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Dem. Rep. Bowman Caught Maskless at New York School

Dem. Rep. Bowman Caught Maskless at New York School

I am so tired of the hypocrisy and these people acting like their advice and rules do not apply to them. You’re no better than the regular people.

First, we had Stacey Abrams flaunting her ability to ignore her own advice and a city’s mask mandate.

Now we have Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman caught without a mask posing for a close photo with masked high schoolers on January 31. The school district did not publish the picture until February 3.

New York state has a public school mask mandate.

I cannot even with these people. I haven’t seen an excuse from Bowman.

But like Abrams, he cannot say that he took off the mask for the photo because why force the kids to keep on their masks? It makes no sense.

It makes no sense for these kids to even wear masks.

The criticism also has nothing to do with Bowman’s race or Black History Month. Look at what he tweeted on February 2 just a few days after he posed for the picture.

Give me a break. I’m also tired of these people using my autoimmune disorders to push their agenda. I do not care if you wear a mask around me, especially now that I’ve had my vaccines. Leave us out of this. We can protect ourselves.

It gets better. He posed for a picture without a mask at the Westchester Jewish Council Gala on February 5.

If you care so much about not spreading or catching COVID then social distance.


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Regulations for thee but not for me-this is a cardinal rule of the woke world

See, the point of this whole mask thing is not for us to be protected from one another, it’s for them to be protected from us, the great germy masses. Important people don’t have to be masked so long as the help remains masked at all times. (Refresh our drinks, faceless nobodies.)

The left knows those face diapers are just a symbol of subservience.

It’s not hypocrisy. It’s hierarchy, they said.

rather obvious from the lead photo how uncomfortable those four young women are to be around that thug

ABSOLUTELY no relation.

It makes no sense because it doesn’t need to, it’s a badge of Leftism. You wear it your afraid and have bought in.

Everyone realizes this mask mandate crap is a big, horrible joke that does absolutely nothing.

Remember the pre-9/11 days when you would go to the airport, and as you were checking in, you would get asked “the 3 questions”….ya know….like “sir, did you pack your own bags?”……all to stop terrorists? This is what masks have become….the airport 3 questions. Dumb.