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Elon Musk After Elizabeth Warren Complains About Him: “Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen”

Elon Musk After Elizabeth Warren Complains About Him: “Please don’t call the manager on me, Senator Karen”

Person of the Year.

When Time Magazine named Elon Musk their 2021 Man Person of the Year earlier this week, they waxed poetically about his personality being “a madcap hybrid of Thomas Edison, P.T. Barnum, Andrew Carnegie and Watchmen’s Doctor Manhattan, the brooding, blue-skinned man-god who invents electric cars and moves to Mars.”

Musk is certainly worthy of receiving the annual honor bestowed by the once-influential Time, but it’s not always his entrepreneurial spirit or wacky lifestyle that endears him to so many. Sometimes, it’s simply his tweets that make him a legend amongst men persons.

Musk is the rare tech billionaire willing to call out our elected officials and bureaucratic overlords for their hypocrisy and biases. So influential is he on Twitter that a mere musing about the stock market can throw Wall Street into chaos.

But Musk is at his best when he mocks the chattering classes. Democrats want to control everything and they can’t control him — and that’s when the temper tantrums start. He is untouchable and is certainly not going to be cowed by the likes of Fauxcahontas herself, Elizabeth Warren.

Just as a reminder, Warren is herself a millionaire who has no problem flaunting her wealth and privilege while telling everyone else they need to pay more. She’s also a world class shrew, as noted by Musk.

He’s not wrong, just look at her haircut.

One Twitter user was more than happy to join Musk in pointing out Senator Karen’s hypocrisy.

And the zings didn’t end there. Musk took the opportunity to school the Harvard-educated, 1/1024th Native American legislator on some economic truths.

JUST FOR FUN: Here’s a look back at how Elizabeth Warren became our country’s most widely mocked warrior princess.



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Senator Karen. That will end up replacing Fauxihantis. Let it be remembered for eternity, engraved in a plaque posted at the entrance to the capital rotunda.

I voted for Lesco Brandon.

Russ from Winterset | December 15, 2021 at 5:47 pm

Considering that he’s a billionaire with interplanetary aspirations, I find it appropriate that he has copied Zorg’s haircut from The Fifth Element.

I’ve said it before – Elon is super based now.

Getting where he is, he knows EXACTLY how stupid and corrupt all of these jackasses are, because he had to deal with them.

Now he has ‘fuck you’ money, and he has no fear of telling the truth.

Great, great man.

But bad, bad haircut.

I’m a big fan of mean tweets. I’m surprised he and Trump aren’t friends.

Also, Musk turned refused a German subsidy last week calling for the end of subsidies across the board for all industries. He opened his plant without it.

He’s also having a row with the White House because Biden is rigging the “green economy” to favor just the unionized companies. The “infrastructure bill that the Republicans just won for the Democrats includes big subsidies for electric car charging stations but only for those cars manufactured by unionized companies. I imagine that is probably the reason why Musk is working on a deal to move battery manufacturing plants to Canada.

NASA recently committed big to SpaceX after cutting out Bezos’ Blue Horizon and dumping their SLS launcher in favor of Spacex’ Falcon Large which operates at a fraction of the cost with superior performance. The head of the ESU is cautioning against getting too cozy with Musk because “he can’t be trusted” (translated: non-union).

SpaceX is probably the most exciting thing going on these days.
The Uniparty is determined to chase out all profitable and essential industries from America.

    Agreed that SpaceX is incredibly exciting, but Neuralink may be even more so.

    Re: SpaceX and Senator Karen… this didn’t age well, did it?

      henrybowman in reply to Paul. | December 16, 2021 at 12:44 pm

      Want to know how to get broadband internet to rural America? Ask someone who did it. The answer: get the government TF out of the way and let us work!

    daniel_ream in reply to Pasadena Phil. | December 15, 2021 at 10:01 pm

    Musk turned refused a German subsidy last week calling for the end of subsidies across the board for all industries.

