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Teens Who Put Up Fake KKK Flyers at Florida State U. Will Face No Charges

Teens Who Put Up Fake KKK Flyers at Florida State U. Will Face No Charges

“KKK Meeting Next Friday Call [number redacted].”

The kids who did this aren’t even affiliated with the school, but they clearly knew this would be inflammatory.

The College Fix reports:

No charges for teens who put up fake KKK flyers at Florida State University

Florida State University and local law enforcement will not be pressing charges against a group of teens who put up nearly a dozen fake flyers, including one that promoted a nonexistent Ku Klux Klan meeting.

The College Fix recently obtained photos of the posters and the police report through a Florida Sunshine Law request.

Phrases on the flyers include “Need sex? Call me,” “Want to get rid of gays? Me too!” and “KKK Meeting Next Friday Call [number redacted].” The perpetrators accidentally posted the fake Klan flyer by the Hillel Jewish Center on September 28.

“We just pulled a stupid prank on our friend,” Mike Bergstrom, the one unredacted name on the report, told The College Fix via text message.

The police report also stated that the incident resembled a TikTok prank. Bergstrom turned himself and his two friends into the police. He said nobody put him and his friends up to the prank.

Bergstrom also stated that he “didn’t even know that this Hillel Jewish Center existed,” so he did not deliberately put KKK flyers near the center.

Florida State spokesperson Amy Patronis told The College Fix that the “incident was not criminal in nature” and the “individuals involved had no affiliation with FSU.”

Patronis told The Fix that two are in high school and one, presumably Bergstrom because he is a legal adult, is a recent high school graduate.

“Although the incident was not criminal in nature, the two juveniles’ parents were notified as well as their school administration and school resource officer,” the assistant communications director said. She said the individuals are not “banned from campus, and the university plans to take no other action.”


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This trio of geniuses pulls a dumb prank by posting fliers with fake phone numbers and offering various activities, including sex, and announcing an upcoming KKK meeting. The only thing claimed was that some students were “upset” by the presence of the KKK flier.

No assault or any criminal activity was identified or even alleged, yet the police report identifies at least one victim and suspects. Victim of what? Suspects of what crime?

The FSU PR flak acknowledged the matter was not criminal in nature and that the individuals are not “banned from campus.” I’m not sure how that squares with the police report stating that all three were given one-year trespass warnings.

Why was the administration and resource officer at the high school attended by the juveniles notified when the school was not involved in any way?

Please, help me understand why this was pursued beyond determining that no crime had occurred?

This case just looks like some dumb immature students who need to grow up. That’s just stupid.

The more common case is that someone (or a group) fakes a “racist” event, and then goes screaming to the administration about how the college needs to do a bunch of catering to that person or group. That’s criminal.

“KKK Meeting Next Friday Call [number redacted].”

For a good time, call Cletus.

“incident was not criminal in nature” and the “individuals involved had no affiliation with FSU.”

…what if this had been done by students at FSU ?
What if it was a noose instead of a KKK flyer?
Heads would have exploded. Hate crime !
KKK Flyer ? not so much.

a pox on all their houses.