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China Reportedly Years Ahead of U.S. On Hypersonic Missiles With Heat-Seeking Technology

China Reportedly Years Ahead of U.S. On Hypersonic Missiles With Heat-Seeking Technology

“Warfare could be transformed by hypersonic missiles able to search for, identify and lock on to targets based on heat signature.”

China claims to have achieved a major breakthrough in hypersonic weaponry by adding heat-seeking capabilities to its missiles, the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post reported Friday. “Warfare could be transformed by hypersonic missiles able to search for, identify and lock on to targets based on heat signature,” the newspaper added.

The U.S. military is yet to develop heat-seeking technology for its hypersonic missiles, news reports suggest. “Heat sensing at hypersonic speed is difficult because the pace of the missile itself generates heat that interferes with detection systems,” the British newspaper Telegraph explained.

The news comes as the Russian state media also announced the successful testing of its hypersonic missiles. “Russia test-fired around 10 new Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missiles from a frigate and two more from a submarine, Interfax news agency said on Friday citing northern fleet,” the Reuters reported on Friday.

The South China Morning Post reported China’s latest military breakthrough:

Chinese scientists say they have developed next-generation hypersonic weapons with technical breakthroughs in infrared homing technology – which the US military may not have until 2025.

Heat-seeking capability allows Chinese hypersonic missiles to home in on almost any target – including stealth aircraft, aircraft carriers and moving vehicles on the street – with unprecedented accuracy and speed, according to the researchers.

The first generation of hypersonic weapons were designed to penetrate missile defence systems and hit fixed targets on the ground at five times the speed of sound or faster. Although China and Russia had deployed some hypersonic missiles, a popular opinion elsewhere was that these weapons had little practical value unless a country wanted to start a nuclear war.

But conventional warfare could be transformed by a hypersonic missile being able to search for, identify and lock on to a target based on its heat signature when flying at low altitudes where the air is thicker, said the Chinese researchers, from the hypersonic infrared homing programme at the National University of Defence Technology.

Hypersonic weapons are faster, more maneuverable, and harder to detect compared to conventional missiles. “By definition, hypersonic missiles travel at a speed of about Mach 5 or higher, meaning one mile per second, which is five times the speed of sound,” U.S. weekly Defense News explained. “The missile design allows for more maneuverability to avoid missile defense systems.”

In August, China alarmed U.S. military planners by reportedly testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile. London’s Financial Times, the newspaper which broke the story, noted that the Chinese hypersonic missile, “flew through low-orbit space” and may be able to “negate” the U.S. missile defense systems.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, described the Chinese revelations ‘close’ to a Sputnik moment, a reference Soviet Union’s launch of the first earth-orbiting satellite at the height of the Cold War in 1957.

This year, the Pentagon carried out a series of hypersonic weapons tests, but China and Russia seems to be ahead in the race. “The U.S. was once a leader in developing supersonic and hypersonic technology, but we’ve now fallen behind Russia, China and possibly North Korea,” the CNBC reported on Friday.

The mainstream media, now stunned by these Chinese advancements, had ridiculed President Donald Trump for stressing the need for hypersonic technology to match Chinese capabilities. Leading media outlets, including the New York Times, mocked the former president for mispronouncing the missile as “hydrosonic” and for calling it “super duper” fast.

General Milley: China’s hypersonic missile test close to a “Sputnik Moment.”


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Trump gave the military billions what did they do with it? Transgender studies
Idiots and a$$hats
They will be responsible for Americas demise

Another While We Slept moment.

    More like: “While we continued to vote-in GOP hacks “.

    The American government has devolved into nothing more than a gigantic organized crime organization, with its FBI, Antifa and BLM goons.

      And malignant immature ignoramuses like this are in the highest offices of our government:

      Alexandra Cortez: “If Republicans are mad they can’t date me they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet.”

        Pasadena Peabody in reply to | January 1, 2022 at 6:42 pm

        You can’t blame Biden. He was sleeping too. I think he sleeps 23 hours a day.

