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Faculty Senate at Montana State University Declares ‘Climate Emergency’

Faculty Senate at Montana State University Declares ‘Climate Emergency’

“it is our obligation to be leaders in building a sustainable future”

This is a good reminder that students aren’t the only activists on campus.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports:

Montana State University Faculty Senate declare climate emergency

Montana State University’s faculty governing body this week declared a climate emergency and their support of recent sustainability goals.

The university’s Faculty Senate resolution acknowledging the climate crisis passed unanimously with one person abstaining Wednesday after months of drafting and discussion.

The senate body recognized “climate change as one of the most significant challenges facing Montana and the world. As our state’s Land Grant institution, it is our obligation to be leaders in building a sustainable future,” the resolution stated.

The group said it supported efforts to reduce the university’s carbon footprint and asked the university community to take “meaningful and measurable steps” toward limiting the impacts of climate change.

The resolution as it passed is an abbreviated version of a longer resolution that had been introduced at the start of the fall semester.

The original resolution included language on ways faculty could reduce their carbon footprint, created a capital campaign to address climate crisis and suggested joining the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments but were not included in the abbreviated version that passed.

During the senate discussion Wednesday, many of the representatives spoke in favor of the condensed version, saying more faculty members in their department were comfortable supporting it than the longer version.

One senator said it was important for faculty to show leadership to the students and the community by passing the resolution and it was key to have the most faculty support possible.


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Highly educated(?) people in the never ending search for a solution to a problem which doesn’t exist.

Isn’t this just another group of self-appointed, self-important elitists approving an absolutely meaningless “declaration?” In the grand scheme of things, what does this mean? Nothing. What will it accomplish? Nothing, besides allowing them to virtue signal with fake authority.

To turn the old saying on its head, maybe it would be funnier for us to pee down their backs, then laugh when they run around screaming “Global warming!”