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Jussie Smollett Claims ‘There was No Hoax,’ Paid for Exercise, Diet Plan to Look Like the ‘Black Cary Grant’

Jussie Smollett Claims ‘There was No Hoax,’ Paid for Exercise, Diet Plan to Look Like the ‘Black Cary Grant’

“My character was a superstar, a pop star, a beloved GQ whatever. It was very important that I looked like Black Cary Grant, not beat down.”

Oh, how I wish we had cameras in the courtroom. Former Empire actor Jussie Smollett took the stand in his own defense, claiming he did not orchestrate a fake hate crime.

Abimbola Osundario told the jury that Smollett recruited him to perform a fake hate crime on him. He claimed Smollett paid him money and gave specific instructions on what to do to him.

Smollett told the jury he wanted herbal steroids from Osundario. He gave him money for an exercise and diet plan for a new music video. Smollett brought up his looks:

Smollett said he talked to Abimbola Osundairo about a training plan in hopes that he’d get more of a dancer or swimmer’s build. They didn’t discuss payment much. “Basically I turned to him and said, you should just be my trainer.”

Smollett also testified about how important his face was to his career.

“My character was a superstar, a pop star, a beloved GQ whatever,” he said. “It was very important that I looked like Black Cary Grant, not beat down.”

Prosecutors have framed a text from Smollett to Abimbola for help “on the low” as a request to help stage the attack. Smollett on the stand is saying it was in fact a request for those herbal steroids, which are illegal in the U.S.

When Smollett complained to Abimbola that he tends to gain weight in his face and stomach, Abimbola told him about an herbal steroid he could get him in Nigeria. “He said let me know if you need it on the low,” Smollett said.

No. Smollett’s character had a lawyer brother. I would characterize him as the Black Cary Grant. Smollett’s face is too smooth, not the right bone structure.

Smollett and Osundario met during the fourth season of the hit show. Smollett explained how the two men visited gay bathhouses together, used cocaine and marijuana, and masturbated.

Osundario said they never had a relationship or felt any sexual tension.

Then there’s Osundario’s brother Olabinjo. The defense portrayed him as a homophobe who “creeped” out Smollett.

“Every time we were around him, he didn’t speak to me,” said Smollett. “Every time we needed to lave, he made it seem like we needed to sneak off.”

The defense also insisted the Osundario brothers wanted to scare Smollett into hiring them for his security. The actor did not want Empire security “because he liked to drive his own vehicle and ‘smoke my blunt’ in his car during lunch.”

Smollett tried to explain away the surveillance video allegedly showing the three men practicing the incident.

Smollett felt like he was in a  “Looney Tunes” cartoon when he was attacked. He also claimed he did not realize he had a noose around his neck “Because I was getting my ass whooped.”

“I’m a black man in America and I do not trust police,” Smollett responded when asked why he didn’t call the police.

Smollett accused the Chicago Police Department of leaking information and lying about the investigation. However, he texted with CNN’s Don Lemon at the start of the investigation, telling him that the CPD did not believe his story.


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The evidence is in fact quite damning. I hope that they throw the book at him since he is an arrogant SJW POS that lacks any form of contrition whatsoever.

Wait? Smollett just testified under oath that Don Lemon of CNN was leaking him details of the CPD investigation? Fascinating! Y’know this would be a really bad week for such a thing to come out.

What a performance!

After watching that I sit down and try to think of someone with no sense of decency, no sense of honor, no sense of propriety, someone who is a lying racist to their core and cannot be trusted in any way shape or form and the only thing I can come up with is Smollet.

“…that I looked like Black Cary Grant…”

Straight-up, bigoted cultural appropriation. Stone the witch!

Smollett seems seriously sick. Was Robin Roberts in the audience, bringing up a tear for his sincerity?

“Black Cary Grant”

Hee, hee! To paraphrase an Admiral testifying about the I’ll fated TFX, “there is not enough instruction in all of Christendom to make the fool Jussie into Cary Grant, “

    It’s kind of like making Obama into a Constitutional law professor: you can’t make a silk purse from a cow’s ear.

    Sally MJ in reply to Romey. | December 8, 2021 at 1:35 am

    I think Denzel Washington filled that role — But it never said “Black Cary Grant!”

    It’s the racist middle school drama queen who made up that culturally appropriated term.

Progressives are taught to lie. When lies don’t work, they double down and lie more.

Lying is like a sugar high to them. They get off on it. To people like Smollett, hei is acting his ass off with hopes the jury buys it.

“…visited gay bathhouses together, used cocaine and marijuana, and masturbated.”

And the crep is the homophobe brother? Really? Out of those three, the normal brother is the creep?

