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Biden Rethinking Plans to Immediately Fire Defense Dept. COVID Vaccine Resisters

Biden Rethinking Plans to Immediately Fire Defense Dept. COVID Vaccine Resisters

Perhaps the Pentagon will be among the first to withdrawal from mandate mania.

It is quite clear that many Americans are not going to comply with Biden’s push for employers to enforce a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate.

Therefore, Team Biden is rethinking its plans to immediately fire those Pentagon employees and contractors who refuse the vaccination.

Facing criticism that mandates for coronavirus vaccinations could force the Defense Department to fire thousands of civilians, contractors and troops, the Biden administration is signaling that vaccine resisters may get more time to comply.

President Joe Biden and administration officials have previously said Pentagon employees and contractors have to be vaccinated or face termination on a series of upcoming deadlines. This has led to fears that thousands of people responsible for national defense may soon be forced out of their jobs. Virtually every day, Republican lawmakers decry what they describe as a national security crisis in the offing.

It appears that instead of termination, those who decline the vaccine will be given a reeducation.

The deadlines for vaccination vary, depending on the type of employee. And they have not changed. The first of them arrives next week, on Nov. 2, for active-duty Air Force personnel, and official service figures show that some 4% of the active-duty Air Force is still not fully vaccinated.

Three administration officials in the last couple of days have described the deadlines not as the dates when an ax will fall but rather as the start of an education process designed to convince those who are resisting vaccination to reverse course.

Administration officials seem to be straddling a line — sending a strict signal that the U.S. government will vaccinate its people on the one hand, while reassuring Americans that enforcement will not come so hard and fast as to harm U.S. military readiness or the broader economy.

“U.S. military leaders are sending a tough message to the troops to get it done,” said Mike Hanzel, a civilian attorney who specializes in military law. “However, my sense is that their goal here is not to punish or separate large numbers of servicemembers, which could be counterproductive to overall readiness, but rather to encourage compliance. In practice, while anyone who failed to get their vaccine is at risk once the deadline passes, I believe most will still have an opportunity to get the vaccine and avoid involuntary separation.”

However, resistance is likely to continue. Therefore, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R, OK) is one of the many GOP leaders pressing the Pentagon to drop its mandate that Pentagon personnel be vaccinated for COVID-19.

The mandate is supposed to prevent a debilitating COVID outbreak in the ranks, but Inhofe argues it may do more harm than good.

“Responses to inquiries from the Senate Armed Services Committee … as to the impacts on readiness, consequences for failure to comply with the mandate and anticipated manning challenges have been unsatisfactory,” Inhofe said in a written statement.

“Tens of thousands of service members have yet to comply with the vaccination order. The ambiguity of the various policies combined with unrealistic timelines and processes for granting exemptions will ensure that tens of thousands of personnel are unable to comply.”

Given Biden’s sinking poll numbers, and the increasing resistance of the American people to accept “expert” guidance, it would not be surprising that the Defense Department might completely withdraw from mandate mania. It would be one withdrawal that would actually make sense.


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Interesting how the “news” articles about resistance to the Wuflu jab rarely discuss WHO is doing the resisting.

What could possibly go wrong when, along with the PD and FD, you fire the Military?

TY Leslie. Maybe sanity will prevail. Not holding my breath.

The tyrants in government, medicine and the media never expected Americans to push back with losing their job. I believe after 2 years of Covid, Covid, Covid, most Americans have fogured out that the vaccines are not the savior it was promised and it is time to move on from this.

“Biden’s push for employers to enforce a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate”

Biden doesn’t have to do anything, the judiciary is doing it for him. There is no actual mandate at this time yet large employers representing millions of employees have implemented the mandate anyway. Judges nationwide are throwing out lawsuits against the mandates, citing nebulous “public safety concerns”. HIPAA suits are going nowhere too, so employers have carte blanche to refusing hiring the unvaxed and demand access to your private medical records.

Biden “rethinking”? How can President Alzheimer’s “redo” what he has lost the ability to do in the first place?

That’s cute – it’s as if they actually think “resisters” just need a little more time to think it over and figure it out.

We “resisters” will not comply no matter how much time they give us. They hint at this possibility with their re-education brainwashing comment.

At least we got upgraded from “anti-vaxxer”/”vaxx hesitant” to “resister.”

    I’ve considered getting it, but the more I read, the more I fall in the “no” column.

    At 50, it’s sort of the same reason I don’t do testosterone. I could, but I’m better off just taking care of my body and using the engineering God put in me.

    There will come an age where getting vax makes sense, but I think it’s 5-7 years out with my chassis.

I suspect it will get lifted for the DoD brass, but kept the further down the chain one is.

The contractors will be just expected to impose it on their own, to show how much they are team players.

Basically, masks 2.0 but for the technical staff, instead of the waitstaff

The DoD has a problem in that these mandates are not enforceable. The clear precedent from the Anthrax debacle states that an experimental vax can’t be forced. The currently available vaccines are not the fully FDA approved version, the stockpile of vaccines are those approved under emergency use authorization; aka experimental use.

Can service members Commanders make life painful for them if they exercise their clear right to refuse an experimental vaccine? Oh hell yeah, they can make life miserable in a cascade of ways both large and small. At least until a CT makes them back off.

There is no reason to believe a debilitating COBID outbreak will result from some troops not being vaccinated.

The DoD’s “re-education” plan is disgustingly familiar to those of us who served during the Cold War years. If the masses didn’t succumb to the edicts of the ruling class behind the Iron Curtain, they were sent to “re-education” camps until they got their minds right and bent the knee. If the indoctrination didn’t take, it was easy to simply disappear them.

Welcome to the Socialist Utopia.

If Biden would pay the DOD folks $450,000 each, the problem would go away!

Somehow, I can’t get all excited about the possibility that even more people who work for the federal government might get excused from vax mandates.
Wake me up when the exemption gets to random corporate employees and average household members..

Insufficiently Sensitive | November 3, 2021 at 9:56 am

The mandate is supposed to prevent a debilitating COVID outbreak in the ranks, but Inhofe argues it may do more harm than good.

Insufficiently Sensitive | November 3, 2021 at 10:04 am

The mandate is supposed to prevent a debilitating COVID outbreak in the ranks, but Inhofe argues it may do more harm than good.

Considering that active-duty military personnel are mostly under 50, the danger to them hyped by media and other fear-mongers is vastly overstated, No doubt some of the pot-bellied civilian sinecurists at DOD would have a harder time of it, depending on the comorbidities they’ve picked up behaviorally on the job, but then, can’t we just agree with Ko-Ko and sigh ‘they never would be missed’?

Let’s see here:

The “vaccine” does not prevent you from catching the disease from others.

Nor does it prevent you from infecting others if you do catch the disease.

Without the “vaccine” someone who catches the disease has a 99+ percent chance of surviving (99.9+ for younger, otherwise healthy people).

So of course — for their own good — it makes sense to fire people who refuse to get the jab even though the refusal does not endanger anyone (except possibly the person himself).

Dictatorial thinking at its finest.