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Book Review: The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Book Review: The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Under Fauci, “Science has become the new church of America”.

Never in a million years would I have thought to be on the same side of an issue as an environmental lawyer and Democratic icon, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

But after two years of America living under the biotech dictatorship of Dr. Anthony Fauci [Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)]…here we are.

I didn’t anticipate writing a review for Kennedy’s latest book, The Real Anthony Fauci, either. However, when the publisher appeared on Tucker Carlson to describe how the publishing community was throttling publicity for this book, I sensed that the media was once again assuming the role of Fauci’s guardian. So, I find myself reviewing a book the New York Times won’t review….one more time.

Let me start by saying that Kennedy’s book is exceedingly well written, especially on this highly scientific topic. He has managed to walk the fine line of explaining technical issues without dumbing it down to triviality. And his assessment of Fauci’s work as NIAID director is detailed, gripping and quite disturbing.

The book is incredibly well-referenced, with quotes from Nobel Laureate-winning scientists, citations to a plethora of scientific studies, and references to government reports that have been suppressed. One of the challenges I have had in covering COVID-19 is the Big Media throttling of news related to the real disease risks, treatment options, and issues with the vaccines. Kennedy’s book is filled with endnotes with links and references that Google, Facebook and Youtube will not let people readily locate.

I usually like to quote a specific passage of the book, but I found myself highlighting so many worthwhile sections and paragraphs, that I would like to condense perhaps the most important take-away from The Real Anthony Fauci: The template for the response to COVID-19 can be found by reviewing how Fauci took over billions of government dollars and dominated the sister agencies associated with NIAID (e.g., Food and Drug Administration, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Health and Human Services) with the advent of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) epidemic.

On page 172, Kennedy consolidates Fauci’s activities during the 1980’s to summarize the Big Pharma/Vaccine-centric approach that evolved as the NIAID empire grew. Some of the highlights on a chilling and very comprehensive list on Fauci’s AIDS-response that should be quite familiar to us all at this point:

  •  pumping up pandemic fears to lay the groundwork for larger budgets and greater powers.
  •  periodically stoking waning fear levels by warning of mutant super-strains and future surges
  • suggesting substantial changes to how people live, ostensibly to save lives
  • ignoring and dismissing off-the-shelf therapeutic remedies
  • promising ultimate salvation with vaccines

While Kennedy challenges much of Fauci’s COVID response, I feel the most important part of the book is a detailed look at the AIDS-response. For example, Fauci did not allow the use of a wide array of repurposed drugs that would have helped alleviate many of the effects of the diseases impacting patients. He bitterly clung to his decision, despite the pleas of numerous medical doctors who used the treatments successfully.

Since then, Fauci has substantially rehabilitated his image. But as a reminder about who Fauci is, I present a portion of a 1987 open letter to Fauci published in “The Village Voice”. To set the stage: Fauci had met with AIDS activists, and promised to speed up testing on the repurposed medications.

You’ve yet to test imuthiol, AS101, dextran sulfate, DHEA, Imreg-1, Erythropoietin — all drugs Gay Men’s Health Crisis considers top priority. You do like AZT, which consumes 80 percent of your studies, even though Dr. Barry Gingell, GMHC’s medical director, now describes AZT as “a cumulative poison… foisted on the public.” Soon there will be more AIDS patients dead because you did test drugs on them — the wrong drugs.

ACT UP was formed over a year ago to get experimental drugs into the bodies of patients. For one year ACT UP has tried every kind of protest known to man (short of putting bombs in your toilet or flames up your institute) to get some movement in this area. One year later, ACT UP is still screaming for the same drugs they begged and implored you and your world to release. One year of screaming, protesting, crying, cajoling, lobbying, threatening, imprecating, marching, testifying, hoping, wishing, praying has brought nothing. You don’t listen. No one listens. No one has ears. Or hearts.

I have read few books that have affected me as much as The Real Anthony Fauci. My only quibbles with it are some tedious insults to President Donald Trump and distracting homages to green activist causes. And it is a bit hard to take glowing references to Senator Ted Kennedy (but that’s family, so I will let that slide). However, those passages are few, and the writing is otherwise solid.

I give the book 4.5 stars out of 5. I strongly recommend everyone read it, as the book will help everyone make choices about their personal COVID responses based on a full set of information about who Fauci is and the choices Fauci has made.

Personally, I am sending the book to several bioscientists I know. The stories about what Fauci has done to those who challenge his theories are chilling. Kennedy writes that Harry Rubin, the dean of American retroviology, noted the following:

“The minute that someone suggests that the orthodoxy might be wrong, the establishment starts to call him crazy or a quack, ” Rubin continued. “One week, you’re a great scientist; the next week, you’re a jerk. Science has become the new church of America and is closing off all room for creative, productive dissent.


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My copy arrived today. I can hardly wait to start it.

Look up what Fauci did to Judy Mikovits, she worked for him at one point, and then blew the whistle.

Evil, evil little man.

