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Arctic Sea Freezes Early, Trapping 18 Ships in Ice Near Russia

Arctic Sea Freezes Early, Trapping 18 Ships in Ice Near Russia

Predictions of global warming not working out as promised.

Fresh off of a post-climate-conference high, MSNBC decided to dedicate a post to all the iconic landmarks around the world that could be lost due to global warming.

These include Easter Island and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

As global temperature continues to rise, bringing with it a slew of freak effects from flooding and drought to wildfires and heatwaves, many of the world’s most stunning landmarks are under threat. We take a look at the incredible ecosystems, national parks and cherished places hanging in the balance.

Yet there is more evidence that what is occurring is related to solar energy output than SUV’s. I have noted before, the Sun has likely entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) of sunspot activity. This means that there will be a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to a noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.

This theory better aligns with the record-breaking cold in the Antarctic as well as the early freeze in the Arctic that just stranded 18 ships.

At least 18 ships are stuck in Arctic sea ice off the coast of Russia after an unexpected early freeze took shipping companies by surprise. Some could be stranded for months as they wait for icebreakers to reach them.

In recent years warmer weather triggered by climate change has allowed ships to cross parts of Russia’s northern sea route in November without the help of icebreakers. Ship owners had assumed this month would be no different.

However, ice up to 30cm thick has already formed across most of the Laptev Sea and East Siberian seas, according to the Barents Sea Observer, a Norwegian news site.

The plight of the ships, which are stuck in five different locations, will raise concerns in Moscow, where the Kremlin has invested heavily in the northern sea route as climate change opens up the Europe to Asia shipping passage.

On the other hand, there is new evidence that the Arctic has been warming, not because of carbon dioxide, but because of a process called “Atlantification”.

The new research highlights the connection between the North Atlantic and Arctic between Greenland and Svalbard, a region known was Fram Strait, where warmer, saltier water from the south has been steadily infiltrating northern waters.

“Pinpointing the exact timing of the onset of Atlantification in the Arctic can give us some important clues as to the exact driving mechanisms behind this phenomenon,” study co-lead author Francesco Muschitiello told UPI in an email.

A more precise Arctic warming timeline will also allow scientists to compare the history of climate change in the Arctic to changes in volcanism, solar activity, freshwater, greenhouse gases, aerosols and more.

Clearly “experts” are baffled by climate. Therefore, there should be no rush to impose remedies that likely will not work, yet have the potential to harm people economically, lower the standard of living, and line the pockets of bureaucrats.


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Experts are ‘baffled’. Lot of that is going around these days.

    One problem with government-funded “science” is the colossal political pressure to please those who distribute the cash. Lysenkoism is becoming the dominant force in American science.

    (Another problem is the tendency of government to fund idiotic agencies projects backed up with little to no real science. CDC, anyone?)

    henrybowman in reply to Whitewall. | November 27, 2021 at 2:54 pm

    Remember, we promised not to use the politically-correct word “experts” to describe “assholes.”

      MajorWood in reply to henrybowman. | November 27, 2021 at 7:12 pm

      There are RKIs (Reasonably Knowledgable Individuals) who are qualified to speak about things and then there are idiots, who are not qualified, but seem to be present about 10X more often than the RKIs.

      And remember, when the data is pushing away from global warming, that we need to switch to Climate Change, which indicates a problem, but gives no clue as to what it is.


They could wait for Global Warming to metal the ice. Should be any day now.

The AMO is well known and at least partially understood. It is a 70+ year cycle in which warm water is pumped up to the Arctic. The exact cause is perhaps not well understood, but it appears to sync with solar activity. There are some thoughts that the heat engine is being driven by clouds in the Arctic which change the albedo. The last minimum was the 1970s, previous one was around 1905. Most recent max was around 2012. We are now on the downtrend. The Arctic ice cover has increased in each of the past five years. It is now within 1 sigma of the mean of the past 40 years.

There is a real problem with a lot of things. One of the biggest is making measurements starting in about 1980 during the uptrend of the ΑΜΟ. It is like making measurements from february to july and then predicting that we will be all incinerated by Christmas. The other problem is measuring temperature in urban areas where the changes in hydrology, albedo, and energy dumping corrupt any temperature measurements.

Expect it to get gradually cooler through 2045 or so. The northeast passage should be frozen up a bit before 2030. In a thousand years, we will have to rely on solar energy and nuclear energy for our energy in general. We have used up the stored solar energy of fossil fuels. Rushing headlong into it at the moment for the wrong reasons is going to be a disaster in ten years or so.

    alaskabob in reply to lhw. | November 27, 2021 at 1:04 pm

    On the other hand, the climate change guys were bemoaning the melting of the ice around Greenland which was diluting the salinity of the water…. hum…

    Alaska had been in that same deep freeze … which is blamed on La Nina…. it’s all advanced guesswork.

