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Manchin A Definitive “No” On Biden’s BBB Boondoggle: “This is a no on this legislation”

Manchin A Definitive “No” On Biden’s BBB Boondoggle: “This is a no on this legislation”

A Great, Big Patriotic Blow To Biden’s Radical Agenda

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) has reportedly, officially and finally, killed Joe I am the Democratic Party Biden’s America-last, globalist Green New Deal, middle class-decimating boondoggle nightmare.

If Democrats were smart, they would run Manchin for president in 2024.  Happily for the GOP, Democrats are only marginally less stupid than the Grand Old Party itself, so they”ll run Biden or hated, cackling Kamala, or utterly useless laughingstock Mayor hey, a nationwide transportation gridlock is a great time to take three months off Pete wait, no one noticed I wasn’t there, Buttigieg.

Endlessly laughable commie nutter Bernie Sanders clearly doesn’t get it.

Instead of seeing the absolute gold they have in Manchin in terms of potential 2024 presidential possibilities, the Democrats are busy lambasting him as their anti-American Green New Deal commie dreams fizzle out.

Twitter is abuzz with leftist crazy.

Some of these people are hysterical because they don’t know West Virginia is a red state in which Democrat Manchin is wildly popular . . . and becoming more so by the day, that Manchin has repeatedly stated he is neither a liberal nor a progressive, and that Manchin is just the willing face of many centrist or conservative Democrat Senators who do not support destroying the Senate filibuster, passing onerous boondoggle commie wish lists we cannot afford, or any one or more of the Biden Build Back Better schemes or federalization of elections.

If Manchin sat down tomorrow, some other Dem Senator would stand up to take his place. But my guess is that Manchin won’t be sitting down. Why would he? His numbers are skyrocketing in his home state, and the longer he holds the line, the better he looks to indies and even to centrist Republicans. #NeverTrumpers, of course, remain aligned with radical, anti-American progressive Democrats. But they are the remaining ten viewers of CNN, so they don’t actually matter.


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Hyperinflation & skyrocketing energy prices, what’s not to like?

Not to worry, Sen. Mittens will come charging in to save the BBB for the Dems 🙁

I live in Colorado but I sent him a Thank You !

“If Democrats were smart, they would run Manchin for president in 2024.”

Really? Just who, other than the handful of centrist Democrats remaining and the pitiful never-Trumpers, will vote for Joe Manchin for President?

If New York had representation in Washington as does W. Virginia, Florida would have a million less residents.

There is at least 1 democrat in America who is a patriot. How can he stay in that party, supporting the ofal infesting it – though McConnell’s GOP isn’t much better.

    Let’s not oversell Manchin. Don’t forget he voted to convict Trump in BOTH his Impeachment proceedings. Manchin is smart enough to understand that he did that in the state that most overwhelmingly voted for Trump. He’s hoping if he does what he’s doing now, WV voters will forget all about those two Impeachment votes….and he’s probably correct.

Earlier last week Manchin pointed out that there wasn’t anything to vote on even if Schumer tried to get the process started, since they were still working on rewriting the House-passed bill and negotiating with the parliamentarian.

Schumer admitted a few days later it wasn’t going to be considered by the end of the year. But it’s interesting that Manchin waited until the Senate went home for the holidays to deliver this blow.

Probably the next big showdown will be over nuking the legislative filibuster, since Schumer has been increasingly making noise about trying to do so in order to get that “voting rights” monstrosity through. So far Manchin and Sinema are holding steady on opposing such a move.

There won’t be any “showdown” over the filibuster – because Sineman already said “nope!” and Manchin has said “nope!” too. So that fight is over before it ever started. Now if Dems had strong leadership – but who knew there would be consequences to putting brain dead incompetents in charge of your party?

    And they are not alone. There are other Dem. Sens who won’t support nuking the filibuster. They are not out front now, are happy to let Manchin and Sinema take the heat since they are winning over even more voters in their states, but if somehow either Manchin or Sinema caved, there would be other centrist Dem Sens standing up in their place.

Subotai Bahadur | December 19, 2021 at 8:39 pm

The upcoming, and tragic, accident that will befall Senator Manchin will be investigated by the FBI and found to be just bad luck.

Subotai Bahadur

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Subotai Bahadur. | December 19, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    I read remarks like yours and it brings to mind Mark Twain’s essay about the funeral of one Buck Fanshaw. The coroner jury ruled – I think – Act of God after Buck had been shot multiple times and was defenestrated.

    No, the Senate parliamentarian had just ruled against including immigration amnesty under reconciliation. This was a vital piece and needed to offset the anger from existing Americans at the rest of what the bill did — by adding new Dem voters in their place. With that off the table, Manchin had permission to vote against BBB and make his constituents in WV happy.

    Try to pay attention to the realities. If Manchin left office, he’d be replaced by a Republican and McConnell would be Majority Leader again. There is no chance that anyone with a D is going to be elected to statewide office in West Virginia in the near future. Manchin’s the incumbent and they like him, but once he’s gone that seat will turn back to red.

      artichoke in reply to Bob. | December 20, 2021 at 8:35 am

      As former governor he probably also controls the voting machines. That could explain some of his popularity too.

      The_Mew_Cat in reply to Bob. | December 20, 2021 at 1:38 pm

      WV law requires that any vacancy be replaced by a person chosen by the same party as the last elected senator.

    Manchin is safe as houses. If he somehow suffered some sort of Killary accident, he’d be replaced with a Republican and the Senate would immediately flip to the GOP.