    Paul In Sweden in reply to herm2416. | December 7, 2021 at 9:24 pm

    I just download a copy. I am game after reading Leslie’s review. Hard to believe I am about to read a Robert F. Kennedy Jr. book. My wife actually hates the man for his antivax propaganda related to autism. Leslie does make the case for the book to be read so here were go…

      I downloaded a copy the same night he appeared on Tucker. At the moment I am in the middle of a zombie apocalypse trilogy. After reading Leslie’s review, I am definitely bumping Fauci up in front. I can imagine Christmas Eve, sitting in front of the fire, with eggnog and The Real Fauci. Thank you Lesilie.

    WashRep in reply to herm2416. | December 8, 2021 at 2:46 pm

    My copy also arrived yesterday. I too hesitated, like Leslie noted, just because the author is a well known “anti-vaxxer” as well as a rabid leftist What drew me to the book was the recent ruling by the “so high muckity mucks” in the state of Colorado that doctors could not prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin, even though there is ample, in fact, massive data the two drugs are very effective. As a result of that ruling, my wife’s doctor flat refused to help her. I want to see Kennedy’s data on those drugs.

It was quite clear that Fauci in the 80s did not “follow the Science” as he is not “following the Science” today. He contributed to the AIDS debacle “solution” as he is doing it with COVID!

Everyone needs to read this book to get a better understanding of the forces that are distorting our lives. Whatever you think of RFK jr, you need to hear what he has to say about Fauci and the corruption of science and medicine.

I fear the motto.
Science is not the new church of America.
Science is just another word the left has co-opted to whitewash its narratives to credulous suckers.
It’s no different from liberal, progressive, (social) justice, (women’s) heath, or (gun) safety.
Real science — like real (classical) liberals, progress, (due process) justice, and (gun) safety — is opposed to every part of that Marxist narrative.

The Little Dwarf that cried “Covid”… every hour of every day of every month and now of every year.

Fauci catastrophically bungled the AIDS crisis, suppressed all information that the ‘crisis’ was primarily affected a specific and easily identifiable subset of the population because it wasn’t politically expedient, suppressed any information on actual treatments that he didn’t like, and despite all scientific evidence that a vaccine was IMPOSSIBLE, kept insisting that a vaccine would solve the so-called crisis. Sound fucking familiar?

And for his catastrophic failure, he was not only not fired, but continuously promoted.

Fauci is Exhibit A for how not only USELESS the career bureaucracy is, but actively harmful.

“The minute that someone suggests that the orthodoxy might be wrong, the establishment starts to call him crazy or a quack, ” Rubin continued. “One week, you’re a great scientist; the next week, you’re a jerk. Science has become the new church of America and is closing off all room for creative, productive dissent.”

that is the biggest problem with ‘science’. it’s been going on for centuries
the issue here is there are killing people by not applying the correct medicines, how many of the seniors that died in nursing homes could have been save it they were sent to hospital for treatment and the doctors used the correct treatment.

I have not yet read the book, but I did watch Tucker Carlson’s hour long interview with Kennedy. I would normally dismiss Kennedy as a quack, but now I think I should give another look at what I’ve dismissed as quackery. Kennedy has done due diligence on his research on Fauci. Maybe his research on other things has been equally diligent. After the holidays the book is on my agenda. I don’t want to get more depressed beforehand.

The book could be revisited/rewritten by someone with integrity, RFK, Jr’s name is poison. Maybe a legitimate scientist or panel of researchers with credentials beyond name recognition will provide gravitas.

Could be some poetic justice in having the estimable Fauxch estimated by the inestimable depravity of the “author”.

    billdyszel in reply to NotKennedy. | December 8, 2021 at 1:41 pm

    That would be entirely possible, as he has thoroughly footnoted every factual claim. Even if you don’t trust RFKjr, he’s assembled a solid set of facts from which you can draw your own conclusions. [SPOILER ALERT: Fauci comes out looking really, really bad.]

“I am science” (Fauci) and “I am the state” (Louis XIV) project the same arrogant egotism. Eisenhower, underrated as a President, could see the corruption of scence coming:

Kennedy is a first-class nut, and as a general rule if he says something you can reasonably suppose the opposite to be true. Even on this topic I wouldn’t trust any specific claim he makes without carefully checking his references. But on the general topic he seems this time to have come out on the side of truth.

Indeed one of the very unfortunate side-effects of the left’s irresponsible decision to label anyone skeptical of this vaccine as an “anti-vaxxer” is that it gives undeserved respectability to the thoroughly nutty and dishonest anti-vaccination movement. People start to think that if the medical establishment has lied to us so comprehensively about this vaccine, who’s to say they haven’t been doing the same all along, about all vaccines? If they’re dismissing us as nuts, when we know we’re not, who’s to say those other people they’ve been similarly dismissing for years aren’t also reasonable people who’ve simply been getting the same treatment for longer?

