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SUNY Brockport Invites Convicted Cop-Killer to Speak on Campus

SUNY Brockport Invites Convicted Cop-Killer to Speak on Campus

“spent 50 years behind bars for murdering two officers”

Every time someone like Ben Shapiro or Ann Coulter sets foot on a college campus, students go haywire. But this is acceptable. This is fine.

Campus Reform reports:

Students are ‘appalled’ that their university labels cop-killer a ‘political prisoner,’ invites him to speak

SUNY Brockport is slated to host an “intellectual conversation” with convicted cop-killer, Jalil Muntaqim, describing him as a “political prisoner” after he spent 50 years behind bars for murdering two officers.

SUNY Brockport sophomore Maddie Boyce, who has a family history in law enforcement, told Campus Reform that she was “appalled” when she heard about the event.

“I just don’t understand how bringing a murderer onto campus will be productive in any sort. It makes me sick to my stomach knowing this man is receiving such praise, support, and recognition by this campus despite his horrible actions. I can’t support that at all,” she said.

The Apr. 6 event is titled “History of Black Resistance, U.S. Political Prisoners & Genocide: A Conversation with Jalil Muntaqim,” and according to the event webpage, “partial funding was received from the [Promoting Excellence in Diversity] PED Grant of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.”

However, the school’s Chief Diversity Officer, Damita Davis, sent out a March 16 memo to the student body, obtained by Campus Reform, noting that the school has “received new information” regarding the PED Grant awarded to allow one of SUNY Brockport’s faculty members to bring Jalil Muntaqim to campus.

“As a result,” she wrote, “the committee has rescinded the grant and no funding will be used to pay the speaker. We are not, however, cancelling the event.”

“Effective immediately, we will be pausing the PED grant program while a thorough review and revision of the grant application process can take place,” Davis concluded.


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