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U. Michigan Anti-Racism Adviser Claims Whites are Oppressing the Campus Multicultural Center

U. Michigan Anti-Racism Adviser Claims Whites are Oppressing the Campus Multicultural Center

“made him feel like safe spaces were not being respected on campus”

Reverse the races and imagine how this would be received. People would lose their minds.

The College Fix reports:

UMich anti-racism advisor: Whites ‘colonizing,’ ‘oppressing’ campus multicultural center

An advisor to the University of Michigan student government wrote a letter to the school’s Board of Regents last month complaining that a campus multicultural center is being “colonized” and “oppressed” by white students.

Byron Brooks, a graduate student in social work and education and an advisor to the school’s Anti-Racism Commission, states in his letter that after “observing campus conditions and hosting listening tours,” an issue of “inequity” has become evident: white students are “crowding” students of color who are seeking a safe campus space.

Brooks notes the Trotter Multicultural Center began as Trotter House, a cultural center for black students. But now, “the very students who fought for Trotter’s inception are being oppressed through the power and privilege that is embedded within our community.”

He continues: “In my two semesters of being a student here on campus, not only have I been informed by fellow students but, I have witnessed with my own eyes, white student organizations kicking black and brown students out of spaces within trotter [sic] because their white organizations reserved the space. It’s time that we as The Michigan Community transform our Air into Action, and uphold the values of equity by protecting, and reestablishing Trotter as a safe space for people of color.”

Brooks told The Michigan Daily that the incursion of white students into Trotter “made him feel like safe spaces were not being respected on campus,” and that whites’ occupation disregarded the “sacredness” of the center.

The aspiring “hip-hop preacher” says the Board of Regents “should enforce respect” for the Trotter Center and similar spaces.

University spokeswoman Kim Broekhuizen said UMich is a national leader “in promoting an inclusive campus climate” and that Trotter serves all students on campus: “Trotter does not discriminate against who can use the facility.”

Broekhuizen pointed out that minority student organizations get “first priority for reservations” at Trotter. When that deadline passes, any student group can then reserve a spot.


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Put simply, this guy is advocating for segregated spaces at the college. He makes the point, using current woke language, that “Colored folks feel more comfortable when they’re with their own kind,” an old quote from George Corley Wallace.

Segregationists of different eras make strange bedfellows.

So the multi-cultural center gives minority groups first dibs on reserving a space, but the rules say that once a certain date is passed, the space is open to anyone to reserve…..AND THIS IS A PROBLEM????? Real life is going to be incredibly difficult for these pansies when they realize it’s a real competition out there. I sure hope this attitude is an “outlier” and not the norm.

But… but…
Did they go out to lunch?

George_Kaplan | March 22, 2022 at 7:11 pm

Seems like Brooks defines equity as non-Whites having spaces and buildings reserved for their exclusive use with Whites not permitted access even if they aren’t being used.

Isn’t this basically just Jim Crow?

    henrybowman in reply to George_Kaplan. | March 24, 2022 at 12:20 am

    And worse. The simple fact of whites being able to access a “safe space” results in shared(?) hallucinations of “oppression.”

    Simply because those people are white!
    That’s racism, isn’t it?

    Even bellwether blacks like Jesse Jackson know this is pure bullshit:
    “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”

    Relieved. Not threatened.
    According even to Jesse Jackson, threatened requires blacks. Even blacks know it.

    Stop pretending to be victims, crybullies. Payback is going to be some bitch.

A graduate student in social work and education. Professional student with no serious career path.

The nobility aren’t getting their proper due.

“No taxation without representation!”

How about if you want an exclusive “multicultural” space, only those who have full access should have to pay for it?

What exactly does one say when, “Inclusion” has come to mean “exclusion”?