But the evidence says otherwise. Those people really are nuts. Some skeptics about this vaccine are also nuts; that makes sense, since the opposition to this vaccine is exactly the sort of cause nuts would latch on to. But the evidence also shows that there is good reason to be at least somewhat skeptical in this case. The pro-vaccine forces in this case are being so heavy-handed that it seems obvious they’re nervous and that they’re hiding things. So it makes sense to be wary of them, even if they were right on everything until now.

    gonzotx in reply to Milhouse. | December 8, 2021 at 1:26 pm

    My daughter had a severe reaction to Hep B vaccine. Up to that point I very much doubted anti vaccine discussion.
    I had a cousin who did not get the polio vaccine, really unbelievable as her mother lost her only brother to polio at age 13.
    It was 2 years after the vaccine was out so there really was no excuse, living in the backwoods of Wisconsin or not.
    But my daughter became severely ill for 2 years and 20 years later she still has some effects. She was lucky that her immune system fought back, but it was 2 years of hell.
    I do think autism is related to the numerous vaccines you g infants and children are given.
    Before 1989 autism was extremely rare, now it’s like 1/40 kids, depressing on where you lie on the spectrum.
    I cringe every time my grandkids get vaccines and pray.
    I know they won’t get the Covid but they have gotten the rest.

      Milhouse in reply to gonzotx. | December 8, 2021 at 3:47 pm

      I’m sorry your daughter had a bad reaction, but nobody ever claimed that never happens. It’s just extremely rare, and the risk of getting vaccinated is far lower than the risk of not doing so.

      But your claims about autism are just nonsense. The causes of autism are not well understood, but the one thing that we can be 1000% sure does not cause it is the MMR jab, or any other vaccine. That question has been studied to death, tens of millions of dollars have been thrown at it, and if there were any evidence to be found it would have been. The complete failure of all that research to find any evidence proves beyond all doubt that it doesn’t exist.

      It’s rather like the proposition that “second-hand smoking” causes lung cancer. After all the money spent looking for evidence of this, under every conceivable rock, the fact that it hasn’t been found proves it doesn’t exist. As does the fact that in the ’90s the government lied about it and claimed to have finally found the evidence, and had to be forced by a court to withdraw the claim. The fact that it felt the need to life proves that it had given up all hope of actually finding the evidence.

      It is simply NOT TRUE that autism was “extremely rare” until 1989. The incidence has risen, but not by anywhere near that much. One important factor is the rise is that the definition has become looser, and that a lot more testing has been done. Most children who are now diagnosed as autistic would never have been diagnosed 50 years ago.

      Also, there’s some decent evidence suggesting that autism may be genetic, and that would explain a lot of the increase. More people with the genes for it are meeting and marrying these days than did in the past.

        gran2ten in reply to Milhouse. | December 8, 2021 at 4:20 pm

        Would you have a basis FOR USING vax for kids? and autism is genetic?

          Milhouse in reply to gran2ten. | December 8, 2021 at 4:43 pm

          A basis for using vaccinations for kids? Of course! Literally millions of children’s lives have been saved by vaccination. It takes an absolute nutcase to deny that.

          And yes, there is good reason to believe that autism may be genetic, or at least that genetics are a major factor in it. Look it up.

Read the review and just bought the book. If you would have told me two-years ago that I would be buying a book by RFJ Jr., I would not have believed you.

Not a fan of RFK Jr. but the book was only $2.99 for Kindle so I downloaded it because I was curious. I’m halfway through reading it and it’s compelling. His footnoted sources are impressive, as is his writing style that makes confusing terminology understandable. I’ve always thought Fauci is evil, now I believe he’s a mass murderer.

‘”But as a reminder about who Fauci is, I present a portion of a 1987 open letter to Fauci published in “The Village Voice”.’
…followed by an emotional rant by apparently homosexual activists about a disease mainly caused by their own perverted behavior.
I am not impressed.

    gran2ten in reply to Tom Orrow. | December 8, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    Do you apply your same philosophy to other diseases caused by people themselves? With this theory science should NEVER search or look for cures/medicines because a LOT are caused by ourselves!

MoeHowardwasright | December 8, 2021 at 4:35 pm

I read the book before today. It’s title was “The Rise and Fall of the 3rd Reich”. Dr Mengle was barely mentioned. He may have disappeared, but he obviously resurfaced at NAID. This megalomaniac is truly evil.

As someone who has known about and despised Fauci for 30 years, nothing in this book so far is news to me. I have to disagree with you about this book. The information is correct but the book is a slog. I usually read a book cover to cover in one sitting. I’ve had the Fauci book since release day and I’m on page 133. It is improving a bit, but I find it a snore. This book could have used a ghost writer to improve it’s story telling. It’s missing whatever it is that usually makes one want to turn the page.

I have to say that given RFK Jr.’s crackpottery regarding vaccines and their alleged link to autism, it is hard to believe that this book might actually have worthwhile content.

There is actually a scientific connection between a vaccine , the MMR vaccine and Autism in one subset group and that is African American boys. That isn’t crack pottery nuts , it’s fact. The connection is a correlation which is not causation but it is a correlation. And this why the MMR vaccine is now often offered in a broken up sequence to African American kids versus the combo of all together .the twin studies that Autism “was caused “ by vaccines were notoriously fabricated but the above mentioned correlation is real . There is easily available data on this in many peer reviewed non crack pot journals if you don’t believe me. So yes vaccines have risks and the public has a right to know those risks so they can make informed decisions.