    Mush got where he is by subsidy farming. Teslas are absolutely non-viable as anything but rich men’s toys absent huge government subsidies and market-stifling regulation. SpaceX exists to squeeze money out of NASA.

      The US government was throwing money around on anything solar or electric cars in the early days and he got more than his share of it. But he made good use of it while maintaining control of his companies. Now the governments of the world are trying to cash in for the benefit of their benefactors (unions) to take control and Mush is telling them to buzz off.

      Besides, I really don’t believe is all that interested in Tesla or Solar City anymore. His passion is making the human race an interplanetary species. I think he’s nuts but he is doing good in the world these days and has become a gusher of cutting technologies.

      His victory over Blue Horizon was a testament to the superiority of doing it his way rather than get bogged down with government-dictated partnerships which is NASA’s major handicap. Matrix management is bad enough in hospitals but bogs everything down in internal rivalries with these projects. Blue Horizon and the rest adopted NASA’s conventional paradigm for how its done. Musk went with his own vision and delivered a vastly superior alternative that is available at a fraction of his rivals’ cost and with much more capability.

      Say what you will about the Tesla cars, and I like to refer to them as batteries on wheels, but their motors are really something. I only recently learned that Tesla sources its batteries from Panasonic so I suspect Tesla may have already served its purpose for Musk. He’s off to bigger things than electric cars which will likely be abandoned at some point. They are NOT the most viable alternative to internal combustion and are not likely to be.

      BTW, Leslie might be interested in watching this video about Musk vs Putin:

      Musk is possible involved with the new Space Force in response to Russia and China disabling/destroying our satellites It is very note worthy that Putin considers Musk his biggest adversary which probably explains why NASA is suddenly so eager to incorporate SpaceX. Good video.

        daniel_ream in reply to Pasadena Phil. | December 16, 2021 at 3:56 pm

        Say what you will about the Tesla cars, and I like to refer to them as batteries on wheels, but their motors are really something.

        Absent massive government subsidies at every point in the supply chain, electric cars would be a niche auto racing genre because their real market costs per unit are over $100K and they have no range.

        Musk is not Tony Stark just because he says things on Twitter you happen to agree with. All of his businesses are completely, utterly nonviable without huge propping up by government.

          The space race is not a profitable enterprise. Our government is going to spend that money anyway and Musk is willing to spend his last penny achieving his objective. Every government in the world recognizes that his way is a much more efficient way to spend its money. He delivers performance that far exceeds the demands of the contracts and at a fraction of the cost they expected. If you don’t think dominating space is not important, you need to get up to speed.

          Putin sees dominating with AI in space as his last opportunity to achieve his dream of restoring the USSR and being THE global superpower. NASA has been lagging behind both Russia and China but Musk is the envy of them all.

          You not only need to get up to speed, you also need to rethink how you are framing this. Maybe you think this money would be better spent on social infrastructure?

Let’s go Brandon and Senator Karen…The new code words!

Liberals don’t understand the difference between wealth invested in production and money spent on lavish consumption. If you tax the former, which is the vast majority of Elon’s net worth, you are taxing everyone. Taxing investment and spending that money elsewhere just transfers consumption from one group of consumers to another, it is simply transferring resources from producing one item to a different item, nothing extra is created.

Taxing lavish consumption on the other hand results in resources being transferred from producing that lavishness to producing something else.

In a subsequent tweet, he pointed out that he’ll be paying $15 billion in taxes this year

theduchessofkitty | December 16, 2021 at 11:19 am

Person of the Year, Troll of the Decade!

I’ve never been a fan of Elon, hate his car brand with a passion, but that Tweet is an absolute classic. Tweet of the Year. And Elon, for that, and moving out of California, I like you a little.

Not Sen. Karen – she’s Sen. Warren (D-Karen)

Senator “High Cheek Bones” is upset with Elon.

So, forgive me for a potentially silly question. How does Senator Karen know how much Elon paid in taxes last year? Did she (illegally) access his returns?