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House Floor Mask Requirements Lifted Just in Time for Biden’s SOTU

House Floor Mask Requirements Lifted Just in Time for Biden’s SOTU

It’s so weird how the science changes with polling numbers.

Congress lifted the mask requirement on the House floor on Monday, the day before Biden gives his State of the Union.

I’m laughing. SCIENCE!

The members who attend must have a COVID test before entering the chambers. The mask is optional.

Pelosi instilled strict mask rules in July 2021. She threatened to have the Capitol police arrest house staffers and visitors who break the mask mandate. She fined House members who did not wear a mask on the floor.

In early February, Pelosi threatened to remove SOTU attendees who did not abide by the social distancing and mask rules.

But now it’s okay…because Biden’s polling reflects the crap job he has done across the board.

The science, though. The science! Leslie blogged about the CDC changing its mask guidelines. Everyone knows the CDC changed the guidelines to provide cover for Biden’s awful presidency.

It’s never been about science. It’s always been about politics. Politico admitted the Democrats’ change of heart on masks is a farce.

Now Biden can attempt to take a victory lap like the one he tried to do on July 4th. Optics:

Seating for Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress, last April, was capped at about 200 — about 20% of usual capacity for a presidential presentation — and White House aides fretted that a repeat would be a dissonant image from the message the president aimed to deliver to the American people.

“I think you’re going to see it look much more like a normal state of the union than the president’s joint address,” White House chief of staff Ron Klain said Saturday. “It’s going to look like the most normal thing people have seen in Washington in a long time.”


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Yeah. Biden thinks this is special. Except he telegraphed the plot months ago. Biden’s brain is a moron. This reeks of Susan Rice.

We should have a mole in the cloakroom handing out “Let’s Go Brandon” masks at the chamber entrance.

“The Science” catches up to science, based on political polling.

This is political science not science at wotk

For over a hundred years, the SotU used to be a mere letter delivered to Congress, and read on the floor of the House. Rush Limbaugh correctly called the modern incarnation ‘the state of the union show.’ I wonder if Pelosi will tear up Biden’s speech as she did for Trump?


Comanche Voter | February 28, 2022 at 1:50 pm

Dagnabit! I had planned to tune into Slow Joe’s first SOTU tomorrow night. I figured I’d be rolling on the floor laughing my posterior off as Joe solemnly intoned that he had personally whipped the corona virus. He did it just like he’d stomped on Ol Cornpop. And he’d say that to an audience of 535 or so political chimpanzees all masked up per Madame Pelosi’s instructions.

Well the bloom is off the laughing rose now—but I’ll still watch to see if the old geezer can stumble bumble his way through a teleprompter speech long after his “lid” time.

    He’s gonna tell how he whipped Putin single-handed and made the world a safer place with nothing but peace and prosperity in our future as we drive electric cars and eat chocolate icecream cones on the way to the post office to drop off our mail in ballots.

Well, clearly science has a liberal bias, just like reality does. /sarc

Enough with the unscientific lunacy. The FDA and CDC need a good, thorough house-cleaning.

The single greatest demonstration that the so-called ‘science’ behind masking was bullshit from day 1.

It was never anything other than a way to DEMAND that people remember the horrible crisis they were under, because if they weren’t forced to wear masks they might not even realize it was happening.

Masks, PARTICULARLY the insane cloth masks, have been a fucking joke from day 1, and any ‘scientist’ that claimed otherwise was an idiot or a liar.

    MattMusson in reply to Olinser. | March 1, 2022 at 2:47 pm

    Captain Kirk asks Dr. McCoy, when the Pandemic will finally be over?

    McCoy replies, “Damn it, Jim. I’m a Doctor, not a politician!”

2 masks, clearly 2 masked was always key,
Really loved all the plastic shields at the grocery store and everywhere else really

They all should go to jail for murder

After TWO years of MASK, MASK, and more damn masks it is very damn convenient for Demoncrats nationwide to drop MASKS. I believe it will be proven soon that Demoncrats, NIH, CDC, and big pharma paid the chi-coms to manufacture COVID and release it worldwide.

The most likely reason why Brandon is ending the mask mandate:

The voyage itself is the most powerful effect of the convoy and it is due to arrive at DC in time to send the message before the SOTU. Ignore this message at your own peril.

When is Putin going to vaporize DC already?

Oh – and wear your mask.

a good response from Republicans would be to be fully masked at the SOTU. after all, they would say, they didn’t see any new studies that would justify changing anything.

Sotomayor, btw, will probably be there double-masked, but she has the justification of having a crippled immune system.

What accomplishments can Biden possibly talk about at SOTU?

In just 13 short months,
-We went from a secure border to chaos.
-We went from stable consumer goods prices to record inflation.
-We went from safe cities to record crime.
-We went from energy independence to Biden begging OPEC to increase production and nearly $5 per gallon gasoline.

More importantly, we watch the evilness of the Democrats’ agenda unfold as they methodically attack and erode our personal liberties.

Lastly, no need to point out the details of Biden’s foreign policy, just say the names of two policy disasters: Kabul, Afghanistan and Kiev, Ukraine. People will know.

If braindead Joe doesn’t poop his drawers he will ramble on mostly incoherently and compare Putin to his Corn pop story, FJB/LGB !

Is it wrong to hope that “the big guy”, along with most of Congress, catch a fatal case of Covid?

It may be, but few can question that we need to replace Congress and the presidency with people who haven’t been in D.C. for 30, 40 and 50 years.