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Prof Who Faces Multiple Bias Claims Vows to Sue if He Loses His Job

Prof Who Faces Multiple Bias Claims Vows to Sue if He Loses His Job

“multiple students have denounced these claims as false”

This professor denies the claims made against him and, wisely, has recorded every session of his class.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: ‘And if they fire me, I’ll sue for my job,’ prof says amid accusations of racism, sexism

An economics professor at Loyola University New Orleans is currently under fire as numerous bias complaints have been raised against him for supposedly spouting racist, sexist comments “in classes, in [your] writing, and in [your] emails.”

However, multiple students have denounced these claims as false and the professor is now considering legal action.

On December 10, Walter Block, received an email from Provost Tanuja Singh informing him “another” bias complaint had been issued against him.

According to the email, obtained by Campus Reform, Block allegedly used racist and sexist language throughout communication in his course.

The statements in question include “slavery wasn’t bad,” “women make less money because they are lazy or incapable,” “women are paid less because they don’t work as hard, and it’s the same with people of color,” and that the “‘Disability Act’ shouldn’t exist.”

In an email obtained by Campus Reform, Block responded to Singh later that same day requesting copies of the complaints “verbatim” as well as the dates and timestamps of when Block made the comments in question during his lectures.

“I have recorded every session of my course this semester,” Block wrote.

Rachel Hoorman, vice president of marketing and communications at Loyola University New Orleans, explained the complaint and notification process to Campus Reform.

“We have a faculty investigator who gathers evidence related to the student’s complaint and recommends action to the Provost,” Hoorman stated. “The Provost reviews the evidence and recommendation and makes a decision about the action to take. The faculty member is notified of the complaint when it is received, is asked to respond and participate in the investigation and then is notified once there is a result.”

Block, a tenured professor, is denying the validity of the accusations and told Campus Reform he intends to sue if severe action is taken.

“And if they fire me, I’ll sue for my job,” Block said.


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The problem is that the complaints are not specific enough. Not that I believe it is true, but if Prof. Block gave me an F on my final exam because I wrote an essay explaining that slavery was econmically detrimental, then I would have the valid basis for a complaint. If I wrote to the Provost saying vague things like “I picked up bad vibes from Prof. Block” then the Provost should write back to the student “If you have something specific, go to the Title IX Office.” The Provost should not be the Pure Thoughts Enforcer.

    Ex-Oligarch in reply to lawgrad. | December 27, 2021 at 10:23 am

    If your hypothetical essay on slavery revealed your ignorance of historical fact, was poorly reasoned and sloppily written, an F grade would NOT be a valid basis for complaint, regardless of what position you took on the subject.

Walter Block is a libertarian mensch. He is the author of such mind-expanding classics as “Defending the Undefendable (I and II)” and “Legalize Blackmail.” (The latter sounds like a bad joke, until you read his very cogent case for it.) Students of his who were not hopelessly spoiled twits with their heads up their asses have universally raved about his teaching style and his topic matter. If you can find any of his stuff, read it.

I have no doubt he has wisely and prophylactically armored himself up the wazoo against these accusations. He’s not a condition-white liberal prof likely to be caught unexpectedly in a manufactured scandal — he’s always been head of PR for the scandal factory itself.

More power to him.

Most of my lectures were recorded by multiple students to use in their studying. The recordings were also useful to give to students who were sick or traveling (athletics) during the lectures. I never imagined they might be needed to contradict some bogus Bias Incident Reports.

    henrybowman in reply to OldProf2. | December 27, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    It used to be generally obvious that a bachelor who secretly taped his amorous encounters was either a pervert or an extortionist.
    Now he may also be a prudent citizen recording exonerating evidence towards his own future defense.

“Loyola University New Orleans is a private Jesuit university in New Orleans, Louisiana.”

Ah, the Jesuits.

Just because I write a complaint, doesn’t mean it is valid!

Just another case the woke mob wants tried in the kangaroo court of public opinion.