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New Hampshire Becomes Fifth State to Withdraw From NSBA

New Hampshire Becomes Fifth State to Withdraw From NSBA

“NSBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable.”

The New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) announced it withdrew from the National School Boards Association.

It has not issued its formal letter yet, but we can assume it is because the NSBA labeled concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.”

The NSBA asked the DOJ to do the same and they happily obliged despite AG Garland’s constant denials.

“NSBA’s recent actions have made our continued membership untenable,” the NHSBA told its members on Thursday night.

I will post the letter once the NHSBA releases it to the public. The board sent a letter to the NSBA on October 14 to condemn the letter to the DOJ.

In fact, the NHSBA told the NSBA’s characterization of parents as “domestic terrorists” has taken attention away from threats and harassment thrown at school board members in the state:

Make no doubt that New Hampshire has seen numerous instances of school board meetings being disrupted by protestors. Further, make no mistake that New Hampshire has had school board members threatened, harassed and intimidated. In response and in support of our members, NHSBA has spent considerable time and effort advising school boards on effective public meetings, productive public comments, and appropriate responses to such disruptions.

As a result of NSBA’s letter, discussion of these issues has now shifted away from disruptions at school board meetings and accompanying threats, harassment and intimidation. Instead, the conversation is now about NSBA’s letter and its contents.

Four other states already withdrew from the NSBA: Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana.

In all, 23 states condemned the NSBA after they whined to the DOJ to do something about these “domestic terrorists” at school board meetings. How dare they not want their children indoctrinated with their radical agendas! How dare they want their children to learn the basic subjects in school instead of critical race theory!

I am disappointed Oklahoma has not even condemned the NSBA. Illinois condemned them. ILLINOIS.

As I said before we need to eliminate the Department of Education. Well, you guys know how I feel about government, but I’m happy to start with the Education Department.

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smalltownoklahoman | October 29, 2021 at 7:48 am

“I am disappointed Oklahoma has not even condemned the NSBA. Illinois condemned them. ILLINOIS.”

Kinda surprised too that our Governor or AG have yet to say anything about it. Guess they’re too focused on other issues. Might have something to do also with our state’s Superintendent running for Governor. Might be holding off until he’s prepped himself better because it’s education and she’ll be well versed on issues surrounding it.


NSBA revealed itself to care more about politics than about kids.

They should not be involved in schools in any way. They should change their mission statement to reflect their true mission – Democratic Party operatives and shrills for Progressive woke concepts. Parents now know the proponents of race-centricity (aka CRT) and the Gender-Confusion crowd are sneaky and will stop at nothing to brainwash their kids.


Let’s Go Brandon.

The ED mafia has pulled back the curtain and the public doesn’t like what they saw. First it was zoom class exposing the classroom antics, then teacher unions refusing to come back to in person teaching despite an available vax, then the teacher unions demanded masks for kids, then they demanded vax for kids.

CRT/equity and trans indoctrination were overlayed onto this situation. Parents and normal taxpayers were outraged. It came to a head in VA. The incumbent d/prog Gov declared it a fantasy racist dog whistle while telling parents they didn’t and shouldn’t have input into their kids curriculum. Parallel to this a father was arrested becoming the poster boy for domestic terrorism because he objected to the rape of his daughter and the cover-up by the school district.

Then the DoJ created a task force to go after dissident parents. Now it’s revealed that the school board Assn was coordinating with the Biden WH to draft their letter demanding DoJ target the parents.

So the question becomes what next? Will VA voters defeat McAliffe? Will more red state school boards exit the nation Assn? Will parents demand to review the curriculum? Will a coalition of parents and taxpayers push hard enough to motivate the r to grab this issue in the midterms?

IMO, the conditions appear ripe to fundamentally change and reorient public funding for education to the student and away from govt schools. Certainly there hasn’t been a better set of circumstances in my lifetime. Let’s work to push this idea of putting the tax dollars into the education system that best suits the student. Public, private, parochial, home school, pod, collaborative, whatever the parents decide is best for their children.

amatuerwrangler | October 29, 2021 at 11:43 am

The seriousness of this movement will be demonstrated by just how many of these concerned parents and/or their friends of like mind step up and replace those incumbents who push this abomination. Do they care enough to run for office? Will they support ($$$) those do do seek office?

Talk is cheap. Its time to back up the talk… they will need to get into the arena and get some dirt under their fingernails.

Time will tell.

These withdrawals are the real reason NSBA issued an apology memo. They aren’t really sorry at all. As illustrated by Lavrentiy Garland’s refusal to back off.

All they are sorry about is losing whatever revenue they are getting that is tied to the state school board association memberships.