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Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm Beclowns Herself and the Biden Admin With Ridiculous Claim

Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm Beclowns Herself and the Biden Admin With Ridiculous Claim

“Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm laughs when asked about Biden’s plans to bring gas prices down.”

Remember when the Obama administration pushed for European prices for gasoline?  The thinking, if you can call it that, was that if Americans had to pay $9 or $10 a gallon for gas, we’d stop driving so much and this would thus stop global warming (that was the term they used back then before perfectly normal climate fluctuations resulted in embarrassing cool temps–the solution to this inconvenient truth was to change the term to the catch-all “climate change”).

To that questionable end, the Obama administration proceeded to shut down domestic energy production and to regulate existing producers into bankruptcy.  Of course, gas prices surged, and we were quickly assured by the Obama-Biden White House that this was the “new normal,” that gas prices would never again go below $4 a gallon, and that we had to learn to live with this immutable fact. Because OPEC. Or something.

And then President Trump came along and showed not only that gas prices could be less than half the price they were under Obama but that we could, as a nation, become energy independent.  Indeed, Trump made that happen, and consumer prices for gas plummeted.

It turned out that Obama lied when he said that gas would never again go below $4/gal; indeed, in some places (including my town in Florida) during the Trump presidency, it went below $2/gal.

We all know what we saw, what we experienced; we know what we paid during the Obama-Biden admin, during the Trump admin, and what we are paying now.  But Democrats, now back in charge (for the time being), think we are stupid, that we will buy their brazen lies, somehow enjoy their lack of empathy or concern for normal Americans’ economic plight, and reward their condescending mockery.

Watch Joe “I am the Democratic Party” Biden’s repellent Secretary of Energy, Jennifer Granholm, laugh hysterically at the idea that Americans are suffering or that America has any control over gas prices.

These people are completely bonkers if they think we, the people, are going to buy this garbage. Gas will never again go below $4/gal, the Obama-Biden admin stated as factually indisputable factier than fact fact. It’s all OPEC, you see (same lie Granholm is peddling in the Obama 3.0 presidency). If only I had that hysterically funny magic wand!

You do, you ridiculous cackling monster. And, worse, you know it. That Obama-Biden BS has been resoundingly debunked by President Trump’s “magic wand” energy policies and America First agenda that saw gas prices plummet and American families reap the benefits.

Biden couldn’t wait to get in the Oval and undo every good Trump did for America via EO. The Biden admin has undone in ten months every policy and EO that made our economy hum, and they are audaciously now pretending their partisan TDS-fueled destruction of all of Trump’s America First policies had no role in the collapse of our economy (and of Biden’s approval numbers). The wrong-headed incompetence is astounding.

Democrats apparently think all Americans are as stupid as their base. We are not.


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So far everyone of Biden’s appointees see their job as being the opposite of what the post is supposed to do.
As for this lunatic…she is a cartoon villain. A Hillary and Kamala. Both of which have some psychological issues. I wonder how many accents this loon has?

    jakebizlaw in reply to puhiawa. | November 5, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    Wasn’t she a game show contestant in the 70’s? The Price is Right, perhaps ?

      THIS is who they are. They really are this lame!

      Line them up: this bozo, Pete Butthead, Kamala Harris – just name them.

      Jill Biden is behind this. ALL of it.

        And Jill is so stupid that she thinks she will be spared by the rulers when her utility returns to zero.

        And they win only because they know the GOP will save them if they falter. For example,

        So once again, while we are celebrating a major victory, the McConnell sleazebags snatch another defeat from the jaws of victory. We are heading for a reconciliation session where McConnell will deliver the ultimate cave to the Dems.

        These are the Republicans who will frustrate DeSantis if he dares to challenge Trump in the primary. DeSantis absolutely needs to have Trump on his side to win. Same goes with Trump vis-a-vis DeSantis. So those among us who insist that Trump doesn’t deserve a second term because of the “gazzilion mistakes” he made despite delivering to his voters like no one ever has, get over it.

        Yes, Trump WAS robbed in 2020 and I enjoy his “mean” tweets. Without those tweets, who will say those things that must be said? Trump has to do it himself.

        MAGA BABY!!!

    Ronbert in reply to puhiawa. | November 6, 2021 at 10:22 am

    I am starting think the DemonKrats are raiding mental institutions for their appointees.

They can’t hide how much they despise us.

    TX-rifraph in reply to Exiliado. | November 6, 2021 at 7:44 am

    Actually, they enjoy displaying their contempt. “Deplorables” was not a slip.

      Steven Brizel in reply to TX-rifraph. | November 7, 2021 at 10:49 am

      This radical environmentalist is a watermelon green in the outside and red on the inside We would be energy independent if we had pipelines from North American oil sources and fracking As opposed to preaching about the junk science of climate change after flying to a junket of so called world leaders on private jets

Ohio Historian | November 5, 2021 at 7:48 pm

Lieberals have the strangest ideas on what is funny. Laughing at the misery of the poor and middle class, that is true upper-class snobbery. A true “let them eat cake” moment by this not-very-bright pol.

    “Let them ride bicycles or walk.”

