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Campus Leftists Freak Out Over Ann Coulter Appearance at Indiana University Bloomington

Campus Leftists Freak Out Over Ann Coulter Appearance at Indiana University Bloomington

“Conservatism. Let’s Review the Evidence with Ann Coulter”

You have to give Ann Coulter some credit. She will show up anywhere to speak, even on a college campus. Famous comedians won’t even do that anymore.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Antifa was here’ message left as leftists attempted to silence Ann Coulter’s talk with students

Controversy sparked at Indiana University Bloomington when it was announced that Ann Coulter would be giving a talk on campus.

This information prompted individuals to rip down and deface posters advertising the event and attempt to prevent “conservative” students from attending.

The school’s Turning Point USA (TPUSA) chapter put up 5,000 flyers on campus to advertise the event, but according to photos obtained by Campus Reform, many were ripped down, covered by a flyer featuring communist imagery, or defaced.

One poster was replaced with a note reading “Antifa was here.”

The April 1 event “Conservatism. Let’s Review the Evidence with Ann Coulter” was organized by Turning Point USA and ISI Buckley Society, and according to the description, was about “the values and virtues of conservatism and the follies of the radical leftist dogma that has taken root at IU and so many other large universities.”

In a video obtained by Campus Reform, Administrative Assistant to the Dean Maggie Pearson took down dozens of posters advertising the event.

“You’re only allowed to have one,” she said when confronted by a TPUSA chapter member. “That’s a general rule at this facility. You can go up and talk to the dean, I’m the dean’s secretary.”

When asked if that policy is posted anywhere, she responded “No, it’s not,” and when pressed on the matter she said, “They don’t feel like they have to post it.”


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Do you think they are reacting to her political viewpoint or to the fact that she is a Cornell alumna?

“many were ripped down, covered by a flyer featuring communist imagery, or defaced.”

That’s called book-burning, kids.
Who burns books?
That’s right. Nazis.

I earned two degrees from IU in the 1970s and was a lifetime Alumni Association member. When they started going woke, it concerned me. The final straw was when they decided to strip the name of David Starr Jordan, a former university president, from campus buildings and other places because he had been a eugenicist in the late 1800s (yes, you read that century correct). Who cares about the contributions he made to the university that led to his name being all over campus! I have since severed all ties with the university and am happy I made that decision when I read this kind of stuff. IU today bears no resemblance to the place I attended.

If you can’t debate, get irate!

Temper tantrums from petulant, spoiled children. They couldn’t debate her on the facts if they had any.

Since when does a glorified secretary get to decide school policy?

Maggie has self-promoted herself to petty bureaucrat. If that is the rule about posting, make her enforce it for EVERYBODY then. And codify it into policy, not her say-so.

Administrative Assistant sure is a fancy title for the person who makes copies. What are the odds that her name is Karen as well.

if you want to contact Ms. Pearson @ Indiana U.

Phone: (812) 855-1432
Email: [email protected]

IU–where the clerical workers set policy.