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Democrats Declare War On Big Meat

Democrats Declare War On Big Meat

In a question regarding inflated price of everything, Press Sec Psaki blamed, “the greed of meat conglomerates.” Really. 

This is really something else. Far be it from the Biden administration to accept any responsibility for sky-high grocery prices, instead, they’re blaming Big Meat.

In a question regarding inflated price of everything, Press Sec Psaki blamed, “the greed of meat conglomerates.” Really.

Don’t even get me started on the “supply chain” shortage. But anyway, moving along… Sen. Elizabeth Warren has joined the Big Meat Bad bandwagon and is also blaming “greedy” farmers or as she calls them, “meatpacking monopolies.”

Everything about this administration is a complete joke.

(h/t “Jim Treacher” on Twitter for “Big Meat” reference)


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I thought Kamala Harris was a fan of Big Meat.

I am so old that I remember a time (less than a year ago) when prices were actually kind of going down.
Did these “conglomerates” and “monopolies” exist back then?

    David Jay in reply to Exiliado. | December 14, 2021 at 7:17 pm

    I guess the only way to keep monopolies in line is to have a business man as president, who knows all their devious methods.

    It worked for 4 years…

I’m so old, I remember when, by definition. there was no plural of “monopoly.”

As Homer Simpson would say, “Mmmmmm, big meat!!”

    henrybowman in reply to Ann in L.A.. | December 15, 2021 at 1:28 am

    How dare she. I knew Big Meat. Big Meat was a friend of mine. The whole AIDS thing wasn’t even his idea, the studio forced him to work boy/boy. In real life, he was straighter than anybody in the Biden Administration. You, Jen Psaki, are no Big Meat.

Jeff Toobin will be leading CNN’s expose on big meat…

I remember when bacon used to be piled high on the breakfast buffet. Yumm.

The buck don’t stop here. So don’t blame wimpy Biden. Big Meat. Big Meat. It stops there.

Okay, maybe Big Meat should be president.

An increase in ethanol blending requirements causes a decrease in feed supply for beef and other meats. The increase in food cost is directly proportional to our green energy regulations. Government is the sole reason that meat prices are as high as they are. Mises broken window theory applies every time!

Jen Psaki wouldn’t recognize Big Meat if . . .

Oh, never mind.

Biden administration just got done dumping $600 million worth of new subsidies into the meat industry.
“ Is America’s meat processing industry run by a bunch of greedy corporate fat cats lining their own pockets with the proceeds of higher prices, or is the industry in such dire straits that it requires taxpayers to spend even more money subsidizing necessary upgrades.”

    Dathurtz in reply to ghost dog. | December 14, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    Rancher I know has been saying that, for a while now, the meat processors are pretty heavily manipulating prices. I don’t know if he is right or wrong, but he can meat for almost 2x what he gets paid and it is still.cheaper for me.

2nd Ammendment Mother | December 14, 2021 at 6:57 pm

They’ll be backpedalling tomorrow when someone reminds them who owns “Big Meat…. Smithfield is owned by China; National Beef Processing is Brazilian. Taylor Sheridan, Rupert Murdock and Stan Kroenke now own 3 of Texas’ largest beef producing ranches. Kroenke is tied to (but not financed by Walmart), Sheridan is financed by China and well, Murdock is Murdock and deep with foreign influencers.

    I wouldn’t count on any backpedaling. For one thing, there will be zero pressure from the Joseph Goebbels media or the worker-than-thou corporations Warren went on the warpath against. For another, the Communists know that tens of millions will believe anything they say, no matter how absurd it sounds or how much evidence there is against their claims. Warren made her wackadoodle charges to provide what all totalitarians require to divert attention from their failures: a scapegoat.

    This is Warren and the rest of her Party tossing red meat to their Party’s genocidal base. But I don’t think “Beat Big Meat!” Is going to thrill anyone else.

    Murdoch just bought a 300,000+ acre ranch in SW Montana near Yellowstone Park. He’s the real John Dutton.

    Local store/ butcher shop owner says the same – meat processing plants (union) are Manipulating prices.

I am a family farmer. Yes, Big Meat is a functional monopoly but it’s only because government refuses to enforce antitrust laws that have been law for over 100 years. The reason is because there is a pipeline between the government agencies and the corporations.

To be fair there is some level of monopolistic behavior with large producers in poultry especially. The companies get farmers to sign contracts to produce x amount of poultry. To do so the farmer must undertake huge capital investments in grow houses. Those grow houses are subjected to lots of standards and conditions by the buyer which are loose enough to result in arbitrary violation as interpreted by the companies.

Similar for pork. Beef less so but getting there. However these practices ain’t new. They have been going on since the early nineties and whatever the ethics are not responsible for sudden inflation. There are some smaller and midsize slaughter houses/processors in rural areas hanging on by their fingertips. One can purchase a whole steer or half steer from these folks that is not part of big AG if that floats your boat.

The larger current issue is decreased frozen volume, increased fuel cost and rapidly rising fertilizer cost. Together with feed diverted to ethenal which decreases the feed available for animals and takes scarce fertilizer both of which raise prices the intermediate term prices outlook for consumers is stark. Add in foreign ownership of processors and recently agricultural land and it looks even worse.

