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Liberals Triggered By Rittenhouse Trial Judge “God Bless The USA” Ringtone

Liberals Triggered By Rittenhouse Trial Judge “God Bless The USA” Ringtone

“Twitter lefties arguing that Judge Schroeder’s ringtone being God Bless the USA proves he’s a Trump supporter only shows how far outside normal America they live.” They also pounced on Judge’s supply chain joke.

The bad hot takes from supposed “legal analysts” and other CNN/MSNBC types on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial have been fast and flowing this week, spurred on by a multitude of mostly self-inflicted wounds suffered by the prosecution. Among them was Judge Schroeder repeatedly admonishing them, and one of the prosecution’s star witnesses admitting that Rittenhouse only shot at him after he (the witness) pointed a gun at him.

In fact, the trial has gone so badly for the prosecution that their cheerleaders and defenders on the left and in the mainstream media are trying a new tactic: Suggesting that Schroeder is a Trump fan because of the ringtone on his cellphone and that he is biased against Asians because of an ‘Asian food’ comment he made Thursday shortly before lunchtime. They think that if they can prove the former they can get him removed from the trial.

The ringtone freakout on the left was brought on in part by the two of the most notoriously activist “journalists” on Twitter – the Daily Beast’s Justin Baragona and’s Aaron Rupar.

Baragona was among the first to report on and include video of the moment during the trial Wednesday when Schroeder’s cellphone rang as the defense was speaking. You briefly hear Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” start before Schroeder quickly shut his phone down.

The first clue for liberals to panic in Baragona’s tweet was him noting it was a “patriotic anthem” ringtone, which is leftist/reporter code for “this guy must be a right-wing wacko.” But for those who didn’t catch on to Baragona’s clue, Rupar swooped in to explicitly note what was REALLY disturbing about the ringtone (read/watch below):

Accordingly, the cargo ship carrying the tons of smelling salt crates was expedited in the midst of the supply chain crisis in time to help outraged liberals cope. Among them was Jon Cooper, who has nearly 845,000 Twitter followers, and whose bio reads “Formerly National Finance Chair of Draft Biden 2016; Long Island Campaign Chair for @BarackObama; Majority Leader of Suffolk County Legislature, NY”:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman also fretted about the possibility Schroeder was a closet Trump fan and therefore could not objectively preside over the trial or something:

“Yesterday’s courtroom shenanigans dashed any hope of a conviction. When the judge screams at the prosecutor twice and his ringtone playing [Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless the USA’] goes off when the defense is asking for a mistrial, the fix is in! Rittenhouse is going to walk.”

Kyle Rittenhouse will not only be declared innocent, but he will then be carried out of that courtroom on the shoulders of the judge, the jury and his very relieved but exceptionally cynical lawyers.

From a legal perspective, I can’t speak to the rightness or wrongness of Schroeder ripping into the prosecution. But I do find it interesting that when liberals hear a patriotic song they automatically assume “right-winger.” I mean maybe if these same liberals actually demonstrated some patriotism of their own from time to time instead of constantly bashing America and trying to completely rewrite its history, such automatic assumptions perhaps would stop being made. Just a thought.

As far as the “Asian food” comment, this “outrage” was completely driven by CNN, after CNN reporter Kyung Lah noted the remark the judge made Thursday and one of their field producers (Julia Vargas Jones) said a “collective gasp” could be heard in the pressroom:’s Julio Rosas, who is also covering the trial, disputed the “gasp” claim:

Though it was pretty obvious that Judge Schroeder was making a quip about the supply chain crisis, CNN didn’t see it that way and ran a report accusing him of making an “inappropriate Asian food joke,” bringing in “experts” to point out the horror of it all:

It was the kind of “reporting” that made you want to react like this:

Oh well.

The defense rested their case Thursday and closing arguments are supposed to start Monday, soon after which jurors will begin deliberating. Might be a good idea to start praying for Kenosha right about now, because depending on the jury’s verdict, we could see a repeat of last summer’s violent rioting. Hopefully, that prospect won’t influence the jurors one way or another on this case.

As always, keep it here for the latest developments.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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The Friendly Grizzly | November 13, 2021 at 10:23 am

They have to be triggered by something. If they were triggered, they’d be triggered because they are triggered. I wonder what Roy Rogers would think of this?

A judge that believes in the Constitution and America.

I’m sure they will get on replacing Emmett Sullivan as judge presiding over the Michael Flynn trial any day now. I mean they have to right as that’s a much higher profile case involving a federal crime?

Did you notice the American flags on the judge’s necktie?
More evidence that he’s a white supremacist. /sarcasm

    That’s how they fool you. Think South Africa, where the Mandela-led Xhosa lynched competing Zulu. Diversity breeds adversity.

Meh. This is the same judge that will allow the prosecution to use the provocation argument in the prosecution’s closing statement that Rittenhouse is actually the guilty party for daring to defend himself (the provocation argument is just a variation of “the slut wore a short skirt so she deserved to get raped”).

I don’t give a rat’s patoot what ringtone he has – this judge is just plain awful.

    He did it on purpose too. Goofing around while Kyle is on trial for his life. We are watching in real time the template for wrongful convictions. Again I say smiling cobra.

      artichoke in reply to Elzorro. | November 13, 2021 at 7:55 pm

      Well the lefties who hate Kyle on the twitter thread seem wounded too by the lightheartedness. So maybe it didn’t matter.

