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Did CDC Revise Mask Guidelines to Help Mask Biden’s Failing Presidency?

Did CDC Revise Mask Guidelines to Help Mask Biden’s Failing Presidency?

As Biden craters in recent polls, he bitterly clings to covid.

By nearly every metric imaginable, Biden is failing miserably as he is poised to give his first State of the Union address.

How bad is it for Biden? He is underwater even in deep blue California.

In California—a state that Biden won with 63.5 percent in 2020—a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll published on February 16 has found that 48 percent of residents disapprove of Biden, while 47 percent approve of the job he’s doing.

The UC Berkeley poll was conducted from February 3 to 10 among 8,937 California registered voters and had an estimated margin of error of +/-2 percent.

So in preparation for his first SOTU, Biden is clinging to the one policy that initially had wide voter support: His handling of the coronavirus pandemic. As I noted in an earlier post, the address will likely note that the administration will now transition to a “endemic response” approach and declare victory over covid.

Seemingly to that end, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is revising masking guidelines.

The agency is using different metrics than before to determine whether to recommend face coverings, the CDC said in a Friday news briefing.

Under the old guidelines, masks were recommended for people living in communities of substantial or high transmission, which applied to roughly 95% of U.S. counties.

The new guidance will consider hospitalizations, current beds occupied by COVID patients and hospital capacity, in addition to caseloads. The metrics would put more than half of U.S. counties – where more than 70% of Americans live – in areas of low or medium risk, according to the CDC data.

Unfortunately for school children, masking will still be the order of the day . . . unless you live in a free state like Florida or Virginia. And air travelers will still have to mask up.

The agency is still advising people, including schoolchildren, to wear masks where the risk of COVID-19 is high. That’s the situation in about 37% of U.S. counties, where about 28% of Americans live.

The new recommendations do not change the requirement to wear masks on public transportation and indoors in airports, train stations and bus stations. The CDC guidelines for other indoor spaces aren’t binding, meaning cities and institutions even in areas of low risk may set their own rules. And the agency says people with COVID-19 symptoms or who test positive shouldn’t stop wearing masks.

It is being reported that the White House put pressure on the CDC to alter the terms of its response ahead of Tuesday’s speech.

Is this true? Let’s just say that the data is suggestive.

The White House has been eager for the CDC to provide an update on its indoor mask recommendation, although it wants the agency to get it right and it doesn’t want to appear as though it is putting political pressure on the agency, said the two people familiar with the plans, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly.

The White House declined to comment on the issue, and the CDC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, states are slowly extracting themselves from ‘The Science’™.

When President Donald Trump gave the State if the Union address, I made an evening out of it and watched intently. I am going to give this dreadful event a pass, but I will look forward to all the memes, gifs, and videos that will likely be generated.


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Is water wet?? The midterms are coming and there is NO metric showing a DNC upside.

My answer to the question posed in the article title is simply- YES.

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | February 26, 2022 at 4:57 pm

As they have done with everything, the left has turned the so-called “public health” agencies into purely political creatures. This was obvious with the FDA’s approval (out of nowhere) of Pfizer’s Cominarty anti-Wuhan shot, which they still refuse to even try to justify with any public data. The CDC has been even worse in the politicization. Leftists do this with everything because leftists don’t care about anything. Everything a leftist sees is nothing more than a tool for him to take down our society in his nihilistic drive to make us pay for his sad, empty, meaningless existence.

Since we KNOW it’s not based on science, why else?

To the stupid, the ignorant, the mentally ill and the corrupt: ANYTHING helps this incompetent corrupt parasite’s standing.

Of course the CDC revised mask guidelines. The science didn’t change, but the political environment did……

That was my guessing this morning to my wife

Of course. Just as they killed hundreds of thousands to unseat Trump by not letting doctors treat Covid as any other respiratory virus: with strong anti-inflammatory therapeutics, proven methods to reduce upper and lower tract viral loads, anti-virals, steroids, nutritional immunity enhancement etc.

It would have been his second SOTU Address if they has been able to train him to use his earpiece and sorted his meds out last year. I am waiting with tainted breath (a few vodka martinis all ready lined up and ready to go).

Dems have their talking points that their illiterate base is pushing out as if from heaven above. Of course their base has a total IQ of purple, but they are very good useful idiots for them. Check out their talking points at the link.

On Feb 17th, the NM governor lifted our indoor mask mandate but allowed school districts to decide for themselves. Now we’ve got angry, angry, leftists who want it reinstated and are still walking around with masks. When I go to the grocery store, there might be a half a dozen (including me) people without masks and everyone else is glaring at us.

They didn’t really change anything, the two places where mask mandates are most intrusive, mass transportation and medical buildings, still have a CDC mandate despite the CDC itself admitting masks have only trivial effect on covid. In most states people aren’t masking up in stores and restaurants so the CDC dropping mask recommendations in those places is a no-op.