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Fighting Back Week In Education

Fighting Back Week In Education

All the education news you may have missed

The American university system is in self-destruct mode.

Why would anyone go to community college when they can get into four-year colleges and universities with bad grades, bad or no test scores, and thinking that 2 + 2 = yellow?

“Creating equity” by purposefully being explicitly racist. What can go wrong?

Virtue-signalling is still all the rage among the leftist white elite.

There can be no reasonable objection to biological males competing in women’s sports. Or something.

Stating the obvious is also an ‘offensive’ ‘microaggression.’

The future does not look bright for America’s legal system.

Fighting back.


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This is the Man

This looks as much like a “how we lost further ground” list as it does “fighting back”.

We can’t even get students to get the same punishment for same offense.

We have only just started using our only tool (government) and even then it is only in a handful of states. Hopefully some day this will be a list dominated by victories instead of by the dreadful news of how badly are losing the culture war.