RINO SOC was tapped for the Biden admin, so no one is even going to be scrutinizing results.

Also the Seattle City Council… who can’t be voted out even if they literally murder someone asked the Seattle Police to run enforcement for shop lifting. They arrested about 49 and it seems barely any went to jail in this theatre (those who had felony warrants were the only ones taken out of circulation). The city council said that business owners had requested enforcement— so they did it.

NOTE- for 5 years they’ve been turning a deaf ear on those requests and now they run a little police theatre. WHY???? The reason is Washington’s state and congressional reps are vulnerable and party leaders are putting the smackdown on the city council to pretend to care about crime. There can be no other reason… because if they were serious they’d do a thousand things- not a big televised theatre on a single set of busts and no actual jail time (media is weak on covering that part).

They are vulnerable and in this likely 2022 purple state bet your ass Patty Murray and every dem rep west of the mountains is shitting her pants that the red wave could be stronger than their advisors are letting on. Bet your ass they are planning a big cheat- because Seattle and King County know how to do that… and the GOP is dumber and more useless than a box of rocks in stopping it.

    Don’t worry: McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and Rona Romney are…..

    Aw, never mind.

    Don’t be let down too bad if we don’t win in November as is being predicted. And if we do, and Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker and McConnell heads the Senate, don’t be let down too bad if they give everything right back to the Swamp.

henrybowman | April 9, 2022 at 6:33 pm

“This whole thing is just sad. This “relational organizing” is just astroturf, of course, but on a whole new level that involves political campaigns.”

Don’t underestimate the power of “community organizing.” I can think of one guy whose only lifetime achievement was community organizing, and we elected him president.

    “Community oganizers” are merely bag-men used by criminals much smarter than they are.

    Btw: Al Sharpton STILL owes FOUR MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS in back taxes.

    Like Hunter is to Biden, Sharpton is the ‘son’ Obama never had – as bag-men go.

    healthguyfsu in reply to henrybowman. | April 9, 2022 at 7:38 pm

    Community organizer was just the public-palatable term for crony Chicago thug politician with powerful handlers.

    That’s what got Obama elected….that and this idea that electing a Black guy no matter what he does it will be great for Black people. Look how that turned out for them. They did far better as a group under Trump, but you wouldn’t know it from the fraud schemes of BLM and Antifa. But hey, they got to buy their commemorative plates of “history”!

    I take your point, Henry, but this is not community organizing. This is attempting to make community organizers out of everyday Joes (and Joannes) who don’t give a flip about politics, elections, or Democrats. If they did, they wouldn’t be rare or never voters. Given the stellar performance of FJB, though, I’m pretty sure these people the Dems dig up, who never or only rarely bother to vote at all, will be super eager to trumpet Biden’s and Democrats’ success.

    Omg, can you even imagine the many ways these people play Democrats. Oh, sure, I spent all day with Aunt Sally, and I told her all about the Green New Deal. She’s never voted before, but she tells me she will now because of my informed discussion with her. I kept right to the talking points, too. You can bet on Aunt Sally to vote! So how do I get that check deposited to my account? Well, actually, Biden’s screwed everything up so bad, I just want cash. By the wheelbarrow full, if you please.

    I hope Dems sink buckets of money into this crazy. In fact, they should put all their eggs in the never or rarely voters’ persuasive abilities on people who have to decide if they want to fill up their gas tank or buy groceries.

      One thing I’m noticing is trolls showing up big time in crime watch / police watch groups.

      Granted where I live the liberals are weaponized morons when it comes to making excuses for criminals, but I’ve noticed the paid defenders of stupid anti-cop legislation are showing up citing how “safe” it is that police can’t pursue criminals.

      Since the new use-of-force legislation passed in Wa- crime state wide has sky rocketed. Once in a vehicle- those crooks no longer have to stop for police. They can literally flip them off, side swipe cars, run red lights and if it appears the won’t pull over the cops LITERALLY have to terminate the pursuit. W/out license plates- which are not gone from every sketchy car- there’s nothing to go on. So we have Seattle’s best citizens heading out to all neighboring areas and burning it up for a few days and then heading to a new city/county.

      Who are you going to believe- your lying eyes or a troll on FB telling you how awesome this new legislation is?

One thing that most ignore in celebrating Brandon’s low ratings is that Trump averaged little better. However, about the only constituencies Brandon has not turned off with explicit actions are criminals and transgender people, So, even with no polling, common sense tells you the Dems have a problem.

I’m confused. Didn’t the Obama campaign revolutionize GOTV efforts using social media? Why are they going back to old-fashioned word of mouth techniques?

The only thing I can think of is that they are just organizing the foot soldiers who will later pivot to physically intimidating people.

Only the best redistributive change that your capital… tax money can buy.

Leave it to the Dems to pay big money for something they get for free. It’s probably safe to assume that they have figured out a way to do it with taxpayer funding.

However, if you want to make sure nobody likes your message have it delivered by annoying, politically born-again neighbors and/or family members. Especially when the word gets out that they are being paid to do it.

No self-respecting conservative would still have democrat friends. So this plan really amounts to the dems preaching to their own choir.