The Friendly Grizzly | December 6, 2021 at 8:44 pm

“…that I looked like Black Cary Grant…”

Typical Smollett/ Empire fan: “who?”

What a toxic, narcissistic POS this guy is.

Black Cary Grant? He called himself the “Gay Tupac” in his first appearance after his “attack”. One thing for sure though, nobody will ever want to be the next Jussie Smollett. Not because he is black or gay or whatever………but simply because he’s an asshole.

    He is completely deluded about both his looks and talent. But we knew that already since he knew how much he sucked and decided to fake a MAGA lynching in freaking Chicago . . . to help his career.

    Sorry, if your career is so sucky that you need to fake hate, you are done already and Jussie don’t know it.

    This guy is just sad: “I am not good-looking enough or talented enough to shine, so I need to be . . checks notes . .. fake an attack in MAGA Country Chicago to prove to showrunners that I am valuable! It’s a great plan! Perfect, even! Once I am a victim, I will be more handsome, more appealing, just more!” Yeah, no.

    Sit down, Jussie Smollett. You are Jussie Smollett, race hoaxster and national laughingstock.

A diversitist and moron, or, perhaps, the former implies the latter.

Navin R. Johnson: And that’s the only thing I need is *this*. I don’t need this or this. Just this ashtray… And this paddle game. – The ashtray and the paddle game and that’s all I need… And this remote control. – The ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that’s all I need… And these matches. – The ashtray, and these matches, and the remote control, and the paddle ball… And this lamp. – The ashtray, this paddle game, and the remote control, and the lamp, and that’s all *I* need. And that’s *all* I need too. I don’t need one other thing, not one… I need this. – The paddle game and the chair, and the remote control, and the matches for sure. Well what are you looking at? What do you think I’m some kind of a jerk or something! – And this. That’s all I need.

[walking outside]

Chipmunk, no one’s going to mistake you for Cary Grant. Not even the ghost of Randolph Scott. LOL

I am both impressed and repulsed at the same time by Smollett’s overall defense. This is the kind of defense – crazy demands, wild accusations about verbal assaults by the judge, elaborate conspiracy theories that don’t make a particle of sense and that no sane person would believe – just might work with rich, guilt-ridden whites and black nationalists on the jury (see: the OJ trial).

poor lil’ jussie–so misunderstood, so pitiful, so….. busted

More like “Fairy” Grant.

E Howard Hunt | December 7, 2021 at 8:17 am

Hey, Jussie.

I assure you that Cary Grant did not look anything like a white Jussie Smollett.

Why isn’t this over by now?

BTW — this would have blown over if Smollett would have let sleeping dogs lie and not open his mouth early on…right?

Wonder if they’ll get Smollett for perjury too.

What does a “black Cary Grant” look like? Gov. Ralph Northam?

He seems to really think this trial is a TV show in which he can ad-lib a scene.

What a pathological narcissist and sociopath, this Juicy Smolliette character is. A perfect representative of contemporary Dhimmi-crats’ intrinsic dishonesty, racial obsessions, racial incitement and ceaseless and contrived victim-posturing.

Lucifer Morningstar | December 7, 2021 at 11:40 am

How can Smollett claim to be the “Black Cary Grant” when it’s so obvious that Tony Curtis Blondell is the real “Black Cary Grant”. That’s even Blondell’s nickname. They both can’t be Cary Grant. 🤣

So he’s a con artist / fraud AND a liar. If he would have come clean and admitted to his scummy plan people might be willing to forgive him and hope that he changes his outlook on life, but as is, lying through his teeth to the court with the help of his seedy lawyer, he just proves what a scumbag he truly is. This guy is the epitome of a scumbag. Had it all, cush job, fame, ..the type of life and lifestyle that many many people can only dream of, and it wasn’t good enough. Had to do what he did out of ‘greed’ and self entitlement. A purebred ‘me’ me me’ sociopath. And to willfully try and create racial tension and benefit off it…THAT is really sickening. A true sociopath. Probably won’t even mind being in prison cause at least he wont miss out on getting cornholed…which is what he likes any way. Pathetic.

Jesse is obviously changing is profession from ACTOR to Stand-Up Comic because his defense is a joke.

“Black Cary Grant”! NOW HE’S GONE TOO FAR! It’s one thing to hire a couple of body building Nigerians to rehearse a fake hate crime and then proceed with the “production” of getting “gently” beaten up, doused with bleach, neck tied with a clothes line, and endure shouts of “MAGA, gay, Empire f g t, but to claim you’re on any level of Cary Grant is just too damn much!!

Jussie swore under oath that there was no hoax because he truly believed with all his heart that the Nigerians which he hired looked white.

Well, gee whiz! Case dismissed.