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Republicans Positioned for Blowout Win in 2022 Midterms

Republicans Positioned for Blowout Win in 2022 Midterms

“House Democrats’ retirement crisis is quickly becoming a five alarm emergency”

Republicans are already seen as the favorites to win the House of Representatives in 2022, but it looks like the Senate might be in play as well.

Mitch McConnell recently predicted a ‘very good election’ for the GOP.

Retired New York Rep. Peter King writes at The Hill:

Republicans seem set to win the midterms — unless they defeat themselves

My almost 50 years of experience in politics has taught me that 11 months can be a lifetime in this business. What seems inevitable today can vanish overnight.

With that caveat — and unless Republicans defeat themselves — every reliable political indicator today points toward overwhelming Republican victories in the 2022 midterm elections.

President Biden’s poll numbers are at almost record lows in every conceivable category. Vice President Kamala Harris’s numbers are even worse. Inflation is rising more rapidly than any time in three decades. Violent crime is steadily increasing, especially in our inner cities.

The 2021 off-year elections were an across-the-board disaster for Democrats — not just losing the three top statewide offices in Virginia but being routed as well in the suburbs in several states, which had been going progressively blue, especially during the Trump years…

If the suburbs are the new national political battleground, Republicans seemingly could not be better positioned for the 2022 midterms — unless they take their focus off of Biden, form circular firing squads, and attempt intra-party purges similar to those in which Democrats have engaged the past year.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue heading for the exits.

CBS News reports:

House Democrats to lose 15th incumbent ahead of 2022 midterms with latest retirement

Democratic Congressman G.K. Butterfield will retire from his North Carolina district, according to two sources with knowledge of his plans.

He is the 15th House Democrat to either announce retirement or a run for another office this cycle. It also comes after a gerrymandered map passed by Republican state legislators in North Carolina turned his district into one that leans Democratic by just one point…

On Tuesday, Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California also announced she wouldn’t be running in 2022. House Republican campaign groups jumped on both retirements, suggesting Democrats are heading out before they lose their seat or have to serve in the minority.

“House Democrats’ retirement crisis is quickly becoming a five alarm emergency,” said Calvin Moore, communications director of the Congressional Leadership Fund.

Republicans only need a handful of wins to take back the House, but it’s already looking more likely to be a 2010 style blowout win.


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Now to make sure they do not fumble the ball the way they did in 2016. It is one thing to have a majority. It is quite another to do something with it.

    fscarn in reply to lhw. | November 27, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Point one great big accusing finger at Paul Ryan.

      mbecker908 in reply to fscarn. | November 27, 2021 at 11:13 am

      Who in the current republican leadership is any different than Ryan?

        CommoChief in reply to mbecker908. | November 27, 2021 at 5:29 pm

        Outwardly the r HoR leadership says they are not and have made a lot of noise that they will act v pontificate if given the opportunity of a majority. The r minority whip Scalise, having been shot by a Bernie Bro, doesn’t seem likely to back slide towards failure theater.

        The leadership is voted to those positions by their caucus. A caucus that is already more Tea Party/MAGA than in 2017. With help from us, the voters, to elect the most Tea Party/MAGA candidates in our primaries then the caucus has a critical mass large enough to keep the leadership honest.

        We have a critical role to play in working to identify, support and elect candidates who will take action when given the opportunity. Ultimately it’s up to the voters in each CD to play their part and send quality folks to DC v backsliding, big talkers who are more concerned with airtime on Hannity than passing legislation.

    Danny in reply to lhw. | November 27, 2021 at 11:05 am

    Unless you have a veto proof majority what you could do with it is prevent legislation, stop confirmations and well do what Republicans did 2010-2016.

    “Fumble?” More like “sabotage’.

    If WE are collectively so stupid to let these hacks AGAIN control OUR victory and OUR party, we are the biggest morons this side of any prog hack.

    The names McConnell, McCarthy, Rona Romney Daniels – they’re POISON. McConnell is as big a rat as they come. McCarthy is as big a milquetoast as they come (unless you want another Boehner). Rona Daniels is as big a talentless hack as they come.

    The standards are Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, Majorie Taylor Greene, Rand Paul, John Kennedy.

    ANYTHING less is garbage.