I watched his comments. He basically said the reductions in the cost of the bill were all BS as they were merely reductions in the timelines the programs were in effect and no scaling back of anything otherwise,

Shortly BEFORE Manchin made his “principled stand”, the Senate parliamentarian ruled that immigration amnesty could not be considered under reconciliation. Without that piece to increase their voting base, the Dems might not want BBB at all.

So all this negotiating and sober assessment and all that other BS from Manchin was just marking time waiting for the parliamentarian to make her ruling. Now that BBB is dead anyway, Manchin picks up the political chips for standing strong against it.

Very clever, Joe Manchin. I wouldn’t trust him any farther than I could throw him.

    Manchin supports blanket amnesty and is not shy about it. What he does not support is sneaking amnesty into a reconciliation bill that cannot accommodate such sweeping, extrabudgetary stuff. Manchin believes (and may be right, particularly if Trump is elected in 2024, with a GOP Congress) that amnesty can and should be achieved along bipartisan lines.

    For Manchin, it’s not the amnesty that is the issue, it’s the way the Dems are trying to sneak it in. He loves amnesty, thinks it’s fantastic and inevitable (he may be right on that last point), but he wants it done legit. Not by partisan gamesmanship. I kind of respect that. (Not that I support amnesty, but at least he’s not a sneaky loser trying to game the system; he wants the system to produce amnesty, and it one day will).

    Don’t forget, Trump is a huge supporter of amnesty, and he would have happily worked with Dems on it, but they shut him out and pilloried him instead of getting what they could from him.

      Manchin’s views on the “right way” to get amnesty didn’t matter anymore, once the Senate parliamentarian ruled that amnesty was not going under reconciliation.

      And THAT’s when Manchin gave up on the bill, so maybe his true wishes are the opposite: he’ll take amnesty any way he can get it and didn’t care about the BBB bill so much without it.

      Maybe Manchin is a hard-left Dem who is able to fool or vote count his way past the voters in his state. Or, if one is to believe the polls, maybe WV is going blue and it’s Shelley Moore Capito who has to worry, and Manchin knows he has Dem support so he’s trying to “reach across the aisle” to raise his national profile. Maybe he plans to run for president in 2024. Handsome, ex-governor, ex-senator, Dem from a supposedly conservative state, he ticks many boxes.

      I didn’t know Trump is a huge supporter of amnesty. But it wouldn’t surprise me too much. Our last amnesty came under Reagan.

Biden’s Budget Boondoggle (BBB) complements Biden’s Litigious Mandate (BLM).

If democrats are determined to vote NOW, despite congress being gone on break, they’ll be voting without Liawatha and Spartacus, since they’re currently on a WuFlu timeout

If they offer manchin enough he’ll vote yes. 100 billion to his home state on whatever he wants it to be spent on would change his mind.

Man him is a great American patriot

Didn’t Manchin do/say something very similar for the original “Infrastructure” bill, only to capitulate to the MARXocrat vampires when they upped the pork for West, By Damn?

Don’t get too excited, folks, there’s still enough time to turn things around. I do not trust Manchin. I always say every whore has their price. That price could be in bribes or threats. The fact that this one man has the future of our country in his hands is horrifying. I hope I’m wrong about him, but i’m not counting on it.

    The_Mew_Cat in reply to barbiegirl ny. | December 20, 2021 at 1:36 pm

    Bribing Manchin isn’t the only way around the roadblock. They could also arrange the demise of a GOP Senator from NC, PA, WI, KS, KY*, LA, or other states with Democratic governors. (*KY law recently changed to require appointment of same party to fill a vacancy, but Bershear could get away with violating the law by appointing himself)

    artichoke in reply to barbiegirl ny. | December 21, 2021 at 10:42 am

    Without amnesty, I suspect the BBB spendathon is an orphan among the Dems. Not only Sinema but probably others would oppose it. Manchin’s just taking the credit. Really the average American still thinks a trillion is a lot of money, even a lot of registered Dems.

    I think the amnesty would have protected the Dems by allowing them to replace those leaving the party with even more newly naturalized Dems. Without that, it’s much less popular.

Good for Manchin.
Seen from the UK it is reassuring to know that there is at least one US politician with a functioning brain!

The math of a 50:50 Senate is hard. But all the Democrats have to do is to arrange the death of a GOP Senator in a state with a Democratic governor – of which there are many. Then they won’t need Manchin anymore.

I hope Sen. Manchin reads these comments; because he is a hero to me and many more for his stand against wasteful spending by Biden & Pelosi….. THIS MUST STOP, and it looks like Sen. Manchin is the only one that can save our country.
I pray for this Hero.
Please keep up the good work…..

    artichoke in reply to johnnyB. | December 21, 2021 at 10:47 am

    That’s what he wants you to think. But did you know
    (1) Manchin announced “no” only after the Senate Parliamentarian said that amnesty could not go thru under reconciliation i.e. it would have to be stripped out of the bill for it to have a chance?
    (2) Amnesty was the main point to many lefty Dems and even some Reps probably wanted it, figuring they could attract those newly naturalized voters to themselves. Without it, more Dems than Manchin were leery of the bill.
    (3) It was never clear that Sinema would vote for BBB, with or without amnesty. She declined comment and avoided the press. Manchin did the opposite and got the press.
    (4) If the press is willing to paint Manchin as a hero of the right or any sort of hero, it means those lefty press like him well enough.