          I don’t care if he sleeps 24 hours a day; he is the “president,” and yes, he is to blame. That’s just how it works. The puppeteers are not blamed; he’s the “big guy.” All blame goes to him, as it rightly should.

          Pasadena Peabody in reply to Pasadena Peabody. | January 1, 2022 at 7:31 pm


          Biden is president of the United States in that he was sworn in and it’s official. But he is not president in the usual sense of being in control and making decisions. He is not mentally fit to be president and he cannot handle the job. Any perception that he is, is an illusion. His body is the “Big Guy”. His mind is the little teeny weeny guy. Bwhaaaaha!

          “And he’s oh, so fine. And he’s oh, so healthy. In his body and his mind.”

          Well, maybe not his mind.

          I agree. And that changes what I said how?

          Pasadena Peabody in reply to Pasadena Peabody. | January 1, 2022 at 8:39 pm

          reply to FuzzyWuzzySlippers

          Well, we’ve established that Biden is not mentally competent. Now it’s up to you to show that mentally imcompetent people can be held accountable.

          We’ve established that Biden is not in control, that he doesn’t make decisions. You agree. And that changes everything.

          You lost me at “FuzzyWuzzySlippers.”

      This is silly, Fine. Yes, the deep state is real; yes, the FBI is completely compromised; and yes, there is real reason for alarm. However, dismantling that will take just a few bills passed by a Republican Congress and signed into law by a Republican president. As to antifa and BLM, they can only operate in Dem-run cities; they have tried their crap in red cities and states and been run out of town (often hilariously). I don’t cringe at the thought of antifa or BLM, but I live in Free Florida. If I lived in a blue state or city, I’d be terrified of them because I couldn’t protect myself from them and they’d be out on the street within an hour. Not so in my county or state. These pukes are criminals here and don’t stand a chance.

        Passing laws? Fine. But who will enforce them? The Deep State?

          I’m sort of thinking of a law that would make it easier to fire federal employees. And another that would make it possible to just gut the whole damned thing. Heck, I would cut entire alphabet agencies, starting with the Department of Education. Gone. Buh-bye. Oh, do we really need fifty-eleven intel agencies? Nope. Slash, cut, gone. Do we really need a complicated tax code that requires billions of dollars to oversee and enforce? Nope. IRS gone. Some new agency installed that oversees tax collection that is fair to all (a set rate for all, no loopholes, no crazy). I could go on.

          The federal government is not set in stone, it has grown and morphed and become insane. But it is not set in stone and can be cut to the bare bones with ease .. . by someone with political will and a trifecta (WH, both houses of Congress) and a mandate for decimating the absolute crazy in our federal government, sending all such powers back where they belong, to the states.

          It can be done, but it takes political will. And gigantic patriotic cojones.

          I agree: the corruption is too far gone. Voting can NEVER be trusted again because of the absurdity of ‘voting machines; as well as the USPS involvment in any mail-in balloting.

          MTG is getting on the bandwagon of what I have been saying all along: the national divorce. We’d e SO much better off.

Well, our govt is bent on nothing besides robbing us blind. They are doing that nicely with no real need for military advancement.

Pasadena Peabody | January 1, 2022 at 5:21 pm

China hasn’t invented anything new since gunpowder. But thousands of Chinese students are coming here to take our knowledge back to China. And for the last 50 years western technology and financing has been going there and we have built thousands of modern factories and raised that backward country from the dark ages. And now they are eager to take over the world.

    And enough Americans – rich and poor – are eager to literally commmit treason and sell themselves to the communists.

    It’s all over but the counting. And the national ‘divorce’, if we’re in time to pull it off without bloodshed.

    scooterjay in reply to Pasadena Peabody. | January 1, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    We have financed our demise.
    Wait til they pop out the invasion tunnels.

    Frankly I don’t buy the narrative that anything going 3600 miles an hour is
    “very maneuverable.” The turning radius has be about several hundred miles at that speed and equipped with infrared sensors? Can you imagine the range it would have to detect at in order to make a turn in time to hit it? Not to mention, the frictional heat generated on the missile going at that speed would totally wash out any faint infrared source hundreds of miles away…. No, I do not buy it for a second. The Communists are gaslighting again.