    While billionaires and wealthy politicians fly in their private or government owned jets to Scotland, with their entourages and servants, to discuss how much and when the peasants must be forced cut back on their energy use,

Long winded comment- but thought-through. A good way to analyze a company is to see who they are hiring and what they are buying. Earlier this year I checked the careers site for several major oil companies. They had TONS of openings, but almost none in the United States. The few in the US were blue collar and limited in number. So it seems to me at a corporate level the US doesn’t really mean what we the voter thinks it means. These are global companies, they’ll sell to any market where there’s a market. They’ll drill the commodity where ever there is a source.

I own a decent amount of XOM stock. I bought some of this not long after Trump took office thinking a strong US economy would mean global demand for energy. I’m still underwater on that purchase. Then during the COVID panic I was liking the 10% dividend yield from near rock bottom prices and willing to wait out XOM slashing their dividend and then it returning. Well then Biden takes office and XOM is soaring compared to the Trump years.

So the commodity that used to sell for under 3/gallon is now selling for close to 5/gallon in some places. The cost to produce that gallon at this juncture hasn’t changed much. So I would argue oil companies LIKE gun and ammunition companies do very well during democrat run eras.

Now the geo political angle of this is- Putin is now the JR Ewing of the world thanks to Biden. That is not a good thing. Our pump prices going up are not a good thing. However I have no illusion that oil companies are our friend- arguably they get paid double for producing half under Biden.

Regardless of the issue of stolen elections, every single person that enabled this fool neds a foot in the ass.

Did she plan this reaction ahead of time or was she actually amused that someone would ask such a stupid question?

It’s hard to decide which option makes her look worse.

Granholm’s laughter represent the imperial arrogance of the vile apparatchiks of the Dhimmi-crat ruling class. They truly think that they are above it all, ensconced as they are in their ivory towers. Granholm laughs at the presumption that she, dotard Xi-den, or, Xi-den’s chaperones/caretakers/puppeteers in the Obama cabal would ever give a damn about the pedestrian concerns of the peasant rabble. Don’t you peasants know that we have to stop “global warming,” or, “climate change,” or, whatever moniker they’re using, now?

I bought gas for the first time in two years yesterday. Bicycle commuter.

It appears that Slow Joe’s cabinet room is becoming Gaslight Central. No problem fooling the Cemetery voters, but many of us remember that the United States was energy independent last year. Now OPEC is back in charge.

What is it with the women in this administration, who laugh and cackle when asked very serious questions?

    They’re cyphers: they have nothing to say, so they cackle. Hillary Clinton started it (she is the the original airhead fraud) and few called her on it.

    Now, the Kamala Harris so destroyed the credibility of the technique that it works as a negative to anyone doing it.

“These people are completely bonkers if they think we, the people, are going to buy this garbage.”

We may not be buying it, but we’re certainly accepting it. Don’t know the alternative, other than voting, but even that is tenuous.

I thought that once Granholm was gone from the governorship she’d just about her various green grifts and leave us alone. I was wrong.

Americans: “Let’s go Brandon!”
Biden regime: “Let’s go America!”

The metropolitan dwellers are getting a good lesson on the impact of d/prog policies. The feel good emission standards in CA are impacting the ports as is the CA d/prog war on independent workers. An independent truck driver with a rig older than 2017 is essentially barred from moving containers at CA ports. Even if they could the rapidly increasing fuel prices add to cost of shipping.

The current globalist production model of off shoring labor to low wage/less regulated nations; China, coupled with the just in time delivery system isn’t capable of weathering periods of prolonged disruption. There isn’t any slack in the system to compensate. The Chamber of Commerce/establishment r made a decision to align themselves with the big government/union d/prog and Wall St, to secure cheap labor with liberal immigration policy, largely eliminate US manufacturing, incentives for financial services v production in the tax code and an overall alignment against the middle class, small business and independent workers.

They are reaping the bitter harvest of what they have sown. The energy is the essential input in a modern society. We were on the cusp of becoming truly energy independent and to a large extent unaffected by the political winds of Russia and the mid east oil states. Biden has thrown that advantage away. The Nation will suffer for it. Hopefully, enough voters will come to understand these facts post Christmas as the choices narrow and the deliveries are delayed.

    “Hopefully, enough voters will come to understand these facts post Christmas as the choices narrow and the deliveries are delayed” …… and the heating bills arrive.

      CommoChief in reply to jb4. | November 7, 2021 at 12:24 pm

      ‘Heating bills arrive..’ Well sure, assuming that delivery of home heating oil and propane and Nat gas are available. Got to have drivers with appropriate training and certification; new higher training rules in Jan, and things like pipelines to deliver it; NY State may have issues stemming from their pipeline deficit. Not including reliability issues for electricity generation dependent on wind/solar v icky coal, natural gas, or horrible nuclear plants….

      Limited or interrupted heating, an empty Christmas stocking and a much more expensive Christmas dinner won’t win converts to the d/prog policy agenda, IMO.

i thought they didn’t have a sense of humor. I was wrong they have a bizarre warped ghoulish sense of humor.

When asking the Saudis to increase production, these are things to remember:

1. He declassified CIA info on the murder of Kashogghi for no reason other than to appease his leftist supporters.
2. He has prohibited the Saudis from purchasing offensive weapons from the US so that they cannot prosecute a war in Yemen (against Iran, essentially).
3. He is appeasing Iran.

The Saudis are not idiots. Joe Biden is.