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Beto Raises $7.2 Million in First 6 Weeks of Texas Gubernatorial Campaign

Beto Raises $7.2 Million in First 6 Weeks of Texas Gubernatorial Campaign

Where the money is coming from has yet to be disclosed.

Former Rep. Robert O’Rourke, failed presidential candidate has raised over $7 million in his first few weeks of his bid for Texas Governor.


Democrat Beto O’Rourke said Tuesday that his campaign for Texas governor raised $7.2 million in the first six weeks of a race that could wind up as one of the nation’s most expensive in 2022.

The announcement, made on the deadline in Texas for campaigns to submit their latest finance reports, is an early marker of whether O’Rourke can remain a fundraising powerhouse in his latest comeback after failed bids for the U.S. Senate and president.

Abbott, who is running for a third term, has yet to publicly report his latest figures but as of last summer was sitting on more than $55 million.

O’Rourke raised $80 million in his 2018 Senate campaign — at the time a record for that office — but his donors will not be confined this time by federal campaign finance laws, since Texas has no limits on individual contributions.

Where the money is coming from has yet to be disclosed.

When Beto ran for Texas Senate (a bid I strongly believe was to build an infrastructure for this run and not to win), he raised a ton of money off the line from California and New York. Then the fundraising dried up. Beto ultimately lost to incumbent Senator Cruz.

He also raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign, which ended predictably.

It’s still early, but Real Clear Politics has current Texas Governor Abbot up by almost 8 points over Beto.

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Let him waste all of the money he raises. Given how poorly the administration and both houses of Congress have performed, there is no way this schlub gets anywhere in Texas.

Donations from California and New York don’t equate to votes from Texans.

    henrybowman in reply to Chewbacca. | January 19, 2022 at 7:25 pm

    They do if they come from Katonah.

    Ghostrider in reply to Chewbacca. | January 19, 2022 at 8:12 pm


    The millions pay for the scamming votes late into the night.

    Then why are Texas Republicans always in CA begging for money?

      I understand it must be soul-crushing to watch your beautiful state get overrun by progressive loons. But you really should consider changing your moniker to “Pasadena Chip” since you have such a massive chip on your shoulder about Texas. Your Texas rants are beginning to sound a bit unhinged.

        Texas is also being taken over by the same progressive loons the same way we were taken over and for the same reasons. Wake up! And I want to see you make the same comment to the Texans on this site who feel obliged to attack us CA voters for “voting for these loons” when every time the issues were on the ballot, we voted correctly and our voters were overruled. Enough already! Think of something else! Or better yet, STFU!

        It would help to have Republicans on the ballot so we could vote for them but…?????? What is Texas’s excuse for the most open of open borders, their Soros AGs and nothing but sanctuary cities? It’s not VA, it’s YOU!

          Sorry, but “STFU” has never worked very well on me.

          I think the primary complaint from Texans is “don’t move out of that progressive hellhole (that you helped create) and then bring your stupid-ass politics to my red state and fuck it up too.” I’m pretty sure that nobody on this site is going to mistake YOU personally for a prog voter; I know I never have. Now, if you’re personally identifying with those CA voters who ARE “voting for these loons” then maybe I should reconsider my view of your conservative bona fides.

          Regarding the “most open of borders” I’m not sure that’s true, although it is certainly WAY too open. In this regard California has it easy… a tiny strip of border to worry about in a relatively densely populated area. Why has this problem festered? Well, that pesky Constitution does say that this is the Federal Governments responsibility, so there is that. I’m glad to see Abbott finally starting to build a state funded wall.

          Personally, at the local level I’ve spent several thousand dollars in the past year helping to fund initiatives to roll back the Austin city council’s insane “camping policy” (we succeeded) and overturn their even more insane defunding of the police (we failed).

          Rarely a day goes by that my wife and I don’t talk about selling the Austin house and moving way out into the Hill Country. I run a software company out of the house, so it’s not really a feasible option quite yet. As soon as Starlink is generally available it will be time to make a decision.

He doesn’t need to work another day in his life as long as he’s married to his wife, who is heiress to a rather nice fortune. The man keeps running for elected office because he needs something to do.

That being said, Abbott can’t sit on his laurels. Yes, part of the reason Cruz beat O’Rourke by such a small margin is because enough people who don’t like him personally held their noses and voted for him. Abbott doesn’t have that problem but just like DeSantis, Democrats and their supporters (and their money) would love to defeat him.

    Eagle1 in reply to p. | January 19, 2022 at 10:01 pm

    He couldn’t beat a less than universally loved Ted Cruz in D+7 national environment, This year it is R+8 to 10 nationally. I think it is very telling that he raised 2.4 million in the first 24 hrs and only 5 million in the 59 days since. The big money D donors have better placed to set their money on fire this cycle.