      Quick list all the Obama judges confirmed after 2014 followed by all the Obama laws passed after 2010.

      You are a hack inventing a mythology tailor made for suppressing Republican vote and keeping Democrats in power great job.

      If you actually listened to Ted Cruz you would find his differences with Mitch McConnell aren’t that big. Rand Paul does have differences with Mitch McConnell (he is a Libertarian which means he would be LESS to your liking because he doesn’t like using the government to accomplish things).

      You would give Biden an extra 2 y ears with complete control of the legislature for purely aesthetic reasons great judgement….Chuck Schumer is proud of you.

I don’t believe in counting unhatched eggs when other people are handing them in the back room where I can’t see what is going on.

Fool me once shame on me. Okay this is the second time. Now take your filthy hands of my eggs.

The only question is will they again snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Yawn, get ready for Mitch and the RINOs to screw us again.

    fscarn in reply to MAJack. | November 27, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Kevin McCarthy is a spineless POS.

      Danny in reply to fscarn. | November 27, 2021 at 11:07 am

      Nancy Pelosi thanks you from the bottom of her heart for discouraging Republicans from making Kevin McCarthy house speaker and loves you for helping her keep the gavel and performing operation demoralize with no funding from the DNC.

    Danny in reply to MAJack. | November 27, 2021 at 11:08 am

    You mean like when he prevented any Obama legislation from becoming law the moment he had the power to, ended all judicial confirmations the moment he had the power to or are you still deluding yourself to justify the way you helped Democrats regain the senate and get their judges through?

      henrybowman in reply to Danny. | November 27, 2021 at 3:07 pm

      Quite possibly that is exactly what we are upset about. All defense, zero offense. Defense doesn’t win games, it just runs out the clock until the next turnover.

        CommoChief in reply to henrybowman. | November 27, 2021 at 5:45 pm

        Exactly. One can appreciate the deft maneuvers of McConnell to stop nominations and delay or prevent legislation. That isn’t enough. The d/prog always seek to advance their policies, all at once when possible and incrementally if not.

        This one way ratchet effect where the r leaders in DC refuse to advance our agenda or to roll back the gains of d/prog legislation has brought us to the sorry state we find ourselves in. Making nice with d/prog politicians and being afraid to offend hasn’t been successful. A commitment to MAGA principles and their advancement is required.

        It is highly unlikely any of us will live to see either party get a veto proof majority in congress. What exactly do you suggest he could do knowing that the filibuster exists (Thank god because we have used the filibuster on every law Biden has proposed so far) so he can’t even send legislation to Biden’s desk for a veto, and if he did Biden’s veto would be the end of it?

          CommoChief in reply to Danny. | November 28, 2021 at 11:36 am


          You correctly point out that without a veto proof majority a r controlled HoR and Senate can’t push meaningful legislation past the veto of a d/prog POTUS. No one is disputing that.

          What you studiously ignore though is the lack of legislative accomplishment on issues important to the r base such as immigration, border wall, national debt, realistic budgeting or even the normal budgeting process while Ryan had a r HoR and McConnell had r Senate and DJT was POTUS.

          Compare the actions of the d/prog today with similar control v 2017 and 2018. Where was the push from legislative leaders to enact MAGA oriented legislation? It didn’t exist. Frankly both Ryan and McConnell dithered on advancing MAGA legislation, IMO. This is why many are frustrated with the establishment leaders/policy makers/donor class.

Ditch Mitch

Another revival of Republican Failure Theater (TM). Happy happy joy joy.

    Failure we should all love the great success of Georgia Jan 5th and wish to emulate that in the future instead of emulating that failure like 2010 when all legislation from Obama ended, 0r 2014 when his judicial nominations ended to or that horrendous unforgivable failure like keeping Merrick Garland off the Supreme Court and we will never ever forgive regular Republicans running on Republican issues instead of “Trump was cheated in 2020” for winning the governors mansion of Virginia and Virginia state house no we must always look forward to great successes like Jan 5th when Democrats won the senate.

      And yet almost two dozen GOP senators voted to make Garland AG, with all the legal power of the corrupt Justice Department behind him. That’s success? Frankly, Garland would have done less damage on the Supreme Court.

      In fact, every Biden* nominee (save one) has gotten at least a handful of Franz von Papen Republican votes. Too many have gotten overwhelming GOP support. In an allegedly 50-50 Senate that is woefully inadequate.