    Local beef farmers have built a whole new business model by breeding, raising and custom processing their product using an FDA approved abattoir

    One I know, sells everything from one pound packages to whole beef and hogs
    Premium prices, but it’s premium quality meat.

    He sells subscriptions for whatever amount per week/month and delivers to your door. Fresh, never frozen unless you want it that way. Also sells a truckload of it at the local farmers market every Saturday

    Of course, the bulk is frozen, but cut and packaged to your liking.

    Only drawback is, he can’t raise them fast enough to keep up with demand. You can get on his waiting list, but needs to be paid in full before processing.

    Don’t expect a quarter, half or whole beef until sometime next summer. He started taking orders last August

    He’s quadrupled his herd in the 5 years I’ve known him. And he’s not the only one doing it now.

      murkyv in reply to murkyv. | December 14, 2021 at 9:49 pm

      I should add, they are Black Angus, with Brahman bloodline that he’s been breeding for many years

      Big, beautiful well fed and kept animals

This administration like the woke left that it serves always is looking for enemies

Comrades, five year program for increasing meat production is huge success!
These corporations that push crt, reparations and all the other social justice crap and pushed for an EFF joe biden* win deserve all the hate that is coming their way.
Trump, despite his many faults, at least knows how an economy works and what will help keep prices in check.
EFF joe biden* and his sycophants only know how to steal taxpayer money to repay their lavish donors a hundred thousand fold.

The Packers & Stockyard Act is 100 years old, if I’m not mistaken, dating to the Harding administration, and has enabled an entire bureaucracy of USDA to promote the interests of livestock farmers. What’s Jen and Lizzie’s new government solution?

    Speaking of Fauxcahontas:

    Elon Musk calls Elizabeth Warren ‘Senator Karen’ in spat over taxes:

    The American cattle industry is in a state of crisis and it is exactly because of a monopolistic cabal of four huge meatpackers, one owned China and the other is Brazilian. These four companies have managed to reduce the revenue by half to cattle raisers while enjoying enormous profits.

    Unfortunately, those in conservative media have failed to do their homework and have blown a perfect opportunity to expose this issue and help American livestock producers. The Biden administration opened the door to point out the regulatory leverage and capture Big Meat has over their small business suppliers – the American ranchers – however, nobody recognized it.

      RandomCrank in reply to Texpat. | December 15, 2021 at 4:03 pm

      I totally agree, Texpat. If I thought Biden was serious, I’d be all for them on this. The meatpacking oligopoly is horrendously corrupt, and neither party cares.

Wait. So we “digest inflation”? Cute, Jen.

Is our Jen a vegan? I’m guessing there are many diet activists in this administration. If we all stopped eating meat all the climate change and the seas and the starvation and the….well, everything would be perfect!

Economic illiteracy in action. Part of me feels like maybe all the numb-nuts that voted for these clowns deserve whatever misery is inflicted upon them. But, alas, we are all along for the ride. Fasten your seat-belts for the roller-coaster to hell.

Liberals simply don’t understand supply and demand. During a shortage, one can’t simply say “just lower the price”. At lower prices, demand increases and supply decreases (due to certain production modes becoming unprofitable, or less profitable than using the capital to produce something else). The result is just more shortages, the results are having to be first-in-line at the market or widespread rationing.

The only route to prosperity is by increasing the supply of everything as much as possible and as efficiently as possible, and the best way to do that is via free enterprise, free trade, low business and reinvestment taxes, and sound monetary policy. Once you do that, providing the basics to the poor becomes trivial, everything is plentiful and cheap.

    It’s odd because I don’t there is a real shortage. Same thing with wood prices. When board prices were through the roof every single mill yard was full and piled high.

16 would’ve been a more logical cutoff age. That’s the marriageable age in many US states and in some European countries as well. If coercion was involved though, as is common in muslim marriages, then that’s a different story,

Know1Important | December 15, 2021 at 2:29 am

Why is it that so much of this “greed” only manifests during Democratic administrations?

The biggest Monopoly we face is our Government.

Like most things…meat is a commodity. the producers contribute to a large market where it’s bought sold and traded…idiots.

I”m so old I remember when small family farms produced most of our food….not Chinese food conglomerates.

If they blame Big Meat, there should be an alternative in Small Meat. But the FDA has to license every meat processor, which prevents ranchers from processing their own and selling the meat. It’s big meat, or a vegetable substitute. (Anyone thinking of dildo will be penalized 10 points.)

Yet another thing we hoped Trump would change when Covid hit 2 years ago and ranchers were destroying cattle because they could not be processed, but we’ve since learned a lot about his true agenda.

    RandomCrank in reply to artichoke. | December 15, 2021 at 4:06 pm

    That alternative exists. It’s where the beef and pork in our freezer comes from. But it’s no substitute on a large scale.

I am more worried about all the alternative reprocessed vegetable snack chips coming on the market during the last two years; especially those that remind me of “soylent green”. … Anyone aware of a sell side analyst who has change his models for the Service Corporation International and its competitors ?

The Meatheads are declaring war against Big Meat.