Guaranteed it didn’t come from John Q. Public.

You can make a pretty good living as a perpetual losing candidate, especially as a Democrat, but every dollar given to Beto is a dollar not given to a Democrat who has a chance to win,

    And I remember when he was running against Cruz that there were other Democrat candidates complaining about all the money that was going to him while they were begging for donations.


I am so sick of this ‘Beto’ crap. Stop using their language.

I agree – the Senate run always had a 2.0 plan in the top drawer.

Colonel Travis | January 19, 2022 at 6:03 pm

Why anyone supports this pansy I do not understand but he can vacuum in the money. It will be wasted just like last time.

    henrybowman in reply to Colonel Travis. | January 19, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    He’s the favorite son of the soy bois.

    I mean, I never understood why people supported and donated to absolute dumpster fires like Jeb! (please clap) and John ‘my dad was a mailman’ Katshit.

    This jackass I can at least understand that he’s the best they have.

    He’s certainly better than abortion barbie.

Timed donations orchestrated to the start of his campaign to try and create a snowball effect….let’s see if the clip continues. There aren’t many snowballs in Texas.

2smartforlibs | January 19, 2022 at 6:34 pm

You can bet from the Austin area

Another jackass Democrat gun grabber. You should deport him someplace far away.

E Howard Hunt | January 19, 2022 at 7:14 pm

Is it just me, or does this guy look like an inbred imbecile?

Proof once again, that Democrats have ZERO common sense, and even less than that with the checkbook.

His campaigns, Senate and Gov, are to rebuild the statewide d party apparatus. He isn’t going to win TX. Sure he will get lots of votes from El Paso and Austin and Houston but the west TX oil fields? The woodlands in east TX? The coastal refinery areas?

To win TX you still must pay lip service to the traditional pillars of ‘God and guns, gasoline’. He can’t do either of those. No modern d/prog can because they outsource personal charity and piety to big govt programs eliminating the need for a creator or his doctrine. They frankly despise the individual liberty the 2nd amendment guarantees and the personal autonomy automobile ownership; particularly a gas/diesel fueled vehicle provides.

What a useless ludicrous twit. Although I do enjoy when “Milhouse” chimes in on this pointless topic to correct commenters who question the frivolity of this idiot’s nickname.

This guy got crushed running for president but almost unseated Cruz for Senate. He is more popular in RED Texas than in purple US. Pay attention. Texas is NOT the safe red state Texans blindly believe. Looks a lot like CA 4-5 years ago.

When the left controls your big population centers, you are in trouble in statewide elections. Time for you Texans to drop the California obsession and focus on what is going on at home. CA isn’t doing this to you.

Looks more like a spokesman for al Qaeda. Sanctimonious POS

Beto’s quixotic quest is going nowhere. Let the Commie moneybags and delided fools pour $100 million into his campaign. It’s $100 million they can’t spend elsewhere. Abbott will prevail by a huge nmargin carrying the Tejanos areas by a majority. The only question is how many Commierats will be ousted from the Texas House delegation. will it be 2 (likely) or 4 (somewhat probable).

Who would vote for a person who, as mayor, mange to fill the potholes in his city?

As Secretary of Transportation, who voted for someone who took a lengthy family leave, at the same time, there was a disaster in the supply chain, resulting in a lack of products for consumers and industry and rising prices. A political animal who fails to take action when trains engaged in interstate transportation are being robbed in broad daylight?

Answer: the deluded Democrats. The only job this guy may be qualified for is kennel cleaner at the dog pound.

The prospects in Texas are poor for Beto Hell-Yeah-We’re-Gonna-Take-Your-Guns O’Rourke.

I remember reading an article about when he ran against Cruz – the article said he blew a ton of money on staff/canvassers who were sent to visit voters who were already voting for him, rather than people who were undecided or Republican-lites.

Will he make the same mistake twice? If so, then who cares how much he raises?

Texas is the “holy grail”….and the left is working overtime to turn it blue.
The day TX falls to the left, is the day the GOPe never gets in the White House again.

If ya believe America still has true, legit elections anymore…

Soros, Steyer and all the other lunatic billionaires on the left are all in on achieving this.
Along with hoards of left coast transplants….bringing their ideology with them. 🤦‍♂️Smh

A Punk Named Yunk | January 20, 2022 at 2:47 pm

> Where the money is coming from has yet to be disclosed.

Not the first to voice this suspicion but I’d say it’s most from Soros Nagybácsi (i.e. Uncle George). Someone ought to publicize this opinion all over Texas. If not correct, let’em prove it. Put Eric on the defensive.

wonder how many millions of that “first 24hr” money came from his wife’s family?