      Even if the GOP had managed to drag the ethically-challenged GOP Senators from Georgia across the finish line in the runoff election, there is zero evidence that things would be different. Have you already forgotten the “stimulus” bill Mitch and other Republicans voted for, a bill that will only stimulate inflation? In a GOP-controlled Senate the Biden* agenda would roll along unstoppable, only with an even more blatant “bipartisan” stamp on it. No thanks.

      Your words are worthless, and don’t match the reality of the situation.

        “Frankly, Garland would have done less damage on the Supreme Court.”
        Well, no. The Supreme Court is forever. The next R president will toss Garland out on his ass.

        The term “bipartisan” is not worth loss of federal dollars to your state for any senator on either side.

        Sorry but the term “bipartisan” is worth very little, nobody outside of DC cares about that term, making sure the next budget doesn’t cut federal dollars from a senators state however….

        The field would have been very different if Republicans had the ability to stop a Biden nominee. However they don’t right now. If they had the power to stop nominations you would have seen it happen. Thanks to your rhetoric Republicans boycotted the Georgia race resulting in Biden getting who he wants.

        Perhaps instead of creating exactly the circular firing squad this article warns about we start studying how Democrats get Republican votes and replicate it next time we are in power?

        Or how about this

        List every single law Obama got passed congress after 2010

        List every judge Obama got confirmed after 2014

        By the way with reconciliation (which we used during the Trump era) Democrats didn’t need Republican votes for their spending bill, they purchased yes votes with more funding for states Republican senators are from but they didn’t need those votes.

        If they did need the votes they wouldn’t have had them.

        Also see Prof. Jacobson’s articles I agree with him we are fortunate not to have Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court.

        By the way are you willing to state categorically that the Democrats are just a horrible party they are not being controlled by invisible Muslim hands? I have to ask because you love the term Dhimmicrat which means exactly that.

Don’t worry. The Turtle will always find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

    You mean like the way he kept Merrick Garland off the supreme court, stopped Obama’s judicial nominees, stopped Obama’s legislation, kept Obama on a short enough leash that there were hundreds of days without a budget and secured sequester or when Donald Trump handed the Democrats the senate on a silver platter?

      Who says these bastards are a shoe-in for usurping our victory, if it comes?

      Not the conservatives. Not us:

      A dead body in the Senate leadership chair could have kept Himmler II off the court.
      McConnell played us and played us good, getting rich in the process.

        You are telling lies right now

        A dead body in a chair would have followed historical precedent and allowed hearings for the new supreme court nominee at minimum it was a calculated decision by Mitch McConnell to escalate the judicial war and keep even hearings from happening. He more than likely thought he would lose votes in the senate due to political pressure and Garland would enter the supreme court if he put it to the vote. I am glad he escalated by refusing to budge on Merrick Garland. Prof. Jacobson knows a lot more than either of us and that is his opinion to.

        The same Mitch McConnell who successfully ranched up the support to get Trump’s nominee into the Supreme Court during an election year.

        Mitch McConnell has successfully reached out to Joe Manchin to prevent Joe Manchin voting with his party causing us to lose permanently on every issue.

        Mitch McConnell is the reason Trump’s Jan 6th recklessness (best way to describe bringing lots of angry people for an enraging speech together in the same place with FBI provocateurs embedded) did not result in his impeachment.

        Mitch McConnell gave Trump a 100% success rate for legislation he asked for.

        Mitch McConnell stopped EVERY Obama judge as soon as he became senate majority leader

        But I guess the truth hurts and when he is senate majority leader again instead of thanking him for stopping Biden initiatives you will explain how he only does it because Trump asks him to.

          CommoChief in reply to Danny. | November 28, 2021 at 11:51 am


          Did you forget the budgets presented to DJT that lacked border wall funding? That seems like a huge oversight on your part. The failure of Ryan and McConnell to deliver funding on the signature campaign issue of DJT is very telling.

Well if the Dems are not stopped now, a big blow out win next year won’t matter.

It’s going to be one hell of an ugly campaign season next year.

Good, good. The vile, totalitarian Dhimmi-crats are useless and worthless in all things. I wouldn’t trust these idiotic and destructive apparatchiks to clean a toilet. Thrown them all out and never let them touch the levers of political power, ever.