    As for using up the “stored solar energy of fossil fuels”…. oil is so deep that the fossil fuel idea is not likely. Coal. yes…. oil …doubt it. Still, nuclear is the best solution for fixed power production and does open up options, along with oil, for mobile power… such as hydrogen from cracked water.

      We shall see on the oil. If we ever cannot drill it, we will synthesize it. Long hydrocarbon chains are just too useful. They are a nice way to store energy in a stable configuration for long periods of time not to mention being the feedstock to all sorts of other stuff.

      I wonder if the usual idjets who are against ng understand what that is used for commercially. You steam reform ch4 to create ch3oh (methanol. You then take the methanol and turn it into formaldehyde which you use to make building materials like plywood. Live in a house? You need ng to build it these days. That is just the start of stuff. Eat food? Well gosh gee. More steam reforming to create H2 and then pound it together with N2 to make NH3. Corn loves ammonia fertilizer.

      Oh well….

Milankovitch cycle

It’s the sun taking a nap, then the global warming crowd will get its MOJO back in a few decades after this cooling off period.

Antifundamentalist | November 27, 2021 at 1:41 pm

When the numbers don’t add up they just revert to moaning about climate change. That covers whatever happens and they get to continue the hysteria. Thing is, anyone with a basic high school education (at least anyone that graduated before the 80’s decade ended) was taught that Climates Change. Climate has always changed and will always change. It’s what happens in nature. Do humans affect what happens? Well, yes. Again, basic 6th grade science – any organism that exists within an environment will change that environment. The best we can do is clean up after ourselves as much as is feasible. No need to go on and on about carbon footprints, etc. that’s not about climate, that’s about control.

Grand Solar Minimum.

‘Oh, noes,’ says the global warming cult. This only confirms climate change. International carbon taxes will save us because our beliefs don’t care about your facts.


The media supports the climate change hysteria.

Because Democrats can use the hysteria to promote their agenda. Their goad is to expand government and spread socialism.

I read an article recently an article about how Climate change alarmists have predicted the demise of the planet for over 50 years. People are fools to continue to fall for this BS. I’m not saying the planet is not warming – on average it is – but there is no support that the point of no return is in 8 years.

    Barry in reply to Ben Kent. | November 28, 2021 at 7:27 pm

    “I’m not saying the planet is not warming – on average it is…”

    Prove it. Where do you get the earth’s temperature reading?

Tell me, Leslie, that each frozen ship is carrying equipment to control global warming and I will worship the keyboard you type on.

‘Climate Change Crisis’ must be over. Word is Princess Pelosi is buying a $25 million oceanfront estate in Florida.

What’s more, it’s on an oceanfront island. Making it even more at risk from rising seas and climate change induced hurricanes. A cynic might conclude that minimizing contact with Florida peasants and deplorables is a higher priority than any remaining concerns she might still have about climate change.

Arctic temperatures were below average for almost the entire melt season. The shipping companies have no excuse for not preparing for an

German power prices soar as arctic blast to bring ‘significant snow’..

German power prices jumped to the second- highest level ever… power prices are also higher in France and Netherlands.

The cold snap will test Germany and the other parts of Europe’s energy systems already under stress due to the lowest natural gas stockpiles since 2013. There appears to be no relief in dwindling gas flows into the continent as German energy regulators decided to suspend the Nord Stream 2 pipeline certification process l

but, but, global warming.

The dnc just wants to rob US of more more & more money. THEY ARE THEIFS. And the fools that that follow the and kiss their hinnies are just as bad. DOLTS ONE AND ALL…IMO

The only reason we even have an Arctic polar ice cap is because there have been no ocean currents reaching there for a very long time. “Atlantification” is an end result of the continuing retreat of the glaciers. Nothing is permanent on our very dynamic planet greatly influenced by so many factors in our very dynamic solar system.

I think the Malthusians need to find better arguments for their “humans are the biggest threat to humanity” nonsense.

I mean, seriously? Canada and Finland? Oh, yeah. Those are two Naval super powers.

The first person to ignore Alaska gets fed an elbow.

I was going to link to a site where you could learn how to train your dog to pull a sled. You want to teach your dog to pull a sled? Take it for a walk. He’ll rip your arm off.

I don’t know why I still pay attention to this s***.

Three. And unless I’m completely wrong, no guns.

Am I wrong?

Could become a reality? They used to be the reality. I am such a dinosaur.