    And do not doubt for a second we have hypersonic weapons as well and we dont brag about it to the public.

    These outlandish claims are a load of hooie.

      Bruce Hayden in reply to VotingFemale. | January 2, 2022 at 9:31 am

      Turning radius for the manned SR-71 was small states at half that speed. Two ways to turn such missiles: aerodynamically with control surfaces or with maneuvering rockets. Both are decently mature technologies.

      What’s the purpose of such a missile? Only thing that makes sense is an aircraft carrier. What other highly mobile, high value, targets do we have? The purpose of the speed is that our nuclear carriers can move quite a distance from the time that a missile is launched. And the problem for the Chinese is that if they take out one carrier, they may survive, but we won’t be seriously damaged. Two or more carriers, and it is likely, even under Biden, that they would face nuclear retaliation, where we have many more missiles and warheads than they do.

      The Chinese, on the other hand do not have any serious mobile high value targets. They have a single aircraft carrier, that is still not fully operation, and they have no experience operating, and esp not at a wartime tempo. Contrast that with the US, that has hundreds of years of operating carriers (we had built over 100 by the end of WW II).

      What’s the best counter to this sort of weapon? Probably something that moves even faster. A decade ago, we were looking at both magnetic rail guns and lasers. The former actually work, but seem to have been abandoned, after initial seaboard installation and testing, in favor of high powered lasers, which are in sea trials of at least a second generation of devices. This generation appear to have sufficient power to destroy, or at least serious effect the flight characteristics of incoming missiles, but the next generation, with maybe twice the power, is the one that will likely be the one deployed to our fleets. Lasers have the advantage that they have a low marginal cost to operate, so can also be utilized against swarming low value targets.

Those first couple words, “China claims …”

Do we have any reason at all to believe they have actually done some small portion of what they claim? And, whether they can do what they say or not, what do they hope to achieve by talking about it publicly?

Or, since this is China, who are they trying to intimidate? (Hint: It can’t be Biden. He’s not even there.)

Why would the Leftists want to be able to confront the PRC militarily. They are de facto allies. They look at the CCP social credit system and love it so much they see COVID as a golden opportunity to implemen it here. Hell, CCP ranking members can openly brag at symposia that they have operatives at the highest places in the U.S. government and the DoJ is uninterested in that information but when the NSBA claims parents are domestic terrorists they can’t jump on that issue fast enough. So apparently the CCP brag is true. See Joe “the big guy” Biden. “10% for the big guy” is actually one of those on the payroll.

To be honest: I am far less worried about what the Chinese military will do to the US military than I am about what the US military is lusting to do to US citizens.

SecDef Lloyd Austin and the rest of the woke Potemtagon have made no secret of their desire to launch a race war against ”white nationalists” (read: anyone who does not bow the knee to Karl Marx). Frankly that is a more immediate concern.

Come on. Is there any evidence for this aside from the claims made in the Chinese press? Free hint: countries don’t brag about bleeding-edge military technologies while they’re still being developed.

Why is milley concerned about the chinese? I mean isn’t he such a big buddy that he calls our enemies to let them know if we’re going to press the nuke button?
Why isn’t he swinging from a noose for that?

    Hillary Clinton is not swinging from a noose. There has been no one in US history more corrupt and more treasonous than her.

    She is the standard for the two-tiered justice system that the equally treasonous William Barr and Jeff Sessions took such pains to preserve.

At least our troops can spot “whit rage”

Uhh, taking out an aircraft with a hypersonic anything is a silly idea. At those speeds, you lose all maneuverability. ie. You can’t turn easily. They’re great against fixed targets that can’t maneuver, but useless against low speed targets that can turn effectively. Ships might be vulnerable under some circumstances, though. I’ll keep any further analysis out of this discussion since I don’t think it helps our security to publish it.