    The vile asshole guyjones and his genocidal rhetoric towards Muslims is no more welcome than a genocidal asshole who uses the terms Jewicrats or Jewicans who hates Democrats/Republicans.

    You are a vile and horrible excuse for a human being, you are not Jewish, you are not Christian you are just disgusting.

    Take your religious hate and shove it back to 2004 and the Bush administration where it belongs.

      Is that you, David French?

        So it makes you a never Trump asshole not to approve of genocidal rhetoric if the person saying it is pretending to be on our side?

        Do you believe there is a secret Muslim Cabal running the U.S. Government that is responsible for the Democrats policies and culture war? (You know WHAT THE GOD DAMNED TERM DHIMMICRATS MEANS!!!)

        If so congratulations you like guyjones have rediscovered protocols of the elders of zion.

        Blaming what you don’t like about your country on a minority is genocidal speech and I will not stand for it and I don’t give a dam who is making said speech.

        Too many members of my family got turned into soap by the nazis for me to ignore the asshole guyjones sorry.

        By the way I’m not the person still loyal to the war on terror after it’s originator George W Bush has already denounced our side as worst than Al Qaeda. But your neocon loyalty is touching.

          Whitewall in reply to Danny. | November 27, 2021 at 1:47 pm

          The Lincoln Project has finally shown up? Run out of young boys today?

          “George W Bush has already denounced our side as worst than Al Qaeda….”

          You just admitted Bush lost his mind. Or his religion. Or both.

          henrybowman in reply to Danny. | November 27, 2021 at 3:12 pm

          Bush’s mind was never much in evidence. Bush was a “compassionate conservative,” otherwise known as a liberal. Just because he had an R after his name, folks like Danny still think our side must be loyal to him. We aren’t, and we never were.

        No, it’s just someone Doing The French Mistake.

          I always thought David French was a gigantic Muslim hating Neocon because HE IS a giant Muslim hating neocon.

          People who are claiming secret cabals of Muslims are responsible for the Democrat Party are with David French.

          However it is good to see the surrender caucus and the idiots who fell hook line and sinker for every fear mongering tactic of George W Bush and who want to revive his war on terror are the same people.

Hard to get really excited about this. That will have to wait until I see the GOPe actually do something other than what it usually does.

Any of GOPe or Conservative, Inc liars still claiming they’ll repeal Obamacare? Or has one of them finally produced ‘The Conservative Case for Obamacare’ white paper?

If the GOPe and Conservative Inc. does what it almost always does all this will be is a temporary pause in the Dems’ Long March. A rest period. To allow the GOPe to catch up and start treating the most recent Dem enacted legislation advancing Big Gov Marxist socialism in the USA as the newest status quo to defend.

Anyone started a lottery yet on the day GOPe, with McCarthy and McTurtle in charge, starts making deals, again, with Biden and the Dems?

    Why does the concept of Uniparty seem to be alien on LI? We aren’t voting for Republicans to get things done but to get things UNdone. Like Obamacare. Every Republican in Congress promised to repeal it if we voted for them.

    Danny in reply to JHogan. | November 27, 2021 at 7:04 pm

    So you want to keep the Democrats in power congratulations.

    When CRT is enshrined as federal law just remember Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer is grateful you kept them in power on behalf of lies.

      It takes incredible determination to remain this blind to the duplicity of the GOPe. And based on the number of comments you post insulting people here who are trying to educate you, it’s more than just willful blindness. You are a certified nut. Get a life will you?

ESTABLISHMENT D’s and R’s = Uniparty.

POPULISTS are the anti-uniparty.

Establishment politicians viewpoint is that people are to be RULED

Populists believe people are the RULERS the government exists to serve the people.

This perspective is key to understanding the core difference between these two. The ESTABLISHMENT hates POPULISTS. That why they hate TRUMP and others like him. For example, LIZ CHENEY and GEORGE BUSH are ESTABLISHMENT politicians.

A big part of the reason that the Senate was lost was because the Establishment GOP ran candidates, that made watching drying paint seem exciting. Through running crash dummy candidates in the primary to dilute the votes of candidates the establishment dislikes, they manage to get the establishment backed GOP candidate to win.

