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Campuses of Columbia, Cornell, and Brown Evacuated Following Bomb Threats

Campuses of Columbia, Cornell, and Brown Evacuated Following Bomb Threats

“building sweeps are in progress”

Something similar occurred at Yale several days ago. What is going on here?

The Hill reports:

Columbia, Cornell, Brown evacuate campuses following bomb threats

Three Ivy League universities evacuated parts of their campuses after receiving bomb threats on Sunday.

Columbia, Cornell and Brown cleared parts of their campuses on Sunday, though Columbia noted later that its bomb threat was “deemed not credible by the NYPD.”

“Following an investigation, today’s bomb threats were deemed not credible by the NYPD and the campus buildings have been cleared for reoccupancy. We thank those individuals affected for their patience and cooperation in evacuating,” Columbia tweeted on Sunday.

Columbia University issued a campuswide emergency alert earlier in the afternoon after receiving bomb threats to several buildings. The Columbia Daily Spectator, the university’s newspaper, reported that two university buildings were evacuated as a result.

Cornell University issued an alert on Twitter and its website urging students, staff and others on the campus to evacuate its law school and several other university buildings.

“Ithaca Campus Police investigation of bomb threat ongoing, building sweeps are in progress. Please continue to avoid central campus,” Cornell tweeted.

Brown University also evacuated part of its campus due to a bomb threat.


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How do you phone in a commie threat?

NorthernNewYorker | November 8, 2021 at 1:34 pm

Was it Joe Biden?

Nah someone on social media, probably students, decided it would be some form of social justice if all the Ivys got bomb threats at the same time. Being students, the same time is a variable.

What is going on here

Exam season?

This was a very common tactic during the Viet Nam War era.

Yale had an evacuation on Friday. (Why does Yale always lead the Ivy League?)

Some buildings are more “conservative” than others. For example, will the bomb threats target the Law School if the Supreme Court makes the “wrong” decision regarding abortion overturning Roe v. Wade or regarding affirmative action overturning Bakke? What if a campus building is still named after a controversial figure, such as the Vet School’s Schurman Hall?

Bomb threats are a clear and present danger to education, freedom of inquiry and freedom of expression. Criminal penalties are available if the persons making them are caught.