Let me be perfectly clear. The leftists are *not* triggered by the judge’s ringtone selection. He could have “America, the Beautiful” or “The Star-Spangled Banner” and they would be perfectly happy with it, even gloating about it, *PROVIDED* they were confident he was going to break the law in order to put Kyle away for multiple life sentences.

They’re looking at the possibility that a good kid who defended himself is going to go free. Justice will be done as the law demands. And that scares the bejeppers out of them, particularly since they’ve spent the last few months painting Kyle as some sort of monster. The Left will not admit they were horribly wrong, that Kyle was viciously attacked four times and successfully defended himself within the boundaries of the law. That he only fired when faced with lethal threats to his life, and *stopped* firing when the threats were stopped. To them, truth does not matter. The Narrative is all. And they are blinded by their hatred of a good kid.

    healthguyfsu in reply to georgfelis. | November 13, 2021 at 12:39 pm

    Let me be perfectly clear. Justice has not been served. This is open and shut self defense based on available evidence and should not even be a trial.

      artichoke in reply to healthguyfsu. | November 13, 2021 at 7:57 pm

      Yes, and Judge Schroeder should have dismissed the most serious charges with prejudice shortly after the defense made that motion, due to the many violations by the prosecution that the judge noted. Why bawl the prosecutor out and then let Kyle eat the risk it creates?

And what would their reaction have been had the judge’s phone rung to ‘The Internationale’?

They’re mad because … who needs a reason?

The “Asian Food” comment was in no way “racist”.

The only thing that needs to be said about the ringing phone is that I hope the judge has enough integrity to hold himself in contempt of court and to issue himself a fine for the non silenced phone in the courtroom.

“Judge Schroeder’s ringtone being God Bless the USA”

After playing a practical joke on the media he went back to his chambers and changed it back to _______________________________.

Liberal sects predominantly subscribe to the Pro-Choice religion. In Stork They Trust.

Patriotism is Kryptonite to them.
Maybe we need to bring back car flags just to piss them off!

We could solve all this if only Dave Chapelle would make an inappropriate Asian food joke.

I was surprised that PETA didn’t freak out when he asked the jury if they enjoyed the KFC they got for lunch earlier in the week

Words that trigger liberals….America, Guns, Trump, Wall, Freedom, Constitution,Patriot,Bible, White, Life, Wife, Man, and many more dangerous words to utter near a liberal. If you say one of these words stand clear in case their head explodes.

I am beginning to wonder if this isn’t all part of an act on the part of the judge to give the impression that he is “right wing”. How often does a Judges phone go off in court? This just doesn’t happen. And then we had him ask the court room to acknowledge veteran’s day by applauding and course the outbursts against the prosecution.

All just part of an act? I think that this was planned as a show-trial and the judges antics could well be part of an act.

We will know by Monday.

There is a popular narrative among Twitter leftists that Rittenhouse “should not have been there”

Strangley, they refuse to apply the “should not have been there” standard to Roenbaum, Huber, and Grosskreutz who were actively rioting.

    Milhouse in reply to Juris Doctor. | November 13, 2021 at 7:45 pm

    Not just Twitter leftists. We’ve had that argument made several times right here in this forum. CommoChief, I think, has made it (if I misremember I apologize).

I’m so old I can remember when Democrats were all, “How dare you question our patriotism?”. My response in those days was, “I’m not questioning it, I’m outright denying it; prove me wrong”. Now the masks are off. Now they’d be insulted if you accused them of patriotism.

I was unfamiliar with this song until now. I just listened to it, found and downloaded the ringtone the judge is using, and made it my ringtone.

I’m worried the ringtone thing made the judge start giving “equity” to the prosecution by cheating the defense at the end. Allowing in this brand new “enhanced” video, not giving the defense time to find an expert to refute it, and closing the trial right before anyone notices that the clarified FBI video refutes the idea of Kyle pointing the rifle first. And the strange jury instruction that could take away self defense.

This whole time the prosecution has been begging the judge to give them a chance to win despite their having no case. It seems the judge is folding right at the end, hope it doesn’t matter.

Could someone please explain what exactly the leftists find offensive about the joke? From their perspective, naturally. Putting myself in their shoes, adopting all of their prejudices, I still don’t get the offense. Is it that ordering Asian food is cultural appropriation? Or that by not specifying what part of Asia he was treating all of Asia as one homogeneous region, thus erasing the individual cuisines of the different regions? Or what?

Aaron Rupar: The Rittenhouse judge’s ring tone is literally Trump’s rally theme song. Draw your own conclusions.

With pleasure. My conclusion is that you are a f***ing TDS retard.

And please, don’t keep referring to them as “liberals.” They are not liberal in any meaningful way. They are authoritarian zealots who care absolutely nothing for the freedom, autonomy, rights, or dignity of their fellow citizens. They are the epitome and the clear definition of illiberal.

Everyone is outraged over a joke about Asian food.
I guess that means they’ll be outraged again an hour later.

Char Char Binks | November 15, 2021 at 10:40 am

They don’t even try to hide their hatred of America anymore.

Judge is unacceptable! ALL civic officials must be Party Members!
All within the party…
Nothing outside the party…
Nothing against the party!
That is the only definition of a “fair society!”