And the Establishment GOP DELIBERATELY turned a blind eye to Election Fraud. This hurt Trump, but also other GOP Candidates. As well as turning off a LOT of Trump Voters.

The challenge was the establishment GOP was/is at war with Trump. McConnel wanted desperately to impeach Trump. Fact is ZERO Recesss Appointments happened while Trump was in office, and the Senate Confirmation process was slowed down by the Resistance, and McConnell allowed that to happen. I am still surprised Trump got as much done, with every one that was against him. Hopefully Trump by actively backing candidates in the primaries will get better GOP Candidates elected.

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse has suggested McConnell is happier being in the minority, since this way he has more of a negotiation clout.

Besides the 1 party with two name system we have going that’s still assuming the voting will not be all mail voting and the counters making it who they want to win.

    How else do you think all these ‘Soros’ DAs are miraculously being ‘elected’ across the country? Few in in their districts ever head of them before they were ‘elected.’

    Los Angeles’ psychopathic DA George Gascon is a perfect example. Ask anyone in Los Angeles if they had heard of the psychopath before he was magically elected over a black woman (Jacki Lacy) who was doing a decent job as DA.

    If there’s a voting machine involved, the election is fixed.

Wishful thinking. There will be another Covid shutdown. That means mail in ballots. And the Democrats will take 80 – 90 % of these votes.

almost 50 years of experience in politics

and therein lies the issue. people are proud of this.

I remember the last time– and it will be the LAST time– the GOP convinced our family that is they won the House and the Senate, they would give America back to the People. Forgot to mention that they also had the Presidency. One thing Republicans are great at is losing. They are polite as the Dems are ripping out their [email protected]. I have come to despise the GOP.

Subotai Bahadur | November 27, 2021 at 6:30 pm

There are a number of assumptions that are being made in this discussion of a possible Republican blowout in 2022.

1) That there will be real elections and they will not be cancelled by some “state of emergency”.
2) If there are something called elections, that they will be even somewhat honest.
2a) That vote-by-mail will not be involved.
2b) That a chain of custody can be maintained over the votes cast personally and that all votes will be cast by real, live, properly registered US citizens.
2c) That mystery and untraceable ballots will not appear suddenly after the polls close, all for the Democrat.
2d) That any ballots cast by voting machine will not be with Dominion or other Democrat endorsed system.
3) That the Republican Party itself really wants to, and tries to, win. We do not have time or money to create a replacement for the Republican/Whigs before November 2022.

Here in Colorado, in 2010 TEA Party-supported Republican Dan Maes literally swept the governor’s nomination overwhelmingly at all levels from precinct caucuses to the State Convention and State Primary election. The response of the GOPe was to totally refuse to fund or campaign for him statewide until a couple of days before the election because of his TEA Party affiliation, and they paid off the Constitution Party to insert Republican Tom Tancredo as their candidate and paid for Tancredo’s campaign, with the deliberate intention of splitting the vote and guaranteeing a Democrat win. Their strategy worked, and we have had Democrat governors since. Tancredo returned to the Republican Party the day after the election and became a high ranking leader there and ran for governor again in 2014 as a Republican for a short while until he got tired of being loudly boo-ed out of county central committee meetings.

In 2016, immediately after the nomination of Donald Trump was final, our [and several other county’s] GOPe county committee DISSOLVED the county party and gave up the lease on the local HQ office. It was the TEA Party who reconstituted the county Republican Party, opened a new HQ, and our campaign kicked Democrat a–.

For some reason, when the TEA Party started most members were formally registered as Republicans. Now Republicans are very much a minority. I wonder why?

Note carefully, I am NOT saying not to take part in the Republican nomination and election process. But do it with a couple of things in mind:

The GOPe likely would rather lose the election and the Constitution forever than defeat Democrats.

You have to fight like hell because probably 2022 is the very last chance for legitimate electoral politics to determine how this country is governed, If any of 1), 2 a-d), or 3) are answered in the negative, then the Social Contract between citizens and government is void and everybody’s dance cards are going to fill up right smartly.

There is a Japanese saying that starts out “Be Thou then Truly resolved . . .”

Subotai Bahadur

They’ll screw it up AND/OR elect a bunch of RINOs…. Herrara Buetler and Liz Cheney better be gone in the primary.